Voting Record — Baroness Kramer (11783)

Baroness Kramer is currently Member, EU Goods Sub-Committee, Member, Finance Bill Sub-Committee and Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson (Treasury and Economy),

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

ConstituencyFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
House of Lords 10 Jan 2011 still in office LDem 5 votes out of 876, 0.6% 876 votes out of 1003, 87.3% 0 times
Richmond Park 5 May 2005 12 Apr 2010 LDem 6 votes out of 823, 0.7% 823 votes out of 1288, 63.9% 3 times

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Votes in parliament for which this Lord's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this Lord was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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HouseDateSubjectBaroness KramerLDem VoteRôle
23 Apr 2020Stopped being Member, EU Internal Market Sub-Committee
23 Apr 2020Became Member, EU Goods Sub-Committee
29 Jan 2020Became Member, EU Internal Market Sub-Committee
4 Sep 2018Became Member, Finance Bill Sub-Committee
7 Sep 2015Became Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson (Treasury and Economy),
7 Sep 2015Stopped being Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson (Treasury),
1 Jun 2015Became Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson (Treasury),
7 May 2015Stopped being Minister of State (Department for Transport),
Lords28 Jul 2014Leader of the House of Lords — Motion to Regret minorityaye Rebel
Lords13 Jan 2014Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill — Report (1st Day) minorityaye Rebel
Lords4 Nov 2013Energy Bill — Report (2nd Day) minorityaye Rebel
7 Oct 2013Became Minister of State (Department for Transport),
Lords24 Apr 2013Procedure of the House — Motion to Resolve minorityno Rebel
5 Mar 2013Stopped being Member, Finance Bill Sub-Committee
Lords28 Feb 2013House of Lords: Membership — Motion to Agree minorityaye Rebel
4 Dec 2012Became Member, Finance Bill Sub-Committee
HouseDateSubjectSusan KramerLDem VoteRôle
Commons8 Dec 2009Opposition Day — [1st allotted day] — Local Government Finances minorityno Rebel
Commons20 May 2009National Policy Statements — Parliamentary debate following committee report — rejected tellayeaye Teller
Commons11 Mar 2009Theft from Shops (Use of Penalty Notices for Disorder) — New Clause 1 — Project Delivery Board tellayeaye Teller
8 Jan 2009Stopped being Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Cabinet Office),
8 Jan 2009Stopped being Cabinet Office,
Commons3 Jul 2008MPs' salaries — Increase with Public Sector Earnings Index — rejected Majorityaye Rebel
Commons3 Jul 2008MPs' salaries — Increases capped to 2.3% — rejected Majorityaye Rebel
20 Dec 2007Stopped being Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Transport
20 Dec 2007Became Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Cabinet Office),
20 Dec 2007Became Cabinet Office,
20 Dec 2007Stopped being Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Transport),
22 Nov 2007Stopped being Member, Crossrail Bill Committee
15 Nov 2007Became Member, Crossrail Bill Committee
4 Jul 2007Became Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Transport
4 Jul 2007Stopped being Shadow Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, Trade & Industry
1 Jul 2007Became Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Transport),
1 Jul 2007Stopped being Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Trade and Industry),
Commons28 Mar 2007Communications Allowance — establishment Majorityno Rebel
20 Dec 2006Became Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Trade and Industry),
20 Dec 2006Stopped being Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (International Development),
19 Dec 2006Became Shadow Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, Trade & Industry
19 Dec 2006Stopped being Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, International Development
Commons1 Nov 2006Communications Allowance — Welcoming the principle Majorityno Rebel
1 Jul 2006Became Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (International Development),
26 Apr 2006Stopped being Member, Treasury Committee
24 Apr 2006Stopped being Member, Treasury Committee
21 Mar 2006Stopped being Shadow Minister, Treasury
21 Mar 2006Became Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, International Development
Commons14 Mar 2006Animal Welfare Bill — New Clause "8" — Docking of dogs' tails — Working dogs minorityno Rebel
10 Mar 2006Stopped being Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Business, Innovation and Skills),
Commons6 Dec 2005London Olympics Bill — New Clause 1 — Limit on Power of Greater London Authority to Raise Money from Council Tax for Expenditure on London Olympics tellayeaye Teller
14 Jul 2005Became Member, Treasury Committee
12 Jul 2005Became Member, Treasury Committee
1 Jun 2005Became Shadow Minister, Treasury
10 May 2005Became Liberal Democrat Spokesperson (Business, Innovation and Skills),

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this person and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

0% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
1% Asylum System - More strict
0% Business and community control of schools: For
98% Civil aviation pollution - For limiting
3% Control Orders
50% Crossrail - In favour
0% Delegate more powers to government ministers
100% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
58% European Union Integration - For
86% Fully Elected House of Lords
77% Gambling - Against permissiveness
50% Higher taxes on alcoholic drinks
100% Hold a UK referendum on Lisbon EU Treaty
100% Homosexuality - Equal rights
67% Human Rights and Equality
0% Identity cards - For introduction
100% Increase VAT
95% Iraq Investigation - Necessary
4% Labour's Terrorism laws - For
0% Mass Retention of Communications Data
15% Ministers Can Intervene in Coroners' Inquests
100% No detention without charge or trial
0% Nuclear power - For
78% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
50% Pension auto-enrolment - For
0% Post office - in favour of Government policy
100% Post office closures - against
50% Privatise Royal Mail
50% Promote Occupational Pensions
100% Proportional Representation Voting System - For
100% Reducing the number of MPs - for
100% Referendum on Alternative Vote for MP Elections
86% Referendum on UK's EU membership -For -Pre 2016
100% Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
0% Right to strike
100% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
0% Schools - Greater Autonomy
99% Smoking ban - In favour
85% Stop climate change
50% Stronger Military Covenant
0% Termination of pregnancy - against
67% The UK should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty
100% Trade Union Regulation
84% Transparency of Parliament
0% Trident replacement - In favour
100% Voting age - Reduce to 16
100% War - Parliamentary authority not necessary

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