Political Parties and Elections Bill — Parliamentary candidates can keep their home addresses secret — 2 Mar 2009 at 21:00

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Lab partytype">Lab absent minister lab topborder"> Tom Clarke favour minister lab topborder"> Nia Griffith absent minister lab topborder"> Jim Knight absent minister lab topborder"> Jim Murphy against minister lab topborder"> Jack Straw absent sf topborder"> Martin McGuinness against minister ldem topborder"> Willie Rennie favour minister con topborder"> Crispin Blunt favour minister con topborder"> Mark Harper absent minister con topborder rightborder"> Eric Pickles
Lab partytype2">+161 -97 (92) favour minister lab"> David Clelland favour minister lab"> Nigel Griffiths against lab"> Ashok Kumar favour minister lab"> Paul Murphy absent minister lab"> Graham Stringer absent sf"> Conor Murphy against teller minister ldem"> Dan Rogerson favour minister con"> Peter Bone favour minister con"> John Hayes absent minister con rightborder"> Mark Prisk
absent lab"> Diane Abbott absent minister lab"> Ann Clwyd against minister lab"> John Grogan favour lab"> Stephen Ladyman against minister lab"> Doug Naysmith favour minister lab"> Gisela Stuart SDLP partytype">SDLP favour minister ldem"> Paul Rowen favour minister con"> Tim Boswell absent minister con"> Oliver Heald favour minister con rightborder"> Mark Pritchard
favour minister lab"> Nick Ainger absent minister lab"> Vernon Coaker favour minister lab"> Andrew Gwynne against minister lab"> David Lammy favour teller minister lab"> Dan Norris favour minister lab"> Gerry Sutcliffe SDLP partytype2">+0 -0 (3) absent minister ldem"> Bob Russell absent minister con"> Peter Bottomley absent minister con">D Heathcoat-Amor. against minister con rightborder"> John Randall
favour minister lab"> Bob Ainsworth against lab"> Ann Coffey favour lab"> Peter Hain favour minister lab"> Bob Laxton favour minister lab"> Mike O'Brien favour minister lab"> Mark Tami absent minister sdlp"> Mark Durkan against minister ldem"> Adrian Sanders absent minister con"> Graham Brady favour minister con"> Charles Hendry against con rightborder"> John Redwood
absent minister lab"> Douglas Alexander favour minister lab"> Harry Cohen against minister lab"> Mike Hall against minister lab"> Mark Lazarowicz favour minister lab"> Edward O'Hara favour minister lab"> Dari Taylor absent minister sdlp">A McDonnell. against teller minister ldem"> Robert Smith absent minister con"> Julian Brazier absent minister con"> Nick Herbert absent con rightborder"> Malcolm Rifkind
favour lab"> Graham Allen favour minister lab"> Michael Connarty favour minister lab"> Patrick Hall favour minister lab"> David Lepper favour minister lab"> Bill Olner against minister lab"> David Taylor absent sdlp"> Eddie McGrady favour minister ldem"> Andrew Stunell absent minister con"> James Brokenshire absent minister con"> Mark Hoban favour minister con rightborder"> Andrew Robathan
against minister lab"> David Anderson absent minister lab"> Frank Cook absent minister lab"> David Hamilton favour minister lab"> Tom Levitt favour minister lab"> Sandra Osborne favour minister lab"> Gareth Thomas Respect partytype">Respect favour minister ldem"> Jo Swinson favour minister con"> Angela Browning against con"> Douglas Hogg favour minister con rightborder"> Hugh Robertson
favour minister lab"> Janet Anderson against minister lab"> Rosie Cooper absent minister lab"> Fabian Hamilton absent minister lab"> Ivan Lewis favour minister lab"> Albert Owen against minister lab"> Emily Thornberry Respect partytype2">+0 -0 (1) against ldem"> Matthew Taylor absent minister con"> Simon Burns favour minister con"> Philip Hollobone favour minister con rightborder">L Robertson.
against lab"> Hilary Armstrong against minister lab"> Yvette Cooper against minister lab"> David Hanson favour lab"> Martin Linton favour minister lab"> Nick Palmer against minister lab"> Stephen Timms absent respect"> George Galloway against minister ldem"> Sarah Teather absent minister con"> David Burrowes absent minister con"> Adam Holloway favour minister con rightborder"> Andrew Rosindell
favour minister lab"> Charlotte Atkins against lab"> Jeremy Corbyn favour minister lab"> Harriet Harman favour minister lab"> Tony Lloyd against minister lab"> Ian Pearson favour minister lab"> Paddy Tipping PC partytype">PC against minister ldem"> John Thurso absent minister con"> Alistair Burt against minister con"> John Horam absent minister con rightborder"> David Ruffley
absent minister lab"> Ian Austin absent minister lab"> Jim Cousins favour lab"> Tom Harris favour minister lab"> Andrew Love against lab"> James Plaskitt against minister lab"> Mark Todd PC partytype2">+0 -1 (2) against minister ldem"> Steve Webb absent minister con"> John Butterfill absent con"> Michael Howard absent minister con rightborder"> Lee Scott
favour minister lab"> John Austin absent minister lab"> David Crausby absent minister lab"> Dai Havard absent minister lab"> Ian Lucas favour minister lab"> Greg Pope favour minister lab"> Don Touhig absent minister pc"> Elfyn Llwyd against minister ldem"> Mark Williams absent minister con"> David Cameron favour minister con"> Gerald Howarth against minister con rightborder"> Andrew Selous
favour minister lab"> Adrian Bailey against minister lab"> Mary Creagh against minister lab"> John Healey absent minister lab"> Andrew MacKinlay against minister lab"> Steve Pound favour lab"> Jon Trickett absent minister pc"> Adam Price against minister ldem"> Roger Williams favour minister con"> Douglas Carswell favour minister con"> John Howell absent minister con rightborder"> Grant Shapps
against minister lab"> Vera Baird favour lab"> Jon Cruddas favour lab"> Doug Henderson against lab"> Denis MacShane against minister lab"> Bridget Prentice against lab"> Paul Truswell against minister pc"> Hywel Williams against minister ldem"> Stephen Williams against minister con"> Bill Cash absent minister con"> Jeremy Hunt absent minister con rightborder"> Richard Shepherd
against minister lab"> Edward Balls favour minister lab"> Ann Cryer favour minister lab"> Mark Hendrick absent minister lab"> Fiona Mactaggart favour minister lab"> Gordon Prentice favour minister lab"> Desmond Turner LDem partytype">LDem favour minister ldem"> Phil Willis favour minister con"> Christopher Chope favour minister con"> Nick Hurd favour minister con rightborder"> Mark Simmonds
against minister lab"> Gordon Banks favour minister lab"> John Cummings absent minister lab"> Stephen Hepburn absent lab"> Khalid Mahmood favour lab"> John Prescott favour lab"> Neil Turner LDem partytype2">+7 -48 (8) absent minister ldem"> Jennifer Willott absent minister con"> James Clappison absent minister con"> Michael Jack absent minister con rightborder"> Keith Simpson
favour minister lab"> Celia Barlow favour lab"> Jim Cunningham against minister lab"> John Heppell absent minister lab"> Shahid Malik absent minister lab"> Dawn Primarolo absent minister lab"> Derek Twigg against minister ldem"> Danny Alexander absent minister ldem">R Younger-Ross. absent minister con"> Greg Clark favour minister con"> Stewart Jackson against minister con rightborder"> Nicholas Soames
against minister lab"> Kevin Barron favour minister lab"> Tony Cunningham against minister lab"> Stephen Hesford absent minister lab"> Judy Mallaber against minister lab"> Gwyn Prosser against minister lab"> Kitty Ussher against minister ldem"> Norman Baker Independent Labour partytype">Independent Labour absent minister con"> Kenneth Clarke absent minister con"> Bernard Jenkin absent minister con rightborder"> Caroline Spelman
favour minister lab"> John Battle favour lab">C Curtis-Thomas. favour lab"> Patricia Hewitt absent minister lab"> John Mann favour minister lab"> Ken Purchase absent minister lab"> Keith Vaz against minister ldem"> John Barrett Independent Labour partytype2">+0 -0 (1) absent minister con">G Clifton-Brown favour minister con"> David Jones absent minister con rightborder"> Michael Spicer
favour minister lab"> Hugh Bayley absent minister lab"> Alistair Darling favour minister lab"> David Heyes against lab"> Rob Marris absent minister lab"> James Purnell favour lab"> Rudi Vis against minister ldem"> Alan Beith absent independentlabour"> Clare Short favour minister con"> Patrick Cormack absent minister con"> Daniel Kawczynski absent minister con rightborder"> Richard Spring
favour minister lab"> Margaret Beckett favour minister lab"> Wayne David against minister lab"> Keith Hill favour lab"> Gordon Marsden absent minister lab"> Bill Rammell against minister lab"> Joan Walley favour minister ldem"> Tom Brake Independent partytype">Independent absent minister con"> Geoffrey Cox absent minister con"> Robert Key absent minister con rightborder"> John Stanley
favour minister lab"> Anne Begg favour minister lab"> Ian Davidson absent minister lab"> Meg Hillier absent lab">R Marshall-Andrews favour lab"> Nick Raynsford favour minister lab"> Lynda Waltho absent minister ldem"> Colin Breed Independent partytype2">+2 -2 (2) favour minister con"> Stephen Crabb favour minister con"> Julie Kirkbride absent minister con rightborder"> Anthony Steen
favour minister lab"> Stuart Bell favour minister lab"> Quentin Davies absent lab"> Margaret Hodge against minister lab"> Eric Martlew favour minister lab"> Andy Reed absent minister lab"> Claire Ward against minister ldem"> Annette Brooke absent minister independent"> Derek Conway absent minister con"> David Curry favour minister con"> Greg Knight absent minister con rightborder"> Gary Streeter
absent minister lab"> Hilary Benn favour minister lab"> Janet Dean favour minister lab"> Sharon Hodgson favour minister lab"> Thomas McAvoy against minister lab"> Jamie Reed favour minister lab"> Tom Watson absent minister ldem"> Jeremy Browne against independent"> Dai Davies favour minister con"> David Davies favour minister con"> Eleanor Laing absent minister con rightborder"> Graham Stuart
absent minister lab"> Joe Benton against minister lab"> John Denham against minister lab"> Kate Hoey favour minister lab"> Steve McCabe favour lab"> John Reid favour minister lab"> Dave Watts against minister ldem"> Malcolm Bruce against minister independent"> Andrew Pelling against con"> Philip Davies favour con"> Jacqui Lait favour minister con rightborder"> Desmond Swayne
against minister lab"> Roger Berry favour minister lab"> Jim Devine favour minister lab"> Jimmy Hood favour lab"> Chris McCafferty favour minister lab"> Linda Riordan against minister lab"> Alan Whitehead against minister ldem"> Paul Burstow favour minister independent"> Bob Spink absent con"> David Davis against minister con"> Mark Lancaster absent con rightborder"> Hugo Swire
absent minister lab"> Clive Betts favour lab"> Parmjit Dhanda favour minister lab"> Geoff Hoon favour lab"> Kerry McCarthy favour minister lab"> John Robertson favour lab"> Malcolm Wicks against minister ldem"> Lorely Burt favour minister independent"> Richard Taylor favour minister con"> Jonathan Djanogly against minister con"> Andrew Lansley absent minister con rightborder"> Robert Syms
favour minister lab"> Liz Blackman absent minister lab"> Andrew Dismore favour minister lab"> Phil Hope absent minister lab">S McCarthy-Fry. against lab"> Geoffrey Robinson favour minister lab"> Alan Williams against minister ldem"> Vincent Cable absent independent"> Robert Wareing favour minister con"> Stephen Dorrell against minister con"> Edward Leigh absent con rightborder"> Peter Tapsell
absent minister lab">R Blackman-Woods absent minister lab"> Jim Dobbin against minister lab"> Kelvin Hopkins absent lab"> Ian McCartney favour minister lab"> Terry Rooney favour lab"> Betty Williams against minister ldem"> Menzies Campbell DUP partytype">DUP favour teller minister con"> Nadine Dorries against minister con"> Oliver Letwin favour con rightborder"> Ian Taylor
absent minister lab"> Hazel Blears favour lab"> Frank Dobson favour minister lab"> George Howarth absent lab"> Siobhain McDonagh favour minister lab"> Frank Roy against minister lab"> Michael Wills against minister ldem">A Carmichael. DUP partytype2">+0 -0 (9) against minister con"> James Duddridge favour minister con"> Julian Lewis absent minister con rightborder"> Edward Timpson
favour minister lab"> Bob Blizzard favour minister lab"> Brian H Donohoe against lab"> Kim Howells absent lab">J McDonnell. favour minister lab"> Lindsay Roy against minister lab"> Phil Wilson absent minister ldem"> Nick Clegg absent minister dup"> Gregory Campbell favour minister con"> Alan Duncan favour minister con">I Liddell-Graing. absent con rightborder"> David Tredinnick
absent lab"> David Blunkett against minister lab"> Frank Doran absent minister lab"> Lindsay Hoyle favour minister lab"> Pat McFadden absent lab"> Chris Ruane absent minister lab"> David Winnick against minister ldem"> Edward Davey absent minister dup"> Nigel Dodds favour con"> Iain Duncan Smith absent minister con"> David Lidington favour minister con rightborder"> Andrew Turner
absent minister lab"> David Borrow absent minister lab"> Jim Dowd absent minister lab"> Beverley Hughes favour minister lab"> John McFall favour minister lab"> Joan Ruddock against minister lab"> Rosie Winterton against minister ldem"> Tim Farron absent minister dup">J Donaldson. favour minister con"> Philip Dunne favour con"> Peter Lilley against minister con rightborder"> Andrew Tyrie
against minister lab"> Ben Bradshaw against minister lab"> David Drew against minister lab"> Joan Humble favour minister lab"> Jim McGovern favour minister lab"> Christine Russell favour lab"> Mike Wood against minister ldem">L Featherstone. absent minister dup"> William McCrea absent minister con"> Tobias Ellwood absent minister con"> Tim Loughton absent minister con rightborder"> Ed Vaizey
against minister lab"> Kevin Brennan against minister lab"> Angela Eagle against minister lab"> John Hutton against lab"> Anne McGuire absent lab"> Joan Ryan favour minister lab"> Shaun Woodward against minister ldem"> Don Foster absent dup"> Ian Paisley favour con"> Nigel Evans absent minister con"> Peter Luff favour minister con rightborder"> Shailesh Vara
absent minister lab"> Gordon Brown against minister lab"> Maria Eagle favour minister lab"> Brian Iddon absent lab"> Shona McIsaac against minister lab"> Martin Salter absent minister lab"> Phil Woolas against minister ldem"> Andrew George absent minister dup"> Iris Robinson absent minister con"> David Evennett favour minister con"> Andrew MacKay absent minister con rightborder"> Peter Viggers
against lab"> Lyn Brown favour lab"> Clive Efford favour minister lab"> Eric Illsley favour minister lab"> Ann McKechin favour minister lab"> Mohammad Sarwar absent minister lab"> Anthony D Wright against minister ldem"> Sandra Gidley absent dup"> Peter Robinson favour minister con"> Michael Fabricant absent minister con"> David Maclean absent minister con rightborder"> Theresa Villiers
favour minister lab"> Nick Brown absent minister lab"> Louise Ellman absent lab"> Adam Ingram favour minister lab"> Rosemary McKenna favour lab"> Alison Seabeck against lab"> David Wright against minister ldem"> Julia Goldsworthy absent minister dup"> David Simpson absent minister con"> Michael Fallon absent minister con"> Anne Main absent minister con rightborder"> Charles Walker
absent minister lab"> Russell Brown against lab"> Natascha Engel absent minister lab">H Irranca-Davies. against minister lab"> Tony McNulty favour minister lab"> Virendra Sharma against minister lab"> Iain Wright against minister ldem"> Mike Hancock absent minister dup"> Sammy Wilson against minister con"> Mark Field absent minister con"> Humfrey Malins against minister con rightborder"> Ben Wallace
against lab"> Des Browne favour lab"> Jeff Ennis absent lab"> Glenda Jackson favour lab"> Michael Meacher favour minister lab"> Jonathan R Shaw against minister lab"> Tony Wright against minister ldem"> Evan Harris Deputy Speaker partytype">Deputy Speaker favour minister con"> Liam Fox absent minister con"> John Maples favour con rightborder"> Robert Walter
favour minister lab"> Chris Bryant favour lab"> Bill Etherington favour minister lab"> Siân James favour lab"> Alan Meale absent minister lab"> Barry Sheerman favour minister lab"> Derek Wyatt absent minister ldem"> Nick Harvey Deputy Speaker partytype2">+0 -0 (3) absent minister con"> Mark Francois favour minister con"> Michael Mates against minister con rightborder"> Nigel Waterson
against minister lab"> Karen Buck absent minister lab"> Paul Farrelly absent minister lab"> Brian Jenkins favour minister lab"> Gillian Merron favour minister lab"> Jim Sheridan UUP partytype">UUP against minister ldem"> David Heath absent minister deputyspeaker"> Alan Haselhurst absent minister con">C Fraser. against minister con"> Francis Maude against minister con rightborder"> Angela Watkinson
against minister lab"> Richard Burden against minister lab"> Frank Field against minister lab"> Alan Johnson favour minister lab"> Alun Michael favour minister lab"> Siôn Simon UUP partytype2">+0 -0 (1) against minister ldem"> John Hemming absent deputyspeaker"> Sylvia Heal favour minister con"> Roger Gale against minister con"> Theresa May favour minister con rightborder"> John Whittingdale
absent lab"> Colin Burgon against lab"> Mark Fisher favour minister lab"> Diana R. Johnson absent lab"> Alan Milburn absent lab"> Alan Simpson absent minister uup"> Sylvia Hermon against minister ldem"> Paul Holmes absent minister deputyspeaker"> Michael Lord absent minister con"> Edward Garnier absent minister con"> Anne McIntosh absent con rightborder"> Ann Widdecombe
against minister lab"> Andy Burnham against minister lab"> Jim Fitzpatrick favour minister lab"> Helen Jones absent minister lab"> David Miliband favour minister lab"> Marsha Singh SPK partytype">SPK favour minister ldem"> Martin Horwood Con partytype">Con absent minister con"> David Gauke against minister con">P McLoughlin. favour minister con rightborder"> Bill Wiggin
favour minister lab"> Dawn Butler favour lab"> Rob Flello favour minister lab"> Kevan Jones absent minister lab"> Ed Miliband against minister lab"> Dennis Skinner SPK partytype2">+0 -0 (1) against minister ldem"> David Howarth Con partytype2">+67 -25 (101) absent minister con"> Nick Gibb absent minister con"> Patrick Mercer absent minister con rightborder"> David Willetts
absent lab"> Stephen Byers absent minister lab"> Caroline Flint against minister lab"> Lynne Jones favour minister lab"> Andrew Miller against minister lab"> Andrew Slaughter absent minister spk"> Michael Martin against minister ldem"> Simon Hughes favour minister con"> Adam Afriyie favour minister con">Dame Cheryl Gillan absent minister con"> Maria Miller favour minister con rightborder"> David Wilshire
favour minister lab"> Liam Byrne favour minister lab"> Paul Flynn favour minister lab"> Martyn Jones against minister lab"> Austin Mitchell against lab"> Andrew Smith SNP partytype">SNP against minister ldem"> Christopher Huhne favour minister con"> Peter Ainsworth absent minister con"> Paul Goodman against minister con"> Anne Milton absent minister con rightborder"> Rob Wilson
favour lab"> Richard Caborn against minister lab"> Barbara Follett absent minister lab"> Tessa Jowell favour minister lab"> Anne Moffat against lab"> Angela Smith SNP partytype2">+0 -6 (1) absent minister ldem"> Mark Hunter absent minister con">Sir David Amess favour minister con"> Robert Goodwill against minister con"> Andrew Mitchell favour minister con rightborder"> Ann Winterton
absent lab"> David Cairns against minister lab"> Michael Foster favour lab"> Eric Joyce favour lab"> Laura Moffatt absent minister lab"> Angela Smith against minister snp"> Stewart Hosie against minister ldem"> Paul Keetch absent minister con"> Michael Ancram absent minister con"> Michael Gove absent minister con"> Malcolm Moss absent minister con rightborder">N Winterton.
absent minister lab"> Alan Campbell against minister lab">M Foster. absent minister lab"> Gerald Kaufman against minister lab"> Chris Mole against minister lab"> Geraldine Smith against minister snp"> Angus MacNeil against ldem"> Charles Kennedy absent minister con"> James Arbuthnot favour minister con"> James Gray absent minister con"> David Mundell favour minister con rightborder"> Jeremy Wright
against lab"> Ronnie Campbell favour minister lab"> Hywel Francis against minister lab"> Sally Keeble favour minister lab"> Madeleine Moon absent minister lab"> Jacqui Smith against minister snp"> John Mason against ldem"> Susan Kramer absent minister con"> Peter Atkinson absent minister con"> Chris Grayling favour minister con"> Andrew Murrison absent minister con rightborder"> Tim Yeo
against minister lab"> Martin Caton absent minister lab"> Mike Gapes favour minister lab"> Barbara Keeley favour minister lab"> Margaret Moran absent minister lab"> John Smith against minister snp"> Angus Robertson against minister ldem"> Norman Lamb absent minister con"> Richard Bacon absent minister con"> Damian Green absent minister con"> Bob Neill absent minister con rightborder"> George Young
against minister lab"> Ian Cawsey against lab"> Barry Gardiner favour minister lab"> Alan Keen absent minister lab"> Jessica Morden favour lab"> Anne Snelgrove absent minister snp"> Alex Salmond against minister ldem"> David Laws absent con"> Tony Baldry against minister con"> Justine Greening absent minister con"> Brooks Newmark topborder rightborder">  
against minister lab"> Colin Challen favour lab"> Bruce George favour minister lab"> Ann Keen absent minister lab"> Julie Morgan against minister lab"> Peter Soulsby against minister snp"> Michael Weir against minister ldem"> John Leech favour minister con"> Gregory Barker absent con"> John Greenway absent minister con">S O'Brien.
favour minister lab"> Ben Chapman against minister lab"> Neil Gerrard absent lab"> Ruth Kelly against lab"> Elliot Morley absent minister lab"> Helen Southworth against minister snp"> Pete Wishart against minister ldem"> Michael Moore absent minister con"> John Baron absent minister con"> Dominic Grieve absent minister con"> George Osborne
favour minister lab"> David Chaytor against minister lab"> Ian Gibson absent lab"> Fraser Kemp absent minister lab"> Kali Mountford favour minister lab"> John Spellar SF partytype">SF against minister ldem"> Greg Mulholland favour minister con"> Henry Bellingham absent con"> John Gummer favour minister con"> Richard Ottaway
favour minister lab"> Michael Clapham absent minister lab"> Linda Gilroy absent minister lab"> Jane Kennedy favour minister lab"> George Mudie favour minister lab"> Phyllis Starkey SF partytype2">+0 -0 (5) against minister ldem"> Mark Oaten absent minister con"> Richard Benyon absent minister con"> William Hague favour minister con"> James Paice
favour minister lab"> Katy Clark favour lab"> Roger Godsiff against minister lab"> Sadiq Khan favour minister lab"> Chris Mullin absent minister lab"> Ian Stewart absent sf"> Gerry Adams favour minister ldem"> Lembit Öpik favour minister con"> John Bercow absent minister con"> Philip Hammond against minister con"> Owen Paterson
favour minister lab"> Paul Clark absent minister lab"> Paul Goggins against minister lab"> David Kidney favour lab"> Meg Munn absent minister lab"> Howard Stoate absent sf"> Pat Doherty against minister ldem"> John Pugh favour minister con"> Paul Beresford absent minister con"> Stephen Hammond absent minister con"> Mike Penning
absent lab bottomborder"> Charles Clarke favour minister lab bottomborder"> Helen Goodman favour lab bottomborder"> Peter Kilfoyle favour minister lab bottomborder"> Denis Murphy against minister lab bottomborder"> Gavin Strang absent sf bottomborder">M Gildernew. against minister ldem bottomborder"> Alan Reid favour minister con bottomborder"> Brian Binley absent minister con bottomborder"> Greg Hands favour minister con bottomborder"> John Penrose

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