Business of the House — Motion on Standing Orders — Motion — 4 Apr 2019 at 13:00

Ayes 123, Noes 251.

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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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Lord Aberdare Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Addington LDem (front bench)no
Lord Adebowale Crossbenchno
Lord Adonis Labno
Lord Agnew of OultonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Ahmad of WimbledonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Allan of HallamLDemno
Lord Alli Labno
Baroness Altmann Conno
Lord Alton of LiverpoolCrossbenchaye
Lord Anderson of IpswichCrossbenchno
Lord Anderson of SwanseaLab (minister)no
Baroness Andrews Lab (minister)no
Lord Arbuthnot of EdromConno
Baroness Armstrong of Hill TopLab (minister)no
Lord Astor of HeverConaye
Earl Attlee Conaye
Lord Bach Labno
Lord Baker of DorkingConaye
Baroness Barker LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Barran Con (front bench)aye
Lord Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
Lord Bates Con (front bench)aye
Lord Beecham Lab (minister)no
Lord Beith LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Benjamin LDem (front bench)no
Lord Berkeley of KnightonCrossbenchno
Baroness Berridge Con (front bench)aye
Lord Best Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Bilimoria Crossbenchno
Lord Birt Crossbenchno
Baroness Blackstone Independent Labourno
Baroness Blackwood of North OxfordCon (front bench)aye
Lord Blencathra Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDem (front bench)no
Lord Bourne of AberystwythCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Bowles of BerkhamstedLDem (front bench)no
Lord Bowness Conno
Baroness Boycott Crossbenchno
Lord Brabazon of TaraCon (front bench)aye
Lord Bradley Labno
Baroness Brady Conaye
Lord Bragg Labno
Lord Brennan Lab (minister)no
Viscount Bridgeman Con (front bench)aye
Lord Bridges of HeadleyConaye
Baroness Brinton LDem (front bench)no
Lord Brookman Labno
Lord Brougham and Vaux Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Brown of CambridgeCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Brown of Eaton-under-HeywoodJudge (front bench)aye
Lord Browne of LadytonLabno
Lord Bruce of BennachieLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Bull Crossbenchno
Lord Burnett LDemno
Baroness Burt of SolihullLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Buscombe Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Butler-Sloss Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Byford Conaye
Lord Caine Conaye
Lord Callanan Con (front bench)aye
Lord Campbell-Savours Lab (minister)no
Baroness Campbell of SurbitonCrossbenchno
Lord Carlile of BerriewCrossbenchno
Lord Carrington Crossbenchno
Lord Carrington of FulhamConaye
Lord Carter of ColesLabno
Lord Cashman Lab (minister)no
Earl Cathcart Con (front bench)aye
Lord Cavendish of FurnessCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Cavendish of Little VeniceNon-affiliatedno
Baroness Chakrabarti Lab (minister)no
Viscount Chandos Labno
Lord Chidgey LDemno
Baroness Chisholm of OwlpenCon (front bench)aye
The Earl of ClancartyCrossbenchno
Lord Colgrain Con (front bench)aye
Lord Collins of HighburyLab (minister)no
Lord Colwyn Conaye
Lord Cooper of WindrushConno
The Earl of Cork and OrreryCrossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Corston Lab (minister)no
Lord Cotter LDemno
The Earl of CourtownCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Coussins Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Crisp Crossbenchno
Baroness Cumberlege Conaye
Lord Currie of MaryleboneCrossbenchno
Baroness D'Souza Crossbenchno
Lord Davies of OldhamLab (minister)no
Lord Deben Conno
Baroness Deech Crossbenchaye
Lord Desai Lab (minister)no
The Earl of DevonCrossbenchno
Lord Dholakia LDem (front bench)no
Lord Dixon-Smith Conaye
Baroness Donaghy Lab (minister)no
Baroness Doocey LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Drake Lab (minister)no
Lord Dubs Lab (minister)no
Lord Duncan of SpringbankCon (front bench)aye
The Bishop of DurhamBishopno
Lord Dykes Crossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Eccles Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Eccles of MoultonConaye
Lord Elder Labno
Lord Elton Con (front bench)aye
Lord Empey UUPaye
The Earl of ErrollCrossbenchaye
Baroness Evans of Bowes ParkCon (front bench)aye
Lord Evans of WatfordLabno
Lord Fairfax of CameronConaye
Baroness Fairhead Con (front bench)aye
Viscount Falkland Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDem (front bench)no
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLab (minister)no
Baroness Featherstone LDemno
Lord Finkelstein Con (front bench)no
Baroness Finlay of LlandaffCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Forsyth of DrumleanCon (front bench)aye
Lord Foster of BathLDemno
Lord Foulkes of CumnockLab (minister)no
Lord Fox LDem (front bench)no
Lord Framlingham Conaye
Lord Freeman Conaye
Baroness Gale Lab (minister)no
Lord Gardiner of KimbleCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Gardner of ParkesConaye
Lord Garnier Con (front bench)aye
Lord Geddes Con (front bench)aye
Lord German LDem (front bench)no
Lord Giddens Lab (minister)no
Lord Gilbert of PantegCon (front bench)aye
The Earl of GlasgowLDem (front bench)no
Lord Goddard of StockportLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Golding Labno
Lord Goldsmith Labno
Viscount Goschen Conaye
Baroness Goudie Lab (minister)no
Lord Grantchester Lab (minister)no
Lord Green of DeddingtonCrossbenchaye
Baroness Greengross Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Grender LDemno
Baroness Grey-Thompson Crossbenchno
Lord Griffiths of FforestfachCon (front bench)aye
Lord Hain Labno
Lord Hamilton of EpsomCon (front bench)tellaye
Baroness Hamwee LDem (front bench)no
Lord Hannay of ChiswickCrossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Hanworth Lab (minister)no
Lord Harris of HaringeyLab (minister)no
Lord Haselhurst Con (front bench)aye
Lord Haskel Lab (minister)no
Baroness Hayman Crossbenchno
Baroness Hayter of Kentish TownLab (minister)no
Baroness Helic Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Henig Lab (minister)no
Lord Henley Con (front bench)aye
Lord Hill of OarefordConaye
Baroness Hodgson of AbingerConaye
Lord Holmes of RichmondConaye
Baroness Hooper Conaye
Lord Horam Con (front bench)no
Lord Howard of LympneConaye
Lord Howard of RisingConaye
Baroness Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchno
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Baroness Humphreys LDem (front bench)no
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLabno
Lord Hunt of WirralCon (front bench)aye
Lord Hussain LDemno
Baroness Hussein-Ece LDem (front bench)no
Lord Inglewood Non-affiliated (front bench)no
Lord Irvine of LairgLab (minister)no
Lord Janvrin Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Jenkin of KenningtonConaye
Baroness Jolly LDem (front bench)no
Lord Jones of CheltenhamLDemno
Baroness Jones of MoulsecoombGreenno
Lord Judd Lab (minister)no
Baroness Kennedy of CradleyLabno
Lord Kennedy of SouthwarkLab (minister)no
Lord Kerslake Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Kidron Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Kilclooney Crossbenchaye
Lord Kinnock Labno
Baroness Kinnock of HolyheadLabno
The Earl of KinnoullCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Kirkham Conaye
Lord Kirkhope of HarrogateCon (front bench)no
Baroness Kramer LDem (front bench)no
Lord Krebs Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Laming Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Lamont of LerwickCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Lane-Fox of SohoCrossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Lawrence of ClarendonLab (minister)no
Lord Lawson of BlabyConaye
Lord Lea of CrondallLabno
Lord Lee of TraffordLDem (front bench)no
Lord Liddle Lab (minister)no
Lord Lilley Con (front bench)aye
Lord Lingfield Conaye
Lord Lipsey Labno
Lord Livermore Lab (minister)no
Lord Livingston of ParkheadConno
Lord Lucas Conaye
Baroness Ludford LDem (front bench)no
The Earl of LyttonCrossbenchno
Baroness Maddock LDem (front bench)no
Lord Mancroft Conaye
Lord Mandelson Labno
Lord Marland Conaye
Lord Marlesford Conaye
Baroness Masham of IltonCrossbenchno
Baroness Massey of DarwenLab (minister)no
Lord Maude of HorshamConaye
Lord McAvoy Lab (minister)tellno
Lord McColl of DulwichConaye
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLab (minister)no
Lord McKenzie of LutonLab (minister)no
Lord McNally LDemno
Lord McNicol of West KilbrideLab (minister)no
Baroness Meacher Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Meyer Conaye
Lord Mitchell Labno
The Duke of MontroseCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Morgan of DrefelinCrossbenchno
Baroness Morgan of HuytonLab (minister)no
Lord Morris of AberavonLab (minister)no
Baroness Morris of BoltonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Morris of HandsworthLab (minister)no
Baroness Murphy Crossbenchno
Lord Murphy of TorfaenLabno
Lord Naseby Con (front bench)aye
Lord Nash Conaye
Baroness Neville-Rolfe Con (front bench)aye
Lord Newby LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Nicholson of WinterbourneCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Noakes Con (front bench)aye
Lord Northbrook Conno
Baroness Northover LDem (front bench)no
Lord Norton of LouthCon (front bench)aye
Baroness O'Cathain Conaye
Lord O'Donnell Crossbenchno
Baroness O'Neill of BengarveCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove BayNon-affiliatedno
Lord Oates LDemno
Baroness Osamor Labno
Lord Ouseley Crossbenchno
Lord Oxburgh Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Paddick LDem (front bench)no
Lord Palmer of Childs HillLDem (front bench)no
Lord Pannick Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Parminter LDemno
Lord Patel Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Patel of BradfordNon-affiliatedno
The Bishop of PeterboroughBishopno
Lord Pickles Conaye
Baroness Pidding Conaye
Baroness Pitkeathley Lab (minister)no
Lord Ponsonby of ShulbredeLab (minister)no
Lord Porter of SpaldingConaye
Baroness Prashar Crossbenchno
Baroness Prosser Lab (minister)no
Lord Purvis of TweedLDem (front bench)no
Lord Puttnam Labno
Baroness Quin Lab (minister)no
Lord Rana Conaye
Baroness Randerson LDem (front bench)no
Lord Reay Conaye
Baroness Rebuck Labno
Lord Redesdale LDemno
Baroness Redfern Con (front bench)aye
Lord Rennard LDemno
Lord Ricketts Crossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Ridley Conaye
Lord Robathan Con (front bench)tellaye
Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDemno
Lord Robertson of Port EllenLabno
Lord Rodgers of Quarry BankLDem (front bench)no
Lord Rogan UUP (front bench)aye
Lord Rooker Lab (minister)no
Lord Rosser Lab (minister)no
Lord Rowe-Beddoe Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Russell of LiverpoolCrossbench (front bench)no
The Earl of SandwichCrossbenchno
Baroness Sater Conaye
Lord Sawyer Labno
Baroness Scott of BybrookConaye
Baroness Scott of Needham MarketLDem (front bench)no
Lord Scriven LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Seccombe Con (front bench)aye
Lord Selsdon Conaye
Lord Sharkey LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Sheehan LDem (front bench)no
Lord Sheikh Conaye
Baroness Sherlock Lab (minister)no
Lord Shinkwin Conaye
Lord Shipley LDem (front bench)no
Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDem (front bench)no
Lord Smith of HindheadCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Smith of NewnhamLDem (front bench)no
Lord Snape Labno
Lord Spicer Conaye
The Bishop of St AlbansBishopno
Baroness Stedman-Scott Con (front bench)aye
Lord Stephen LDemno
Lord Sterling of PlaistowConaye
Baroness Stern Crossbenchno
Lord Stern of BrentfordCrossbenchno
Lord Stevenson of BalmacaraLab (minister)no
Lord Stoneham of DroxfordLDem (front bench)no
Lord Storey LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Stowell of BeestonNon-affiliated (front bench)aye
Lord Strasburger LDemno
Lord Strathclyde Conaye
Lord Stunell LDemno
Baroness Sugg Con (front bench)aye
Lord Suri Conaye
Baroness Suttie LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Lord Taylor of HolbeachCon (front bench)aye
Lord Taylor of WarwickNon-affiliatedaye
Lord Tebbit Conaye
Lord Teverson LDem (front bench)no
Lord Thomas of GresfordLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Thomas of WinchesterLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Thornhill LDemno
Baroness Thornton Lab (minister)no
Viscount Thurso LDemno
Lord Tomlinson Labno
Baroness Tonge Non-affiliatedno
Lord Tope LDemno
Lord Touhig Lab (minister)no
Lord Trefgarne Con (front bench)aye
Viscount Trenchard Con (front bench)aye
Lord Triesman Lab (minister)no
Lord True Con (front bench)aye
Lord Tugendhat Con (front bench)no
Lord Tunnicliffe Lab (minister)tellno
Lord Turnberg Labno
Lord Turnbull Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Turner of EcchinswellCrossbenchno
Lord Tyler LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Tyler of EnfieldLDemno
Lord Tyrie Non-affiliated (front bench)no
Baroness Uddin Non-affiliatedno
Baroness Vere of NorbitonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Walmsley LDem (front bench)no
Lord Warner Crossbenchno
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab (minister)no
Lord Wasserman Con (front bench)no
Baroness Watkins of TavistockCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Watson of InvergowrieLab (minister)no
Lord Watson of RichmondLDemno
Lord Wei Conaye
Lord West of SpitheadLabno
Baroness Wheatcroft Conno
Baroness Wheeler Lab (minister)no
Baroness Whitaker Labno
Lord Wigley PC (front bench)no
Lord Willetts Conno
Baroness Williams of TraffordCon (front bench)aye
Lord Willis of KnaresboroughLDemno
Lord Willoughby de Broke Non-affiliatedaye
Lord Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchno
Lord Wood of AnfieldLab (minister)no
Lord Woolf Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Woolmer of LeedsLabno
Baroness Worthington Crossbenchno
Lord Young of CookhamCon (front bench)aye
Viscount Younger of LeckieCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Young of HornseyCrossbenchno

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