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Tom Harris

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

NameFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)
Tom Harris (show only their votes) 7 Jun 2001 11 Apr 2005 Lab 12 votes out of 995, 1.2% 995 votes out of 1246, 79.9%
Mr John Maxton (show only their votes) 1 May 1997 14 May 2001 Lab 8 votes out of 853, 0.9% 853 votes out of 1273, 67.0%

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Votes in parliament for which this MP's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this MP was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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Votes by Tom Harris MP
HouseDateSubjectTom HarrisLab VoteRôle
Commons26 Jan 2005Car Mileage Allowance minorityno Rebel
Commons26 Jan 2005Modernisation of the House of Commons minorityno Rebel
Commons26 Jan 2005Modernisation of the House of Commons Majorityno Rebel
Commons26 Oct 2004Removal of References to Strangers minorityaye Rebel
Commons26 Oct 2004Programming of Bills minorityno Rebel
Commons4 Feb 2003House of Lords Reform — Option 1 (Fully Appointed) — rejected minorityno Rebel
Commons4 Feb 2003House of Lords Reform — House of Lords to be abolished — rejected minorityno Rebel
Commons14 May 2002Liaison Committee: Power to Take Evidence minorityno Rebel
Commons14 May 2002Payment for Chairmen Majorityno Rebel
Commons14 May 2002Payment for Chairmen Majorityaye Rebel
Commons15 Nov 2001City of London (Ward Elections) Bill minorityaye Rebel
Commons5 Jul 2001Parliamentary Pensions Majorityno Rebel
Votes by Mr John Maxton MP
HouseDateSubjectMr John MaxtonLab VoteRôle
Commons22 Mar 2001Election of a Speaker — Election of Speaker by secret ballot Majorityaye Rebel
Commons15 Nov 2000Genetically Modified Food and Producer Liability (No. 2) minorityaye Rebel
Commons31 Oct 2000Stem Cell Research minorityno Rebel
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker minorityno Rebel
Commons13 Jul 1999Broadcasting (Religious Programming) minorityaye Rebel
Commons26 May 1999Line of Route minorityaye Rebel
Commons24 Feb 1999City of London (Ward Elections) Bill (By Order) minorityaye Rebel
Commons10 Dec 1997Doctor Assisted Dying Bill — Leave to Bring In minorityno Rebel

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

43% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
8% Academy Schools - for
50% Against On-Shore Wind Turbines
81% Business and community control of schools: For
30% Cap or Reduce Civil Service Redundancy Payments
22% Coalition Programme for Government - For
6% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
100% Fox hunting - Ban
15% Fully Elected House of Lords
45% Gambling - Against permissiveness
0% Hold a UK referendum on Lisbon EU Treaty
87% Homosexuality - Equal rights
100% Incentivise membership of press regulator
97% Labour's Terrorism laws - For
100% Mansion Tax
12% Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
100% Military Action against Daesh / ISIL
66% More powers for local councils
100% Nuclear power - For
42% Pension auto-enrolment - For
22% Promote Occupational Pensions
50% Public Ownership of Railways
15% Reduce Spending on Welfare Benefits
66% Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
0% Restrict 3rd party campaigners during elections
33% Restrict Scope of Legal Aid
96% Same Sex Marriage - for
99% Shift Powers from MPs in the Commons to Ministers
100% Teach children about drugs, sexuality and health
50% Termination of pregnancy - against
20% Transparency of Parliament
83% Trident replacement - In favour
0% Tuition fees - Set Upper Limit at £9,000 per Year
0% Voting age - Reduce to 16

Possible Friends (more...)

Shows which MPs voted most similarly to this one in the 2001-2005, Westminster Parliament. This is measured from 0% agreement (never voted the same) to 100% (always voted the same). Only votes that both MPs attended are counted. This may reveal relationships between MPs that were previously unsuspected. Or it may be nonsense.

99.7% Robert JacksonWantagewhilst Lab
97.0%Mrs Helen LiddellAirdrie and ShottsLab
96.5% Geoff HoonAshfieldLab
96.5%Mrs Ann TaylorDewsburyLab
96.4% Ian McCartneyMakerfieldLab

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