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David Duguid

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

NameFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)
David Duguid (show only their votes) 9 Jun 2017 still in office Con 0 votes out of 271, 0.0% 271 votes out of 293, 92.5%
Eilidh Whiteford (show only their votes) 8 May 2015 3 May 2017 SNP 0 votes out of 313, 0.0% 313 votes out of 467, 67.0%
Eilidh Whiteford (show only their votes) 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 SNP 2 votes out of 628, 0.3% 628 votes out of 1239, 50.7%
Alex Salmond (show only their votes) 5 May 2005 12 Apr 2010 SNP 1 vote out of 187, 0.5% 187 votes out of 1288, 14.5%
Alex Salmond (show only their votes) 7 Jun 2001 11 Apr 2005 SNP 3 votes out of 474, 0.6% 474 votes out of 1246, 38.0%
Alex Salmond (show only their votes) 1 May 1997 14 May 2001 SNP 0 votes out of 205, 0.0% 205 votes out of 1273, 16.1%

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Interesting Votes

Votes in parliament for which this MP's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this MP was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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Votes by David Duguid MP
HouseDateSubjectDavid DuguidCon VoteRôle
no rebellions, never teller
Votes by Eilidh Whiteford MP
HouseDateSubjectEilidh WhitefordSNP VoteRôle
Commons23 Nov 2015Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Bill — Allocation of Time tellayeaye Teller
Votes by Eilidh Whiteford MP
HouseDateSubjectEilidh WhitefordSNP VoteRôle
Commons23 Feb 2015Serious Crime Bill — New Clause 1 — Making Clear Sex-Selective Abortion is Illegal Majorityunknown Unknown
Commons30 Apr 2014Wales Bill- Clause 11 — Referendum on Devolving Welsh Income Tax Rate Setting — Independent Setting of Each Rate tellayeaye Teller
Commons7 Mar 2013Justice and Security Bill — Third Reading tellnono Teller
Commons15 Oct 2012Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Bill — Clause 1 — Expenditure on financial assistance for the provision of infrastructure bothno Rebel
Commons11 Jul 2012House of Commons to Sit on Tuesdays from 7pm until 10pm to Consider Private Members' Bills minorityunknown Unknown
Commons11 Jul 2012Sitting Times of the House of Commons on Tuesdays Majorityno Rebel
Commons11 Jul 2012House of Commons Sitting Start Time on Tuesdays Majorityaye Rebel
Commons12 Mar 2012Election of Backbench Business Committee tellayeaye Teller
Commons20 Jan 2012Daylight Saving Bill — Clause 4 — Approval of Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly Before Advancing Time in the UK by an Hour tellayeaye Teller
Commons28 Jun 2011Value Added Tax (Change of Rate) Order 2011 tellayeaye Teller
Commons14 Jun 2011Armed Forces Bill — New Clause 15 — Regional Defence Spending and Employment Statistics tellayeaye Teller
Commons3 May 2011Finance Bill — Clause 7 — Increase Tax Rate For Companies Producing Oil and Gas from 20% to 32% tellnono Teller
Commons15 Mar 2011Scotland Bill — New Clause 11 — Devolution of Powers Related to Time tellayeaye Teller
Commons14 Mar 2011Scotland Bill — Clause 32 — Code of Practice on Borrowing by Scottish Ministers tellayeaye Teller
Commons7 Feb 2011Opposition Day — Reduction of Fuel Duties for the Most Remote Areas tellayeaye Teller
Commons12 Jan 2011Postal Services Bill — New Clause 4 — Restriction on Universal Service Provider Disposals tellayeaye Teller
Commons13 Sep 2010Fixed-term Parliaments Bill — Programme Motion tellnono Teller
Votes by Alex Salmond MP
HouseDateSubjectAlex SalmondSNP VoteRôle
Commons20 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Change abortion limit from 24 weeks to 22 weeks — rejected minorityunknown Unknown
Commons20 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Change abortion limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks — rejected minorityunknown Unknown
Commons5 Jul 2006Deferred Divisions — Clause 106 — Conditions for company Majorityaye Rebel
Votes by Alex Salmond MP
HouseDateSubjectAlex SalmondSNP VoteRôle
Commons30 Nov 2004Health and Education Majorityaye Rebel
Commons20 Oct 2004Clause 1 — Pension and compensation schemes: armed and reserve forces Majorityno Rebel
Commons14 Jan 2004Employment Relations Bill Majorityno Rebel
Votes by Alex Salmond MP
HouseDateSubjectAlex SalmondSNP VoteRôle
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker minorityunknown Unknown
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker Majorityunknown Unknown
Commons10 Dec 1997Social Security Bill tellayeaye Teller

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

50% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
0% Brexit veto for Scotland, Wales and NI
0% Decamp from Palace of Westminister During Works
84% Delegate more powers to government ministers
50% Do more to help refugees inclding children
100% Energy Prices - More Affordable
4% European Union - For
100% Excess Bedroom Benefit Reduction - Social Tenants
0% For the UK to Remain a Member of the EU
27% Further devolution to Northern Ireland
20% Further devolution to Scotland
23% Further devolution to Wales
0% Higher Pay for Public Sector Workers
0% Higher taxes on banks
100% HS2 - In Favour
0% Human Rights and Equality
0% Incentivise Low Carbon Electricity Generation
100% Increase Air Passenger Duty
100% Increase the income tax - tax free allowance
100% Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
0% Minumum Wage
0% More Emergency Service Workers
67% More powers for local councils
0% MPs to approve Withdrawal Agreeement
7% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
50% Recreational drugs - Against legalization
100% Reduce central funding for local government
100% Reduce taxes on domestic property transactions
0% Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
15% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
100% University Tuition Fees - For

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