Voting Record — David Linden MP, Glasgow East (25677)

David Linden is currently Member, Joint Committee on the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

FromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
13 Dec 2019 still in office SNP 0 votes out of 394, 0.0% 394 votes out of 603, 65.3% 14 times
9 Jun 2017 6 Nov 2019 SNP 1 vote out of 329, 0.3% 329 votes out of 463, 71.1% 39 times

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HouseDateSubjectDavid LindenSNP VoteRôle
29 Mar 2022Stopped being Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Work and Pensions),
Commons20 Oct 2021Environment Bill — Clause 2 - Environmental targets: particulate matter bothno Rebel
Commons17 Mar 2021Leaving the EU: Impact on the UK tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Mar 2021Scotland: General Election and Constitutional Future tellayeaye Teller
Commons3 Feb 2021Exiting the European Union (Excise) tellayeaye Teller
1 Feb 2021Became Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Work and Pensions),
1 Feb 2021Stopped being Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Housing, Communities and Local Government),
Commons26 Jan 2021Environment Bill — New Clause 1 - Environmental Principles: Public Authorities tellayeaye Teller
Commons13 Jan 2021Financial Services Bill — New Clause 21 — Duty of Care Specification tellayeaye Teller
Commons30 Dec 2020European Union (Future Relationship) Bill — Third Reading — International Cooperation tellnono Teller
Commons30 Dec 2020European Union (Future Relationship) Bill — Second Reading — International Cooperation tellnono Teller
Commons30 Dec 2020European Union (Future Relationship) Bill — Timetable and Procedural Rules tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Nov 2020Pension Schemes Bill — New Clause 4 — Employer Debt: Trustees’ Discretion tellayeaye Teller
10 Nov 2020Became Member, Joint Committee on the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act
Commons23 Sep 2020Overseas Operations (Service Personnel And Veterans) Bill — Presumption Against Prosecution — Second Reading tellnono Teller
Commons16 Sep 2020United Kingdom Internal Market Bill — Clause 46 — Power to Provide Financial Assistance for Economic Development etc. tellnono Teller
Commons20 Jul 2020Trade Bill — Clause 2 — Implementation of International Trade Agreements — Consent of Devolved Administrations tellayeaye Teller
Commons1 Jul 2020Role of MPs in Appointment of Prime Minister and Cabinet tellayeaye Teller
Commons30 Jun 2020Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 1 — Duty to Commission an Independent Evaluation: Health and Social Care Sectors tellayeaye Teller
7 Jan 2020Became Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Housing, Communities and Local Government),
7 Jan 2020Stopped being SNP Whip,
HouseDateSubjectDavid LindenSNP VoteRôle
6 Nov 2019Stopped being Member, Procedure Committee
Commons24 Oct 2019Queen's Speech — Programme for Government — Leaving the European Union tellayeaye Teller
Commons2 Jul 2019Main Estimates 2019-20 — Authorisation of Spending tellnono Teller
Commons2 Jul 2019Estimates 2019-20 — Department for Work and Pensions tellnono Teller
Commons27 Feb 2019UK Withdrawal from the EU — Leaving Without a Withdrawal Agreement tellayeaye Teller
Commons26 Feb 2019Supplementary Estimate 2018-19 — Department for Work and Pensions tellnono Teller
Commons14 Feb 2019UK Withdrawal from the EU — Delay of up-to Three Months — Ireland tellayeaye Teller
Commons29 Jan 2019European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 — Delay Withdrawal — Rule-Out No-Deal — Scotland to Remain in the European Union tellayeaye Teller
Commons11 Dec 2018Cannabis (Legalisation and Regulation) Majorityaye Rebel
Commons19 Nov 2018Finance Bill — Parliamentary Approval of Tax Law Changes Due to Withdrawal from the EU tellayeaye Teller
Commons19 Nov 2018Finance Bill — New Clause 19 — Report on Changes to Income Tax Personal Allowance tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Jul 2018Trade Bill — Clause 1 — Implementation of the Agreement on Government Procurement — Consent of Welsh and Scottish Ministers tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Jul 2018Trade Bill — New Clause 20 — Approval of Negotiating Mandates — Devolved Administrations — International Trade Agreements tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Jul 2018Temporary Standing Order — European Statutory Instruments Committee — Membership — At Least Seven Women and At Least Seven Men tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Jul 2018Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill — New Clause 16 — Consent of the Scottish Parliament — Taxes on International Trade tellayeaye Teller
Commons3 Jul 2018Remaining Main Estimates 2018-19 tellnono Teller
Commons3 Jul 2018Main Estimates 2018-19 — Department of Health and Social Care and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government tellnono Teller
Commons3 Jul 2018Main Estimates 2018-19 — Ministry of Justice tellnono Teller
Commons26 Jun 2018Draft European Union (Definition of Treaties) (Canada Trade Agreement) Order 2018 tellnono Teller
Commons18 Jun 2018Sewel Convention — Convention that the UK Parliament Does Not Normally Legislate on Matters Devolved to the Scottish Parliament tellnono Teller
Commons12 Jun 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Powers of Devolved Administrations tellnono Teller
Commons1 May 2018Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill — New Clause 19 — Scottish Limited Partnerships: UK Bank Account Requirement tellayeaye Teller
Commons24 Apr 2018Financial Guidance and Claims Bill — Clause 2 — Objectives of new Financial Guidance Body tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Apr 2018Situation in Syria tellnono Teller
Commons16 Mar 2018Refugees (Family Reunion) (No.2) Bill — Second Reading — Refugees' Family Reunion — Immigration Law — Legal Aid tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Mar 2018Motion to Sit in Private tellnono Teller
Commons6 Feb 2018Space Industry Bill — Launches — Cap on Licensees' Liability Limit tellayeaye Teller
Commons31 Jan 2018Palace of Westminister — Restoration and Renewal — Cost-Effectiveness of Relocation tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Jan 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Reject Third Reading — Membership of the European Union tellayeaye Teller
Commons17 Jan 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill -Clause 9 — Continued Membership of EU Single Market and Customs Union as Prerequisite for Regulations Implementing Withdrawal Agreement tellayeaye Teller
Commons16 Jan 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Schedule 2 — Powers for Ministers in Devolved Administrations tellnono Teller
Commons16 Jan 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 7 — EU Protocol on Animal Sentience tellayeaye Teller
Commons20 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 44 — Independent Evaluation — Health and Social Care tellayeaye Teller
Commons13 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 9 — Regulations to Implement Withdrawal Agreement — Report on Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements — Veto for Devolved Administrations tellayeaye Teller
Commons6 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Schedule 2 — Powers for Scottish and Welsh Ministers to Amend Retained EU Law tellayeaye Teller
Commons4 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 11 and Schedule 3 — Power of Devolved Administrations to Amend EU Law Retained as UK Law tellnono Teller
Commons4 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 11 — Devolved Administrations — Amendment of Retained EU Law tellayeaye Teller
Commons15 Nov 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 4 — Rights to be Retained on Withdrawal — Listing in the Act tellayeaye Teller
Commons14 Nov 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 1 — Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 — Consent of Devolved Legislatures tellayeaye Teller
Commons12 Sep 2017Nomination of Members to General Committees — Proportion of Government and Opposition Members tellayeaye Teller
11 Sep 2017Became Member, Procedure Committee
Commons11 Jul 2017Air Travel Organisers' Licensing Bill — New Clause 1 — Impact of Leaving the EU on Consumer Protection Under the ATOL Scheme tellayeaye Teller
20 Jun 2017Became SNP Whip,

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

50% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
0% Asylum System - More strict
0% Cap or Reduce Public Sector Redundancy Payments
25% Decamp from Palace of Westminister During Works
17% Delegate more powers to government ministers
50% Energy Prices - More Affordable
25% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
86% European Union Integration - For
50% Excess Bedroom Benefit Reduction - Social Tenants
100% For the UK to Remain a Member of the EU
81% Further devolution to Scotland
100% Higher taxes on banks
50% Homosexuality - Equal rights
50% HS2 - In Favour
50% Incentivise Low Carbon Electricity Generation
0% Increase Air Passenger Duty
50% Increase VAT
100% Minumum Wage
100% More Emergency Service Workers
100% MPs decide if to approve a withdrawal agreeement
81% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
100% Proportional Representation Voting System - For
50% Reduce central funding for local government
0% Reduce Spending on Welfare Benefits
100% Reducing the number of MPs - for
50% Retention of Business Rates by Local Government
50% Same Sex Marriage - for
83% Stop climate change
0% Tougher on illegal immigration
100% Woman's pension age increase - slow transition

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