Voting Record — Mr Richard Allan MP, Sheffield, Hallam (10007)

Mr Richard Allan

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

ConstituencyFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
House of Lords 26 Jul 2010 still in office LDem 6 votes out of 537, 1.1% 537 votes out of 1007, 53.3% 0 times
Sheffield, Hallam 7 Jun 2001 11 Apr 2005 LDem 15 votes out of 925, 1.6% 925 votes out of 1246, 74.2% 0 times
Sheffield, Hallam 1 May 1997 14 May 2001 LDem 14 votes out of 946, 1.5% 946 votes out of 1273, 74.3% 4 times

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Votes in parliament for which this MP's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this MP was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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HouseDateSubjectLord Allan of HallamLDem VoteRôle
Lords17 Mar 2021Domestic Abuse Bill - Report (4th Day) Majorityaye Rebel
Lords7 Apr 2014Immigration Bill — Report (3rd Day) Majorityno Rebel
Lords15 Jan 2014Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill — Committee (2nd Day) minorityno Rebel
Lords15 Jan 2014Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill — Committee (2nd Day) Majorityno Rebel
Lords23 Jan 2012Welfare Reform Bill — Report (5th Day) Majorityno Rebel
Lords4 May 2011Postal Services Bill — Report (1st Day) minorityno Rebel
11 Jul 2005Stopped being Member, Liaison Committee (Commons)
1 Jun 2005Stopped being Shadow Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, Cabinet Office
5 May 2005Stopped being Shadow Spokesperson (Trade and Industry),
HouseDateSubjectMr Richard AllanLDem VoteRôle
11 Apr 2005Stopped being Member, Public Accounts Committee
11 Apr 2005Stopped being Member, Public Accounts Committee
11 Apr 2005Stopped being Member, Liaison Committee
11 Apr 2005Stopped being Member, Information Committee
Commons26 Jan 2005Modernisation of the House of Commons minorityaye Rebel
Commons18 Nov 2004Hunting Bill minorityno Rebel
Commons18 Nov 2004Hunting Bill (Procedure) (No. 3) Majorityno Rebel
Commons16 Nov 2004Hunting Bill — Clause 1 — Hunting wild mammals with dogs Majorityunknown Unknown
Commons3 Nov 2004Members' Allowances minorityaye Rebel
Commons2 Nov 2004Children Bill [Lords] — New Clause 12 — Reasonable punishment minorityno Rebel
Commons15 Sep 2004Hunting Bill (Procedure) Majorityaye Rebel
Commons15 Sep 2004Hunting Bill (Procedure) Majorityaye Rebel
Commons28 Jun 2004Human Tissue Bill — New Clause 1 — Determination of consent for removal, storage and use of organs from Adults for purpose of transplantation Majorityaye Rebel
11 Jun 2004Stopped being Member, Draft Civil Contingencies Bill (Joint Committee)
28 May 2004Became Member, Public Accounts Committee
28 May 2004Became Member, Liaison Committee
28 May 2004Became Member, Information Committee
28 May 2004Became Member, Draft Civil Contingencies Bill (Joint Committee)
Commons25 May 2004Gender Recognition Bill [Lords] — Religion Majorityaye Rebel
26 Jan 2004Became Shadow Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, Cabinet Office
17 Nov 2003Became Member, Public Accounts Committee
Commons1 Jul 2003Hunting Bill (Programme) (No. 4) Majorityno Rebel
Commons30 Jun 2003Hunting Bill (Programme) (No. 3) Majorityno Rebel
Commons16 Dec 2002Hunting Bill (Programme) Majorityunknown Unknown
Commons15 Apr 2002City of London (Ward Elections) Bill — New Clause 1 — Exclusion of Crown Property minorityaye Rebel
Commons15 Apr 2002City of London (Ward Elections) Bill — New Clause 1 — Exclusion of Crown Property minorityno Rebel
Commons5 Jul 2001Members' Pay (Expression of Opinion) minorityaye Rebel
Commons5 Jul 2001Members' Pay (Expression of Opinion) minorityno Rebel
7 Jun 2001Became Shadow Spokesperson (Trade and Industry),
7 Jun 2001Stopped being Shadow Spokesperson (Education and Employment),
HouseDateSubjectMr Richard AllanLDem VoteRôle
Commons27 Feb 2001Hunting Bill Majorityaye Rebel
Commons11 Jan 2001City of London (Ward Elections) Bill (By Order) - Statement of compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights minorityaye Rebel
Commons14 Nov 2000Parliamentary Oath (Amendment) Majorityaye Rebel
Commons7 Nov 2000Programming of Bills - I. Programme orders: supplementary provisions minorityno Rebel
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker Majorityaye Rebel
Commons26 Jul 2000Census (Amendment) Bill [Lords] minorityaye Rebel
Commons17 May 2000Armed Forces (Minimum Age of Recruitment) Majorityno Rebel
Commons1 Nov 1999Print Acts of Parliament on Paper instead of Vellum — rejected Majorityaye Rebel
Commons24 Feb 1999Rating (Valuation) Bill - Rateable value tellayeaye Teller
Commons24 Feb 1999City of London (Ward Elections) Bill (By Order) minorityaye Rebel
Commons16 Feb 1999House of Lords Bill minorityno Rebel
1 Jan 1999Became Shadow Spokesperson (Education and Employment),
1 Jan 1999Stopped being Shadow Spokesperson (Home Office),
8 Jun 1998Stopped being Member, Home Affairs Committee
29 Apr 1998Became Member, Liaison Committee (Commons)
Commons20 Jan 1998Government of Wales Bill - Membership tellayeaye Teller
Commons19 Jan 1998European Communities (Amendment) Bill - Police operations in co-operation with Europol tellayeaye Teller
Commons24 Nov 1997Greater London Authority (Referendum) Bill - Functions of the Local Government Commission bothaye Rebel
16 Jul 1997Became Member, Home Affairs Committee
Commons18 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill Majorityno Rebel
Commons18 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill - Consequential amendments and repeals tellayeaye Teller
Commons18 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill - Prohibition of small-calibre pistols Majorityno Rebel
Commons16 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill - Prohibition of small-calibre pistols Majorityaye Rebel
Commons11 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill Majorityno Rebel
Commons11 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill Majorityunknown Unknown
1 May 1997Became Shadow Spokesperson (Home Office),

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this person and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

26% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
50% Assisted Dying
0% Asylum System - More strict
100% Ban fox hunting
0% Business and community control of schools: For
11% Control Orders
100% Corporal punishment of children - Against
0% Delegate more powers to government ministers
50% Deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan
67% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
34% European Union Integration - For
0% Foundation hospitals - In favour
100% Fox hunting - Ban
88% Freedom of Information Bill 2000 - Strengthen
100% Fully Elected House of Lords
50% Gambling - Against permissiveness
99% Homosexuality - Equal rights
0% Identity cards - For introduction
0% Iraq 2003 - For the invasion
100% Iraq Investigation - Necessary
7% Labour's Terrorism laws - For
100% Minumum Wage
98% No detention without charge or trial
0% Nuclear power - For
98% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
0% Post office - in favour of Government policy
100% Post office closures - against
100% Promote Occupational Pensions
99% Protesting near Parliament - Unrestricted
7% Recreational drugs - Against legalization
50% Reducing the number of MPs - for
100% Referendum on Alternative Vote for MP Elections
99% Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
100% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
100% Same Sex Marriage - for
28% Schools - Greater Autonomy
69% Smoking ban - In favour
100% Stop climate change
100% Teach children about drugs, sexuality and health
21% Transexuality - Against legal recognition
50% Tuition fees - Set Upper Limit at £9,000 per Year
92% University education fees - Should be free
18% University Tuition Fees - For
8% Use of UK Military Forces Overseas
100% Voting age - Reduce to 16
100% War - Parliamentary authority not necessary

Possible Friends (more...)

Shows which MPs voted most similarly to this one in the 2001-2005, Westminster Parliament. This is measured from 0% agreement (never voted the same) to 100% (always voted the same). Only votes that both MPs attended are counted. This may reveal relationships between MPs that were previously unsuspected. Or it may be nonsense.

100.0%Mr Howard FlightArundel and South Downswhilst Independent
95.9%Mr Paul MarsdenShrewsbury and Atchamwhilst LDem
95.6%Dr Jenny TongeRichmond ParkLDem
95.4% Norman BakerLewesLDem
95.0%Mr Nigel JonesCheltenhamLDem

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