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Dave Doogan

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

NameFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)
Dave Doogan (show only their votes) 13 Dec 2019 still in office SNP 0 votes out of 352, 0.0% 352 votes out of 559, 63.0%
Kirstene Hair (show only their votes) 9 Jun 2017 6 Nov 2019 Con 4 votes out of 432, 0.9% 432 votes out of 463, 93.3%
Michael Weir (show only their votes) 8 May 2015 3 May 2017 SNP 1 vote out of 316, 0.3% 316 votes out of 467, 67.7%
Michael Weir (show only their votes) 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 SNP 4 votes out of 643, 0.6% 643 votes out of 1239, 51.9%
Michael Weir (show only their votes) 5 May 2005 12 Apr 2010 SNP 4 votes out of 652, 0.6% 652 votes out of 1288, 50.6%
Michael Weir (show only their votes) 7 Jun 2001 11 Apr 2005 SNP 2 votes out of 587, 0.3% 587 votes out of 1246, 47.1%
Andrew Welsh (show only their votes) 1 May 1997 14 May 2001 SNP 1 vote out of 290, 0.3% 290 votes out of 1273, 22.8%

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Votes in parliament for which this MP's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this MP was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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Votes by Dave Doogan MP
HouseDateSubjectDave DooganSNP VoteRôle
Commons13 Oct 2020Fisheries Bill [Lords] — New Clause 3 - Sea Fish Industry Authority: accounts and reports tellayeaye Teller
Votes by Kirstene Hair MP
HouseDateSubjectKirstene HairCon VoteRôle
Commons4 Sep 2019European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill — Clause 1 — Purpose of Delaying Withdrawal — Content of Bill to Implement Withdrawl Agreement minorityno Rebel
Commons9 Jul 2019Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill — New Clause 1 — Marriage of Same-Sex Couples minorityaye Rebel
Commons31 Jan 2018Restoration and Renewal — Lords and Commons Leaving the Palace of Westminister During Renovations Majorityno Rebel
Commons31 Jan 2018Restoration and Renewal — Lords and Commons Leaving the Palace of Westminister During Renovations Majorityno Rebel
Votes by Michael Weir MP
HouseDateSubjectMichael WeirSNP VoteRôle
Commons20 Mar 2017Draft Individual Savings Account (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2017 — Lifetime ISA Regulations tellnono Teller
Commons10 Jan 2017Commonwealth Development Corporation Bill — Funding Cap tellayeaye Teller
Commons1 Dec 2016Backbench Business — State Pension Age: Women — Consideration of Rate of Increase of State Pension Age for Women tellnono Teller
Commons21 Nov 2016Higher Education and Research Bill — Clause 95 — Secretary of State's Power to Give Directions Related to Research Funding tellayeaye Teller
Commons21 Nov 2016Higher Education and Research Bill — New Clause 11 — Post Study Work Visa Evaluation tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Nov 2016Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit — Postpone Cuts tellayeaye Teller
Commons21 Oct 2016Sexual Offences (Pardons etc.) Bill — Curtail Debate and Decide on Second Reading tellayeaye Teller
Commons6 Sep 2016Finance Bill — New Clause 8 — Review of Changes to Tax on Dividend Income tellayeaye Teller
Commons20 Jul 2016Electoral Reform (Proportional Representation and Reduction of Voting Age) tellayeaye Teller
Commons6 Jun 2016Investigatory Powers Bill — Clause 203 — Protection of Disclosures to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner tellayeaye Teller
Commons6 Jun 2016Investigatory Powers Bill — Clause 194 — An Investigatory Powers Commission tellayeaye Teller
Commons25 Apr 2016Immigration Bill — Asylum Seekers: Permission to Work after Six Months tellnono Teller
Commons9 Mar 2016Immigration Health Charge for Youth Mobility Scheme Applicants and Nationals of Australia and New Zealand tellnono Teller
Commons7 Jan 2016Transitional Arrangements for those Negatively Affected by the Increase in the Female State Pension Age tellnoaye Rebel Teller
Votes by Michael Weir MP
HouseDateSubjectMichael WeirSNP VoteRôle
Commons23 Feb 2015Serious Crime Bill — New Clause 1 — Making Clear Sex-Selective Abortion is Illegal minorityunknown Unknown
Commons3 Feb 2015Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Mitochondrial Donation) Regulations 2015 minorityaye Rebel
Commons24 Jun 2014Wales Bill — Clause 19 — Welsh Ministers to Set Own Capital Expenditure Priorities tellayeaye Teller
Commons30 Apr 2014Wales Bill- Clause 11 — Referendum on Devolving Welsh Income Tax Rate Setting — Independent Setting of Each Rate tellayeaye Teller
Commons30 Apr 2014Wales Bill — New Clause 4 — Allowing National Assembly for Wales to Set The Number of AMs tellayeaye Teller
Commons9 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Part 2 — Devolution of Welsh Air Passenger Duty Rates to National Assembly for Wales tellayeaye Teller
Commons8 Apr 2014Finance Bill — New Clause 4 — Report on impact of raising tax rate applied to income over £150,000 from 45% to 50%. tellayeaye Teller
Commons6 Nov 2013Business of the House — Require MPs to Provide Explanatory Statements Along With Amendments to Bills They Propose tellayeaye Teller
Commons3 Jun 2013Energy Bill — Clause 11 — Subsidy of Nuclear Power Generation tellayeaye Teller
Commons13 Mar 2013European Union — Renewable Sources of Fuel for Machinery, Tractors and Recreational Craft. Majorityno Rebel
Commons7 Mar 2013Justice and Security Bill — Third Reading tellnono Teller
Commons9 Jan 2013Opposition Day — Pub Companies — Require Free-of-Tie Option for Tenants minorityno Rebel
Commons4 Dec 2012Public Service Pensions Bill — Clause 9 — Pension Age For Pensions Relating to Public Service in Scotland tellayeaye Teller
Commons11 Jul 2012House of Commons to Sit on Tuesdays from 7pm until 10pm to Consider Private Members' Bills minorityunknown Unknown
Commons17 May 2012Queens' Speech — Jobs — Banker's Bonus Tax — VAT Cut — Tax Incentive to Take on Workers — Sooner Infrastructure Investment tellayeaye Teller
Commons26 Mar 2012Reduction in Income Tax Rate Applying to Income Over £150,000 tellnono Teller
Commons18 Jul 2011National Planning Policy Statement for Nuclear Power Generation tellnono Teller
Commons21 Jun 2011Devolving Responsibility for Jobcentre Plus to the Welsh Government tellayeaye Teller
Commons3 May 2011Finance Bill — Clause 7 — Increase Tax Rate For Companies Producing Oil and Gas from 20% to 32% tellnono Teller
Commons29 Mar 2011Budget Resolutions — 10. Alcoholic liquor duties (rates) tellnono Teller
Commons15 Mar 2011Scotland Bill — New Clause 11 — Devolution of Powers Related to Time tellayeaye Teller
Commons15 Mar 2011Scotland Bill — New Clause 3 — Devolution — Maritime and Coastguard Agency tellayeaye Teller
Commons7 Feb 2011Opposition Day — Fuel Duty In Remote Rural Areas tellnono Teller
Commons12 Jan 2011Postal Services Bill — New Clause 2 — Minimum 10 Year Agreement With Post Office Limited Required before Royal Mail Sale tellayeaye Teller
Commons25 Oct 2010Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill — New Clause 20 — Combination of polls minorityaye Rebel
Votes by Michael Weir MP
HouseDateSubjectMichael WeirSNP VoteRôle
Commons13 Oct 2009Parliamentary Elections (Recall and Primaries) — New Clause 3 — Insolvency protection tellayeaye Teller
Commons21 Jul 2009Justice — Issue of Writ tellnono Teller
Commons8 Jul 2009Care Homes (Domestic Pets) — Clause 20 — Bingo duty tellayeaye Teller
Commons11 Mar 2009Deferred Divisions — Adjournment (easter) Majorityno Rebel
Commons25 Nov 2008Points of Order — Defence and Security Procurement minorityaye Rebel
Commons2 Jul 2008Finance Act — General fuel duty regulator — rejected tellayeaye Teller
Commons20 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Change abortion limit from 24 weeks to 22 weeks — rejected minorityunknown Unknown
Commons20 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Prospects for life of handicapped child must be given before abortion — rejected minorityno Rebel
Commons20 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Change abortion limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks — rejected minorityunknown Unknown
Commons29 Apr 2008Orders of the Day — Clause 15 — Rates of vehicle excise duty tellayeaye Teller
Commons5 Jun 2007Bill Presented — Termination of Pregnancy (Counselling and Miscellaneous Provisions) minorityno Rebel
Commons6 Jul 2005Finance Bill — New Clause 7 — Road Fuel Regulator tellayeaye Teller
Votes by Michael Weir MP
HouseDateSubjectMichael WeirSNP VoteRôle
Commons22 Mar 2005Budget Resolutions 2005 — Corporation Tax (Charge and Rate for 2006) tellnono Teller
Commons1 Mar 2005Constitutional Reform Bill [Lords] — [3rd Allotted Day] — New Clause 9 — Disqualification from holding further ministerial office Majorityno Rebel
Commons27 Jan 2005Railways Bill — Clause 22 — Proposal by Service Operator to Discontinue Non-Franchised Services tellayeaye Teller
Commons26 Jan 2005Modernisation of the House of Commons Majorityunknown Unknown
Commons23 Mar 2004Budget Resolutions 2004 — Corporation Tax (Charge and Rate for 2005) tellnono Teller
Commons5 Jul 2001Members' Allowances, Insurance &c. — Members' Pay (Money Resolution) minorityaye Rebel
Votes by Andrew Welsh MP
HouseDateSubjectAndrew WelshSNP VoteRôle
Commons17 Jan 2001Hunting Bill - Commencement (No. 4) tellayeaye Teller
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker Majorityaye Rebel
Commons31 Mar 1999Employment Relations Bill - Collective Bargaining: Recognition tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Jun 1998Local Government (Scotland) tellnono Teller
Commons19 May 1998Scotland Bill - Reserved matters tellayeaye Teller
Commons12 May 1998Scotland Bill - Constitutional Court tellayeaye Teller
Commons30 Mar 1998Scotland Bill - Reserved Matters tellayeaye Teller
Commons4 Mar 1998Scotland Bill - Cross-border public bodies: initial status tellayeaye Teller
Commons19 Feb 1998Local Government Finance (Scotland) tellnono Teller
Commons12 Feb 1998Scotland Bill tellayeaye Teller
Commons29 Jan 1998Scotland Bill - Acts of the Scottish Parliament tellayeaye Teller
Commons21 Jul 1997Education (Student Loans) Bill tellnono Teller
Commons4 Jun 1997Referendums (Scotland and Wales) Bill tellayeaye Teller

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

50% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
0% Asylum System - More strict
0% Cap or Reduce Public Sector Redundancy Payments
12% Delegate more powers to government ministers
0% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
100% European Union Integration - For
68% Further devolution to Northern Ireland
91% Further devolution to Scotland
83% Further devolution to Wales
100% Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
100% Minumum Wage
100% More funds for social care
64% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
100% Proportional Representation Voting System - For
50% Reducing the number of MPs - for
100% Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
84% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
67% Stop climate change

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