Voting Record — Liam Byrne MP, Birmingham, Hodge Hill (11360)

Liam Byrne is currently Shadow Minister (Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) (Digital Economy),

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

FromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
9 Jun 2017 still in office Lab 1 vote out of 335, 0.3% 335 votes out of 463, 72.4% 0 times
8 May 2015 3 May 2017 Lab 1 vote out of 261, 0.4% 261 votes out of 467, 55.9% 0 times
6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 Lab 0 votes out of 707, 0.0% 707 votes out of 1239, 57.1% 0 times
5 May 2005 12 Apr 2010 Lab 7 votes out of 1038, 0.7% 1038 votes out of 1288, 80.6% 0 times
15 Jul 2004 11 Apr 2005 Lab 2 votes out of 220, 0.9% 220 votes out of 272, 80.9% 0 times

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HouseDateSubjectLiam ByrneLab VoteRôle
Commons25 Jun 2018National Policy Statement: Airports — Heathrow Northwest Runway minorityaye Rebel
17 Jul 2017Became Shadow Minister (Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) (Digital Economy),
HouseDateSubjectLiam ByrneLab VoteRôle
3 May 2017Stopped being Member, International Trade Committee
31 Oct 2016Became Member, International Trade Committee
Commons15 Jun 2016Draft West Midlands Combined Authority Order 2016 Majorityno Rebel
12 Sep 2015Stopped being Shadow Minister (Business, Innovation and Skills),
HouseDateSubjectLiam ByrneLab VoteRôle
no rebellions, never teller
7 Oct 2013Became Shadow Minister (Business, Innovation and Skills),
7 Oct 2013Stopped being Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions,
20 Jan 2011Became Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions,
20 Jan 2011Stopped being Shadow Minister (Cabinet Office),
8 Oct 2010Became Shadow Minister (Cabinet Office),
8 Oct 2010Stopped being Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
12 May 2010Became Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
6 May 2010Stopped being The Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
HouseDateSubjectLiam ByrneLab VoteRôle
Commons4 Mar 2010Backbench Business Committee minorityno Rebel
6 Jun 2009Became The Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
5 Jun 2009Stopped being Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
6 Oct 2008Stopped being Minister of State (Regional Affairs) (West Midlands),
3 Oct 2008Became Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
3 Oct 2008Stopped being Minister of State (Home Office) (Borders and Immigration),
3 Oct 2008Stopped being Minister of State (HM Treasury) (also in the Home Office),
Commons3 Jul 2008MPs' allowances — External audits and no more furniture — rejected minorityaye Rebel
Commons19 May 2008Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill — Sibling compatibility only regenerative tissue — rejected minorityno Rebel
25 Jan 2008Became Minister of State (HM Treasury) (also in the Home Office),
29 Jun 2007Became Minister of State (Regional Affairs) (West Midlands),
28 Jun 2007Became Minister of State (Home Office) (Borders and Immigration),
28 Jun 2007Stopped being Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration and Asylum),
9 May 2007Became Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration and Asylum),
8 May 2007Stopped being Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality),
Commons7 Mar 2007House of Lords Reform — Composition Option 6 (80 per Cent. Elected) Majorityno Rebel
Commons7 Mar 2007House of Lords Reform — Composition Option 5 (60 per Cent. Elected) — rejected minorityno Rebel
Commons7 Mar 2007House of Lords Reform — Composition Option 4 (50 per Cent. Elected) — rejected minorityno Rebel
22 May 2006Became Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality),
22 May 2006Stopped being Minister of State (Home Office),
5 May 2006Became Minister of State (Home Office),
5 May 2006Stopped being Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Health) (Care Services),
Commons14 Mar 2006Animal Welfare Bill — New Clause "8" — Docking of dogs' tails — Working dogs Majorityaye Rebel
10 May 2005Became Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Health) (Care Services),
HouseDateSubjectLiam ByrneLab VoteRôle
11 Apr 2005Stopped being Member, European Scrutiny Committee
22 Feb 2005Became Member, European Scrutiny Committee
Commons26 Jan 2005Modernisation of the House of Commons Majorityno Rebel
Commons3 Nov 2004Members' Allowances Majorityno Rebel

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

13% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
6% Academy Schools - for
50% Action to prevent domestic violence
73% Additional Rate of Income Tax - Increase
32% Against On-Shore Wind Turbines
53% Apprenticeships
50% Assisted Dying
44% Asylum System - More strict
25% Balance the Budget Without Borrowing
100% Ban fox hunting
85% Bankers' Bonus Tax
50% Brexit veto for Scotland, Wales and NI
75% Business and community control of schools: For
0% Cap or Reduce Civil Service Redundancy Payments
0% Civil aviation pollution - For limiting
32% Closed Material Proceedure
32% Coalition Programme for Government - For
100% Control Orders
100% Crossrail - In favour
25% Cull Badgers
100% Decamp from Palace of Westminister During Works
24% Delegate more powers to government ministers
50% Deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan
75% Do more to help refugees inclding children
20% Employee Shareholder Status
29% Encourage and incentivise saving
0% End support for some 16-18 yr olds in education
81% Energy Prices - More Affordable
0% English Votes on English Laws etc.
0% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
72% European Union - For
8% Excess Bedroom Benefit Reduction - Social Tenants
0% Extend Right to Buy to Housing Associations
52% Fixed Term Parliaments
67% For the UK to Remain a Member of the EU
100% Fox hunting - Ban
100% Fully Elected House of Lords
54% Further devolution to Scotland
69% Further devolution to Wales
45% Gambling - Against permissiveness
13% GP Commissioning in the NHS
100% Higher Pay for Public Sector Workers
32% Higher taxes on alcoholic drinks
65% Higher taxes on banks
25% Higher taxes on sugary drinks
0% Hold a UK referendum on Lisbon EU Treaty
100% Homosexuality - Equal rights
69% HS2 - In Favour
71% Human Rights and Equality
100% Identity cards - For introduction
50% In Favour of Mass Surveillance
75% Incentivise Low Carbon Electricity Generation
100% Incentivise membership of press regulator
27% Increase Air Passenger Duty
17% Increase the income tax - tax free allowance
13% Increase VAT
67% Inheritance Tax
4% Iraq Investigation - Necessary
100% Jobs Guarantee for Long Term Young Unemployed
100% Labour's Terrorism laws - For
86% Limit NHS Foundation Trust Private Patient Income
25% Localise Council Tax Support
40% Lower taxes on petrol & diesel for motor vehicles
0% Make High Earners Pay Market Rent for Council Home
52% Make it easier to trigger a new election for an MP
88% Mansion Tax
80% Mass Retention of Communications Data
35% Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
50% Member trustees on pension boards
0% Merge Police and Fire under Police & Crime Cmmr
50% Military Action against Daesh / ISIL
85% Ministers Can Intervene in Coroners' Inquests
84% Minumum Wage
100% More funds for social care
90% More Generous Benefits for Ill and Disabled
65% More powers for local councils
100% MPs decide if to approve a withdrawal agreeement
31% No detention without charge or trial
86% No Polls Clash With MP Election System Referendum
100% Nuclear power - For
70% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
83% Pension auto-enrolment - For
0% Phase out of Tenancies for Life
24% Police and Crime Commissioners
100% Post office - in favour of Government policy
0% Post office closures - against
75% Prevent abuse of zero hours contracts
15% Privatise Royal Mail
47% Promote Occupational Pensions
53% Proportional Representation Voting System - For
0% Protesting near Parliament - Unrestricted
100% Public Ownership of Railways
100% Rail Fares - Lower
50% Recreational drugs - Against legalization
14% Reduce capital gains tax
19% Reduce central funding for local government
12% Reduce Spending on Welfare Benefits
0% Reduce taxes on domestic property transactions
19% Reduce the rate of Corporation Tax
5% Reducing the number of MPs - for
1% Referendum on Alternative Vote for MP Elections
46% Referendum on UK's EU membership -For -Pre 2016
50% Referendums for Directly Elected City Mayors
38% Register of Lobbyists
100% Regulate letting agent fees
50% Regulation of Shale Gas Extraction
99% Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
17% Replace Higher Education Grants with Loans
75% Require Pub Companies to Offer Rent Only Leases
14% Restrict 3rd party campaigners during elections
22% Restrict Scope of Legal Aid
100% Retain funds from council house sales locally
10% Retention of Business Rates by Local Government
70% Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
50% Right to strike
78% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
100% Same Sex Marriage - for
21% Schools - Greater Autonomy
0% Sell England's Public Forests
73% Smoking ban - In favour
77% State control of bus services
69% Stop climate change
63% Stronger Military Covenant
39% Tax Incentives for Companies Investing in Assets
50% Teach children about drugs, sexuality and health
2% Termination of pregnancy - against
0% The UK should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty
6% Tougher on illegal immigration
7% Trade Union Regulation
61% Transparency of Parliament
71% Trident replacement - In favour
0% Tuition fees - Set Upper Limit at £9,000 per Year
50% University education fees - Should be free
3% University Tuition Fees - For
59% Use of UK Military Forces Overseas
67% Voting age - Reduce to 16
0% War - Parliamentary authority not necessary
100% Welfare benefits ought rise in line with prices

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