Housing and Planning Bill — Report (3rd Day) (Continued) — 18 Apr 2016 at 20:00

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78A: After Clause 90, insert the following new Clause-“Reducing local authority influence over private registered providers(1) The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision for the purpose of limiting or removing the ability of local authorities to exert influence over private registered providers through-(a) appointing or removing officers of private registered providers;(b) exercising or controlling voting rights.(2) The regulations may in particular-(a) limit the number of officers that a local authority may appoint;(b) prohibit a local authority from appointing officers;(c) confer power on a private registered provider to remove officers appointed by a local authority;(d) prohibit a local authority from doing things that would result in it obtaining voting rights in a private registered provider;(e) require a local authority to take steps to reduce or get rid of any voting rights that it has in a private registered provider. (3) Regulations under this section may override or modify any contractual or other rights (whenever created) or anything in a private registered provider’s constitution. (4) Regulations under this section may-(a) confer a power to amend the constitution of a private registered provider in consequence of provision made by the regulations;(b) make provision about the procedure for exercising that power.(5) In this section-“appointing”, in relation to an officer, includes nominating or otherwise influencing the selection of the officer;“constitution” includes rules;“local authority” has the meaning given by section 106 of the Housing Associations Act 1985;“officer”, in relation to a private registered provider, has the meaning given by section 270 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008;“private registered provider” means a private registered provider of social housing.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78B: Clause 91, page 39, line 36, after “administration” insert “(which, for this purpose, includes housing administration under Chapter 5 of Part 4 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016)”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78C: Clause 92, page 40, line 17, leave out subsection (3)

78D: Clause 92, page 40, line 22, leave out “references in this section” and insert “the reference in subsection (1)(b)”

78E: Clause 92, page 40, line 23, leave out “are references” and insert “is a reference”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78F: Clause 93, page 40, line 25, leave out subsections (1) to (8) and insert-“(1) A housing administrator has two objectives-(a) Objective 1: normal administration (see section (Objective 1: normal administration)), and(b) Objective 2: keeping social housing in the regulated sector (see section (Objective 2: keeping social housing in the regulated sector)).(2) Objective 1 takes priority over Objective 2 (but the housing administrator must, so far as possible, work towards both objectives).(3) It follows that, in pursuing Objective 2, the housing administrator must not do anything that would result in a worse distribution to creditors than would be the case if the administrator did not need to pursue Objective 2.(4) A reference in this Chapter to the objectives of a housing administration is to the objectives to be pursued by the housing administrator.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78G: After Clause 93, insert the following new Clause-“Objective 1: normal administration(1) Objective 1 is to- (a) rescue the registered provider as a going concern,(b) achieve a better result for the registered provider’s creditors as a whole than would be likely if the registered provider were wound up (without first being in housing administration), or(c) realise property in order to make a distribution to one or more secured or preferential creditors.(2) The housing administrator must aim to achieve Objective 1(a) unless the housing administrator thinks-(a) that it is not reasonably practicable to achieve it, or(b) that Objective 1(b) would achieve a better result for the registered provider’s creditors as a whole.(3) The housing administrator may aim to achieve Objective 1(c) only if-(a) the housing administrator thinks that it is not reasonably practicable to achieve Objective 1(a) or (b), and(b) the housing administrator does not unnecessarily harm the interests of the registered provider’s creditors as a whole.(4) In pursuing Objective 1(a), (b) or (c) the housing administrator must act in the interests of the registered provider’s creditors as a whole so far as consistent with that Objective.”

78H: After Clause 93, insert the following new Clause-“Objective 2: keeping social housing in the regulated sector(1) Objective 2 is to ensure that the registered provider’s social housing remains in the regulated housing sector.(2) For this purpose, social housing remains in the regulated housing sector for so long as it is owned by a private registered provider.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78J: Clause 95, page 42, line 21, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78K: Clause 95, page 42, line 26, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78L: Clause 96, page 43, line 19, leave out from beginning to “of” in line 21 and insert “The housing administrator of a registered provider must aim to achieve the objectives”

78M: Clause 96, page 43, line 23, leave out subsections (3) and (4)

78N: Clause 96, page 43, line 40, leave out “functions of” and insert “to be carried out by”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78P: After Clause 97, insert the following new Clause-“Housing administrator may sell land free from planning obligations (1) If the housing administrator of a registered provider disposes of land that is the subject of a planning obligation that contains relevant terms, the relevant terms are not binding on the person to whom the land is disposed of or any successor in title.(2) In this section-“disposes of”, in relation to land, means sells a freehold or leasehold interest in the land or grants a lease of the land;“planning obligation” means a planning obligation under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (whether entered into before or after this section comes into force);“relevant terms” in relation to a planning obligation, means any restrictions or requirements imposed by the planning obligation that are expressed not to apply in the event that the land is disposed of by a mortgagee.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78Q: Schedule 5, page 117, line 16, leave out “75,”

78R: Schedule 5, page 117, line 34, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78S: Schedule 5, page 118, line 15, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78T: Schedule 5, page 119, line 15, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78U: Schedule 5, page 119, line 18, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78V: Schedule 5, page 119, line 27, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78W: Schedule 5, page 120, line 7, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78X: Schedule 5, page 120, line 35, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78Y: Schedule 5, page 120, line 42, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78YA: Schedule 5, page 120, line 48, at end insert-“14A_ Paragraph 78 (consent to extension of administrator’s term of office) is to have effect as if sub-paragraph (2) were omitted.”

78YB: Schedule 5, page 123, line 16, , leave out lines 16 to 18 and insert-““objectives”, in relation to a housing administration, is to be read in accordance with section 93(4) of the Housing and Planning Act 2016;”

78YC: Schedule 5, page 126, line 31, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78YD: Schedule 5, page 126, line 33, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78YE: Schedule 5, page 127, line 4, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

78YF: Schedule 5, page 127, line 10, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YG: Clause 98, page 44, line 36, leave out paragraphs (a) and (b) and insert-“(a) notice of the petition has been given to the Regulator of Social Housing and a period of at least 28 days has elapsed since that notice was given, or(b) the Regulator of Social Housing has waived the notice requirement in paragraph (a).”

78YH: Clause 98, page 44, line 44, at end insert-“( ) The Regulator of Social Housing may waive the notice requirement under subsection (2)(a) only with the consent of the Secretary of State.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YJ: Clause 99, page 45, line 18, leave out paragraphs (a) and (b) and insert-“(a) notice of the application has been given to the Regulator of Social Housing and a period of at least 28 days has elapsed since that notice was given, or(b) the Regulator of Social Housing has waived the notice requirement in paragraph (a).”

78YK: Clause 99, page 45, line 26, at end insert-“( ) The Regulator of Social Housing may waive the notice requirement under subsection (4)(a) only with the consent of the Secretary of State.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YL: Clause 100, page 45, line 34, leave out paragraph (b)

78YM: Clause 100, page 46, line 4, leave out paragraphs (a) and (b) and insert-“(a) either-(i) notice of the application has been given to the Regulator of Social Housing and a period of at least 28 days has elapsed since that notice was given, or(ii) the Regulator of Social Housing has waived the notice requirement in sub-paragraph (i), and”

78YN: Clause 100, page 46, line 16, at end insert-“( ) The Regulator of Social Housing may waive the notice requirement under subsection (3)(a)(i) only with the consent of the Secretary of State.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YP: Clause 101, page 46, line 24, leave out paragraph (b)

78YQ: Clause 101, page 46, line 39, leave out paragraphs (a) and (b) and insert-“(a) either-(i) that notice of the appointment has been given to the Regulator of Social Housing, accompanied by a copy of every document in relation to the appointment that is filed or lodged with the court in accordance with paragraph 18 or 29 of Schedule B1 to the Insolvency Act 1986 and that a period of 28 days has elapsed since that notice was given, or(ii) that the Regulator of Social Housing has waived the notice requirement in sub-paragraph (i),”

78YR: Clause 101, page 47, line 7, at end insert-“( ) The Regulator of Social Housing may waive the notice requirement under subsection (4)(a)(i) only with the consent of the Secretary of State.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YS: Clause 102, page 47, line 21, leave out paragraphs (a) and (b) and insert-“(a) notice of the intention to do so has been given to the Regulator of Social Housing and a period of at least 28 days has elapsed since the notice was given, or(b) the Regulator of Social Housing has waived the notice requirement in paragraph (a).”

78YT: Clause 102, page 47, line 27, at end insert-“( ) The Regulator of Social Housing may waive the notice requirement under subsection (2)(a) only with the consent of the Secretary of State.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YU: Clause 103, page 47, line 33, leave out “objective” and insert “objectives”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YV: Clause 109, leave out Clause 109

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

78YW: Clause 111, page 51, leave out lines 12 and 13 and insert-““objectives of the housing administration” means the objectives in section 93(4);”

Moved by Lord Kerslake (CB)

79: Clause 113, leave out Clause 113

Moved by Baroness Williams of Trafford

79A: After Clause 113, insert the following new Clause-“Termination of fixed-term secure tenancies without need to forfeit(1) The Housing Act 1985 is amended as follows.(2) In section 82 (security of tenure)-(a) before subsection (1) insert-“(A1) A fixed-term secure tenancy of a dwelling-house in England that is granted on or after the day on which paragraph 4 of Schedule 7 to the Housing and Planning Act 2016 comes fully into force cannot be brought to an end by the landlord except by-(a) obtaining-(i) an order of the court for the possession of the dwelling-house, and(ii) the execution of the order, or(b) obtaining a demotion order under section 82A.(A2) A secure tenancy can be brought to an end by the landlord as mentioned in subsection (A1)(a) whether or not the tenancy contains terms for it to be brought to an end.”(b) in subsection (1)(b), for “but” substitute “, other than one to which subsection (A1) applies, that is”;(c) in subsection (2), after “subsection” insert “(A1)(a) or”.(3) In section 83 (proceedings for possession), in subsection (A1), for “82(1A)” substitute “82(A1) or (1A)”.”

Moved by Lord Kennedy of Southwark

80: Schedule 7, page 129, line 29, leave out from beginning to end of line 35 and insert-“81A Granting of secure tenancies A local housing authority may grant a secure tenancy of a dwelling-house in England for a fixed term that is-(a) at least 2 years, and(b) up to and including 10 years.”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

80ZA: Schedule 7, page 130, line 8, at end insert “, or(c) if required to do so by section 158(9B) of the Localism Act 2011 (which relates to transfer requests made before section (Secure and assured tenancies: transfer of tenancy) of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 comes into force).”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

80AA: Schedule 7, page 135, line 3, leave out from “(4)” to end of line 4

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

81ZA: After Clause 114, insert the following new Clause-“Secure and assured tenancies: transfer of tenancy(1) The Localism Act 2011 is amended as follows.(2) In section 158 of the Localism Act 2011 (secure and assured tenancies: transfer of tenancy)-(a) in subsection (3)(a), for “not a flexible tenancy” substitute “an old-style secure tenancy”;(b) in subsection (4)(a), for “is a flexible tenancy” substitute “is not an old-style secure tenancy”;(c) omit subsection (6);(d) in subsection (7), for “fifth” substitute “fourth”;(e) for subsections (8) and (9) substitute- “(8) The new tenancy is to be granted on whatever terms the landlord determines.(9) A landlord must, on request by a relevant tenant, inform the tenant of the terms on which a new tenancy will be granted to that tenant.(9A) Subsection (9B) applies in a case where-(a) the request was made before section (Secure and assured tenancies: transfer of tenancy) of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 came into force, and(b) one or more of the landlords had not yet complied with the request when that section came into force.(9B) In that case any new tenancy granted in pursuance of this section to a relevant tenant whose existing tenancy is an old-style secure tenancy, or an assured tenancy that is not an assured shorthold tenancy, must be-(a) an old-style secure tenancy, or(b) an assured tenancy that is not an assured shorthold tenancy,according to the landlord’s capacity to grant a tenancy of either kind.”(3) In section 159 (interpretation of section 158 etc), in subsection (6), omit paragraph (b).”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

81ZB: Schedule 8, page 143, line 31, after “tenancy” insert “(“the old tenancy”)”

81ZC: Schedule 8, page 143, line 39, leave out from “years” to end of line 40

81ZD: Schedule 8, page 143, line 40, at end insert-“(2C) Where a possession order was in force in relation to the old tenancy-(a) the possession order is to be treated, so far as possible, as if it applied in relation to the new tenancy, and(b) any other court orders made in connection with the possession order are also to be treated, so far as possible, as if they applied in relation to the new tenancy.(2D) In subsection (2C) “possession order” means an order for possession of the dwelling house.”

81ZE: Schedule 8, page 146, line 14, leave out from “years” to end of line 15

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

82: Before Clause 115, insert the following new Clause-“Electrical safety standards for properties let by private landlords(1) The Secretary of State may by regulations impose duties on a private landlord of residential premises in England for the purposes of ensuring that electrical safety standards are met during any period when the premises are occupied under a tenancy. (2) “Electrical safety standards” means standards specified in, or determined in accordance with, the regulations in relation to-(a) the installations in the premises for the supply of electricity, or(b) electrical fixtures, fittings or appliances provided by the landlord.(3) The duties imposed on the landlord may include duties to ensure that a qualified person has checked that the electrical safety standards are met.(4) The regulations may make provision about-(a) how and when checks are carried out;(b) who is qualified to carry out checks.(5) The regulations may require the landlord-(a) to obtain a certificate from the qualified person confirming that electrical safety standards are met, and(b) to give a copy of a certificate to the tenant, or a prospective tenant, or any other person specified in the regulations.(6) In this section-“premises” includes land, buildings, moveable structures, vehicles and vessels;“private landlord” means a landlord who is not within section 80(1) of the Housing Act 1985 (the landlord condition for secure tenancies);“residential premises” means premises all or part of which comprise a dwelling;“tenancy” includes a licence to occupy (and “landlord” is to be read accordingly).”

Moved by Viscount Younger of Leckie

92: Before Clause 115, insert the following new Clause-“Electrical safety standards: enforcement(1) Regulations under section (Electrical safety standards for properties let by private landlords) may provide for covenants to be implied into a tenancy.(2) Regulations under that section-(a) may make provision about the enforcement of a duty imposed by the regulations;(b) may confer functions on a local housing authority in England.(3) The provision that may be made about enforcement includes provision-(a) requiring a landlord who fails to comply with a duty imposed by the regulations to pay a financial penalty (or more than one penalty in the event of a continuing failure);(b) conferring power on a local housing authority to arrange for a person to enter on the premises, with the consent of the tenant, to remedy any failure by the landlord to comply with a duty imposed by the regulations.(4) The provision that may be made in reliance on subsection (3)(a) includes provision-(a) about the procedure to be followed in imposing penalties;(b) about the amount of penalties;(c) conferring rights of appeal against penalties; (d) for the enforcement of penalties;(e) about the application of sums paid by way of penalties (and such provision may permit or require the payment of sums into the Consolidated Fund).(5) The provision that may be made in reliance on (3)(b) includes provision-(a) about procedural matters;(b) enabling a local housing authority to recover from the landlord any costs incurred by it in remedying the failure;(c) about the application of costs recovered (and such provision may permit or require the payment of sums into the Consolidated Fund).(6) In this section “local housing authority” has the meaning given by section 1 of the Housing Act 1985.”

Moved by Lord Beecham

93A: Clause 115, page 53, line 11, at end insert-“(c) separate plots on which gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople can have both residential accommodation and space for the storage of equipment”

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Baroness Brown of CambridgeCrossbenchabsent
Lord Browne of MadingleyCrossbenchabsent
Lord Burns Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Butler-Sloss Crossbenchabsent
Lord Butler of BrockwellCrossbenchabsent
Lord Cameron of DillingtonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Cameron of LochbroomCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Campbell of LoughboroughCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Campbell of SurbitonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Carey of CliftonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Carswell Crossbenchabsent
Viscount Colville of CulrossCrossbenchabsent
Lord Condon Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Coussins Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Cox Crossbenchabsent
Lord Craig of RadleyCrossbenchabsent
Lord Crisp Crossbenchabsent
Lord Cromwell Crossbenchabsent
Lord Cullen of WhitekirkCrossbenchabsent
Lord Currie of MaryleboneCrossbenchabsent
Lord Curry of KirkharleCrossbenchabsent
Lord Dannatt Crossbenchabsent
Lord Dear Crossbenchabsent
Lord Eames Crossbenchabsent
Lord Elystan-Morgan Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Emerton Crossbenchabsent
The Earl of ErrollCrossbenchabsent
Lord Evans of WeardaleCrossbenchabsent
Viscount Falkland Crossbenchabsent
Lord Fellowes Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Finlay of LlandaffCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Flather Crossbenchabsent
Lord Freyberg Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Fritchie Crossbenchabsent
Lord Goff of ChieveleyCrossbenchabsent
Lord Green of DeddingtonCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Greenfield Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Greengross Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Grey-Thompson Crossbenchabsent
Lord Guthrie of CraigiebankCrossbenchabsent
Lord Hall of BirkenheadCrossbenchabsent
Lord Hameed Crossbenchabsent
Lord Hannay of ChiswickCrossbenchabsent
Lord Harries of PentregarthCrossbenchabsent
Lord Haskins Crossbenchabsent
Lord Hastings of ScarisbrickCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Hayman Crossbenchabsent
Lord Hennessy of NympsfieldCrossbenchabsent
Lord Hoffmann Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Hogg Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Hollins Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Howarth of BrecklandCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchabsent
Lord Hutton Crossbenchabsent
Lord Hylton Crossbenchabsent
Lord Imbert Crossbenchabsent
Lord Inge Crossbenchabsent
Lord Janvrin Crossbenchabsent
Lord Jay of EwelmeCrossbenchabsent
Lord Jones of BirminghamCrossbenchabsent
Lord Kakkar Crossbenchabsent
Lord Kerr of KinlochardCrossbenchabsent
Lord Kerslake Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Kidron Crossbenchabsent
Lord King of LothburyCrossbenchabsent
The Earl of KinnoullCrossbenchabsent
Lord Krebs Crossbenchabsent
Lord Laming Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Lane-Fox of SohoCrossbenchabsent
Lord Levene of PortsokenCrossbenchabsent
The Earl of ListowelCrossbenchabsent
Lord Lisvane Crossbenchabsent
Lord Low of DalstonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Luce Crossbenchabsent
The Earl of LyttonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Mair Crossbenchabsent
Lord Malloch-Brown Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Manningham-Buller Crossbenchabsent
The Countess of MarCrossbenchabsent
Lord Martin of SpringburnCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Masham of IltonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Mawson Crossbenchabsent
Lord May of OxfordCrossbenchabsent
Lord McCluskey Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Meacher Crossbenchabsent
Lord Millett Crossbenchabsent
Lord Mogg Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Morgan of DrefelinCrossbenchabsent
Lord Mountevans Crossbenchabsent
Baroness Murphy Crossbenchabsent
Lord Myners Crossbenchabsent
Lord Neill of BladenCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Neuberger Crossbenchabsent
Lord Nicholls of BirkenheadCrossbenchabsent
Lord Northbourne Crossbenchabsent
Lord O'Donnell Crossbenchabsent
Baroness O'Loan Crossbenchabsent
Baroness O'Neill of BengarveCrossbenchabsent
Lord Ouseley Crossbenchabsent
Lord Oxburgh Crossbenchabsent
Lord Palmer Crossbenchabsent
Lord Patel Crossbenchabsent
Earl Peel Crossbenchabsent
Lord Powell of BayswaterCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Prashar Crossbenchabsent
Lord Quirk Crossbenchabsent
Lord Ramsbotham Crossbenchabsent
Lord Rana Crossbenchabsent
Lord Rees of LudlowCrossbenchabsent
Lord Renwick of CliftonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Richards of HerstmonceuxCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Richardson of CalowCrossbenchabsent
Lord Rix Crossbenchabsent
The Earl of RosslynCrossbenchabsent
Lord Rowe-Beddoe Crossbenchabsent
Lord Russell of LiverpoolCrossbenchabsent
Lord Sacks Crossbenchabsent
The Earl of SandwichCrossbenchabsent
Lord Saville of NewdigateCrossbenchabsent
Lord Scott of FoscoteCrossbenchabsent
Lord Singh of WimbledonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Skidelsky Crossbenchabsent
Viscount Slim Crossbenchabsent
Lord Smith of KelvinCrossbenchabsent
Lord St John of BletsoCrossbenchabsent
The Earl of StairCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Stern Crossbenchabsent
Lord Stern of BrentfordCrossbenchabsent
Lord Stevens of KirkwhelpingtonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Stevenson of CoddenhamCrossbenchabsent
Lord Steyn Crossbenchabsent
Lord Stirrup Crossbenchabsent
Lord Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbenchabsent
Lord Thomas of SwynnertonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Thurlow Crossbenchabsent
Lord Trees Crossbenchabsent
Lord Trevethin and Oaksey Crossbenchabsent
Lord Turnbull Crossbenchabsent
Lord Turner of EcchinswellCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Valentine Crossbenchabsent
Lord Walker of AldringhamCrossbenchabsent
Lord Walton of DetchantCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Watkins of TavistockCrossbenchabsent
Viscount Waverley Crossbenchabsent
Lord Williams of BaglanCrossbenchabsent
Lord Williams of OystermouthCrossbenchabsent
Lord Wilson of DintonCrossbenchabsent
Lord Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Wolf of DulwichCrossbenchabsent
Lord Woolf Crossbenchabsent
Lord Wright of RichmondCrossbenchabsent
Baroness Young of HornseyCrossbenchabsent
Lord Browne of BelmontDUPno
Lord Hay of BallyoreDUPabsent
Lord Morrow DUPabsent
Baroness Paisley of St George'sDUPabsent
Baroness Jones of MoulsecoombGreenabsent
Lord Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labourabsent
Baroness Tonge Independent Liberal Democratabsent
Lord Owen Independent Social Democratabsent
Lord Maginnis of DrumglassIndependent Ulster Unionistabsent
Lord Hope of CraigheadJudgeno
Lord Brown of Eaton-under-HeywoodJudgeabsent
Baroness Clark of CaltonJudgeabsent
Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-EbonyJudgeabsent
Lord Collins of MapesburyJudgeabsent
Baroness Hale of RichmondJudgeabsent
Lord Hardie Judgeabsent
Lord Judge Judgeabsent
Lord Kerr of TonaghmoreJudgeabsent
Lord Mackay of DrumadoonJudgeabsent
Lord Mance Judgeabsent
Lord Neuberger of AbbotsburyJudgeabsent
Lord Phillips of Worth MatraversJudgeabsent
Lord Thomas of CwmgieddJudgeabsent
Lord Walker of GestingthorpeJudgeabsent
Lord Adonis Labaye
Lord Bassam of BrightonLabtellaye
Lord Beecham Labaye
Lord Bradley Labaye
Lord Campbell-Savours Labaye
Lord Clark of WindermereLabaye
Baroness Corston Labaye
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLabaye
Lord Foster of Bishop AucklandLabaye
Baroness Golding Labaye
Lord Grantchester Labaye
Baroness Healy of Primrose HillLabaye
Lord Howarth of NewportLabaye
Lord Hunt of ChestertonLabaye
Lord Jones Labaye
Lord Judd Labaye
Lord Kennedy of SouthwarkLabaye
Lord Kirkhill Labaye
Lord Layard Labaye
Lord Lea of CrondallLabaye
Baroness Liddell of CoatdykeLabaye
Lord Maxton Labaye
Lord McAvoy Labaye
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLabaye
Lord Monks Labaye
Lord Morris of HandsworthLabaye
Lord Rosser Labaye
Lord Sawyer Labaye
Baroness Smith of BasildonLabaye
Lord Soley Labaye
Baroness Taylor of BoltonLabaye
Lord Tunnicliffe Labtellaye
Baroness Whitaker Labaye
Baroness Young of Old SconeLabaye
Baroness Adams of CraigieleaLababsent
Lord Allen of KensingtonLababsent
Lord Alli Lababsent
Lord Anderson of SwanseaLababsent
Baroness Andrews Lababsent
Baroness Armstrong of Hill TopLababsent
Lord Bach Lababsent
Baroness Bakewell Lababsent
Lord Berkeley Lababsent
Lord Bhattacharyya Lababsent
Baroness Billingham Lababsent
Baroness Blackstone Lababsent
Baroness Blood Lababsent
Lord Blunkett Lababsent
Lord Boateng Lababsent
Lord Borrie Lababsent
Lord Bragg Lababsent
Lord Brennan Lababsent
Lord Brooke of AlverthorpeLababsent
Lord Brookman Lababsent
Lord Browne of LadytonLababsent
Lord Carter of BarnesLababsent
Lord Carter of ColesLababsent
Lord Cashman Lababsent
Viscount Chandos Lababsent
Lord Christopher Lababsent
Lord Clarke of HampsteadLababsent
Lord Clinton-Davis Lababsent
Baroness Cohen of PimlicoLababsent
Lord Collins of HighburyLababsent
Baroness Crawley Lababsent
Lord Cunningham of FellingLababsent
Lord Darling of RoulanishLababsent
Lord Darzi of DenhamLababsent
Lord Davidson of Glen ClovaLababsent
Lord Davies of AbersochLababsent
Lord Davies of CoityLababsent
Lord Davies of OldhamLababsent
Lord Davies of StamfordLababsent
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLababsent
Lord Desai Lababsent
Baroness Donaghy Lababsent
Lord Donoughue Lababsent
Baroness Drake Lababsent
Lord Drayson Lababsent
Lord Dubs Lababsent
Lord Elder Lababsent
Lord Evans of Temple GuitingLababsent
Lord Evans of WatfordLababsent
Lord Falconer of ThorotonLababsent
Baroness Falkender Lababsent
Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLababsent
Lord Foulkes of CumnockLababsent
Baroness Gale Lababsent
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLababsent
Lord Giddens Lababsent
Lord Glasman Lababsent
Lord Goldsmith Lababsent
Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLababsent
Baroness Goudie Lababsent
Baroness Gould of PotternewtonLababsent
Lord Graham of EdmontonLababsent
Lord Griffiths of Burry PortLababsent
Lord Grocott Lababsent
Lord Hain Lababsent
Viscount Hanworth Lababsent
Lord Harris of HaringeyLababsent
Lord Harrison Lababsent
Lord Hart of ChiltonLababsent
Lord Haskel Lababsent
Lord Hattersley Lababsent
Lord Haughey Lababsent
Lord Haworth Lababsent
Baroness Hayter of Kentish TownLababsent
Baroness Henig Lababsent
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLababsent
Lord Hollick Lababsent
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLababsent
Baroness Howells of St DavidsLababsent
Lord Howie of TroonLababsent
Lord Hoyle Lababsent
Baroness Hughes of StretfordLababsent
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLababsent
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLababsent
Lord Hutton of FurnessLababsent
Lord Irvine of LairgLababsent
Baroness Jay of PaddingtonLababsent
Baroness Jones of WhitchurchLababsent
Lord Jordan Lababsent
Baroness Jowell Lababsent
Baroness Kennedy of CradleyLababsent
Baroness Kennedy of The ShawsLababsent
Lord Kestenbaum Lababsent
Baroness King of BowLababsent
Baroness Kingsmill Lababsent
Lord Kinnock Lababsent
Baroness Kinnock of HolyheadLababsent
Lord Knight of WeymouthLababsent
Baroness Lawrence of ClarendonLababsent
Lord Leitch Lababsent
Lord Lennie Lababsent
Lord Levy Lababsent
Lord Liddle Lababsent
Lord Lipsey Lababsent
Baroness Lister of BurtersettLababsent
Lord Livermore Lababsent
Baroness Lockwood Lababsent
Lord Macdonald of TradestonLababsent
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLababsent
Baroness Mallalieu Lababsent
Lord Mandelson Lababsent
Baroness Massey of DarwenLababsent
Lord McConnell of GlenscorrodaleLababsent
Baroness McDonagh Lababsent
Lord McFall of AlcluithLababsent
Lord McKenzie of LutonLababsent
Lord Mendelsohn Lababsent
Lord Mitchell Lababsent
Lord Moonie Lababsent
Lord Morgan Lababsent
Baroness Morgan of ElyLababsent
Baroness Morgan of HuytonLababsent
Lord Morris of AberavonLababsent
Baroness Morris of YardleyLababsent
Lord Murphy of TorfaenLababsent
Baroness Nicol Lababsent
Baroness Nye Lababsent
Lord O'Neill of ClackmannanLababsent
Lord Parekh Lababsent
Lord Patel of BlackburnLababsent
Lord Patel of BradfordLababsent
Lord Pendry Lababsent
Lord Peston Lababsent
Baroness Pitkeathley Lababsent
Lord Plant of HighfieldLababsent
Lord Ponsonby of ShulbredeLababsent
Lord Prescott Lababsent
Baroness Primarolo Lababsent
Baroness Prosser Lababsent
Lord Puttnam Lababsent
Baroness Quin Lababsent
Lord Radice Lababsent
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLababsent
Lord Rea Lababsent
Baroness Rebuck Lababsent
Lord Reid of CardowanLababsent
Lord Richard Lababsent
Lord Robertson of Port EllenLababsent
Lord Rogers of RiversideLababsent
Lord Rooker Lababsent
Lord Rowlands Lababsent
Baroness Royall of BlaisdonLababsent
Lord Sainsbury of TurvilleLababsent
Baroness Scotland of AsthalLababsent
Baroness Sherlock Lababsent
Viscount Simon Lababsent
Baroness Smith of GilmorehillLababsent
Lord Smith of LeighLababsent
Lord Snape Lababsent
Lord Stevenson of BalmacaraLababsent
Lord Stone of BlackheathLababsent
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLababsent
Lord Taylor of BlackburnLababsent
Lord Temple-Morris Lababsent
Lord Thomas of MacclesfieldLababsent
Baroness Thornton Lababsent
Lord Tomlinson Lababsent
Lord Touhig Lababsent
Lord Triesman Lababsent
Lord Turnberg Lababsent
Baroness Turner of CamdenLababsent
Baroness Wall of New BarnetLababsent
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLababsent
Lord Watson of InvergowrieLababsent
Lord Watts Lababsent
Lord West of SpitheadLababsent
Baroness Wheeler Lababsent
Lord Whitty Lababsent
Lord Williams of ElvelLababsent
Lord Wills Lababsent
Lord Winston Lababsent
Lord Wood of AnfieldLababsent
Lord Woolmer of LeedsLababsent
Baroness Worthington Lababsent
Lord Young of Norwood GreenLababsent
Lord Addington LDemaye
Lord Allan of HallamLDemaye
Baroness Bakewell of Hardington MandevilleLDemaye
Lord Beith LDemaye
Baroness Benjamin LDemaye
Lord Burnett LDemaye
Baroness Burt of SolihullLDemaye
Lord Cotter LDemaye
Lord Fearn LDemaye
Baroness Featherstone LDemaye
Lord Foster of BathLDemaye
Baroness Garden of FrognalLDemaye
Lord German LDemaye
Baroness Grender LDemaye
Baroness Hamwee LDemaye
Baroness Jolly LDemaye
Lord Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDemaye
Baroness Kramer LDemaye
Lord Lee of TraffordLDemaye
Baroness Ludford LDemaye
Baroness Maddock LDemaye
Lord Marks of Henley-on-ThamesLDemaye
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemaye
Lord Newby LDemaye
Baroness Northover LDemaye
Lord Oates LDemaye
Lord Paddick LDemaye
Baroness Parminter LDemaye
Lord Purvis of TweedLDemaye
Baroness Randerson LDemaye
Lord Razzall LDemaye
Lord Rennard LDemaye
Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDemaye
Baroness Sharp of GuildfordLDemaye
Baroness Sheehan LDemaye
Lord Shipley LDemaye
Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDemaye
Baroness Smith of NewnhamLDemaye
Lord Steel of AikwoodLDemaye
Lord Stoneham of DroxfordLDemaye
Lord Strasburger LDemaye
Lord Stunell LDemaye
Baroness Suttie LDemaye
Lord Taylor of Goss MoorLDemaye
Lord Teverson LDemaye
Lord Thomas of GresfordLDemaye
Lord Tope LDemaye
Lord Tyler LDemaye
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDemaye
Baroness Walmsley LDemaye
Lord Wrigglesworth LDemaye
Lord Alderdice LDemabsent
Lord Alliance LDemabsent
Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonLDemabsent
Baroness Barker LDemabsent
Baroness Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDemabsent
Baroness Bowles of BerkhamstedLDemabsent
Lord Bradshaw LDemabsent
Baroness Brinton LDemabsent
Lord Bruce of BennachieLDemabsent
Lord Campbell of PittenweemLDemabsent
Lord Carlile of BerriewLDemabsent
Lord Chidgey LDemabsent
Lord Clement-Jones LDemabsent
Lord Dholakia LDemabsent
Baroness Doocey LDemabsent
Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDemabsent
Lord Fox LDemabsent
The Earl of GlasgowLDemabsent
Lord Goddard of StockportLDemabsent
Lord Greaves LDemabsent
Baroness Harris of RichmondLDemabsent
Baroness Humphreys LDemabsent
Lord Hussain LDemabsent
Baroness Hussein-Ece LDemabsent
Baroness Janke LDemabsent
Lord Jones of CheltenhamLDemabsent
Lord Lester of Herne HillLDemabsent
Lord Loomba LDemabsent
Lord Macdonald of River GlavenLDemabsent
Lord Maclennan of RogartLDemabsent
Baroness Manzoor LDemabsent
The Earl of Mar and KellieLDemabsent
Lord McNally LDemabsent
Baroness Nicholson of WinterbourneLDemabsent
The Earl of Oxford and AsquithLDemabsent
Lord Palmer of Childs HillLDemabsent
Lord Palumbo of SouthwarkLDemabsent
Baroness Pinnock LDemabsent
Lord Redesdale LDemabsent
Lord Rodgers of Quarry BankLDemabsent
Baroness Scott of Needham MarketLDemabsent
Lord Scriven LDemabsent
Lord Sharkey LDemabsent
Lord Smith of CliftonLDemabsent
Lord Stephen LDemabsent
Lord Storey LDemabsent
Lord Taverne LDemabsent
Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDemabsent
Baroness Thomas of WinchesterLDemabsent
Baroness Thornhill LDemabsent
Lord Tordoff LDemabsent
Baroness Tyler of EnfieldLDemabsent
Lord Vallance of TummelLDemabsent
Lord Verjee LDemabsent
Lord Wallace of TankernessLDemabsent
Lord Watson of RichmondLDemabsent
Lord Willis of KnaresboroughLDemabsent
Lord Filkin Non-affiliatedaye
Lord Ahmed Non-affiliatedabsent
Baroness Amos Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Archer of Weston-Super-MareNon-affiliatedabsent
Baroness Ashton of UphollandNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Bhatia Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Black of CrossharbourNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Boswell of AynhoNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Boyd of DuncansbyNon-affiliatedabsent
The Marquess of CholmondeleyNon-affiliatedabsent
Baroness D'Souza Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Dykes Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Eatwell Non-affiliatedabsent
Baroness Ford Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Grabiner Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Hanningfield Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Kalms Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Laird Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Mackenzie of FramwellgateNon-affiliatedabsent
The Duke of NorfolkNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove BayNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Paul Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Simon of HighburyNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Smith of FinsburyNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Sugar Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Taylor of WarwickNon-affiliatedabsent
Lord Truscott Non-affiliatedabsent
Baroness Uddin Non-affiliatedabsent
Baroness Vadera Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Warner Non-affiliatedabsent
Lord Elis-Thomas PCabsent
Lord Wigley PCabsent
Lord Pearson of RannochUKIPabsent
Lord Stevens of LudgateUKIPabsent
Lord Willoughby de Broke UKIPabsent
Lord Rogan UUPno
Lord Empey UUPabsent

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