Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill — Recovery of housing benefit — 29 Mar 2000

I beg to move amendment No. 48, in page 85, line 23, leave out from "7(4)" to "or" in line 24 and insert--

'(or that Table as modified pursuant to regulations made under paragraph 10A(2)(a)),'.

Amendment agreed to.

I beg to move amendment No. 1, in page 3, line 1, leave out Clause 2.

Mr. Deputy Speaker:

With this it will be convenient to discuss amendment No. 77, in clause 2, page 3, line 9, at end insert--

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

I beg to move amendment No. 36, in page 8, line 23, leave out from "11," to end of line 26 and insert--

'and except in prescribed circumstances any appeal connected with it (under section 20) shall lapse.'.

Amendment agreed to.

I beg to move amendment No. 79, in page 88, line 16, leave out subsection (4), and insert--

'(4) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (3)(b)--

(a) "illness" may have such meaning as may be prescribed; and

(b) "disability" shall have the same meaning as in Section 1(1) of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995; and

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Amendment made: No. 37, in page 11, line 40, leave out ""or" and insert--

'"(or application treated as made), or'.-- [Mr. Rooker.]

Amendment made: No. 38, in page 13, line 36, after "1965" insert--

', or under Article 14 or 18(1)(b)(ii) of the Births and Deaths Registration (Northern Ireland) Order 1976'.-- [Mr. Rooker.]

I beg to move amendment No. 42, in page 79, line 1, after "tests)" insert--


Amendment agreed to.

Amendments made: No. 43, in page 79, line 8, at end insert--

Amendment made: No. 44, in page 80, line 1, leave out from beginning to end of line 8 and insert--

'(3) Except in a case falling within subsection (3A) below, the court shall refuse to hear an application under subsection (1) above unless it considers that the applicant has a sufficient personal interest in the determination of the application (but this is subject to section 27 of the Child Support Act 1991).

(3A) The excepted cases are where the declaration sought is as to whether or not--

(a) the applicant is the parent of a named person;

(b) a named person is the parent of the applicant; or

(c) a named person is the other parent of a named child of the applicant.'.-- [Mr. Rooker.]

Amendments made: No. 53, in page 128, line 6, leave out '"55A(5)"' and insert '"55A(6) or 56(4)"'.

No. 54, in page 128, line 38, leave out from "1987" to end of line 41 and insert--

'(a) in subsection (2) to be substituted for section 20(2) of the Family Law Reform Act 1969 (report to court about scientific tests), for "person responsible for" there shall be substituted "individual"; and

(b) in subsection (2A) to be inserted in section 20 of that Act (blood tests in proceedings under section 56 of the Family Law Act 1986), for "56" there shall be substituted "55A or 56".'.

No. 55, in page 129, line 24, leave out "Where" and insert "This section applies where".

No. 56, in page 129, line 37, leave out from beginning to end of line 39 and insert--

'( ) Where this section applies--

(a) if it is the person with care who makes the application, he shall be treated as having a sufficient personal interest for the purposes of subsection (3) of that section; and

(b) if it is the Secretary of State who makes the application, that subsection shall not apply.'.

No. 57, in page 129, line 43, at end insert--

' The Access to Justice Act 1999 (c.22)

. In Schedule 2 to the Access to Justice Act 1999 (services which are not to be funded as part of community legal services), in paragraph 2(3), after paragraph (d) there shall be inserted--

"(da) under section 55A of the Family Law Act 1986 (declarations of parentage),".'. -- [Mr. Rooker.]

Amendments made: No. 39, in page 14, line 22, leave out "the liable person's" and insert "his".

No. 40, in page 15, line 43, at end insert--

'( ) Where a court--

(a) makes a disqualification order;

(b) makes an order under subsection (5); or

(c) allows an appeal against a disqualification order,

it shall send notice of that fact to the Secretary of State; and the notice shall contain such particulars and be sent in such manner and to such address as the Secretary of State may determine.

( ) Where a court makes a disqualification order, it shall also send the driving licence and its counterpart, on their being produced to the court, to the Secretary of State at such address as he may determine.'.

No. 41, in page 16, line 29, leave out "40A(8)" and insert "40A(10)".-- [Mr. Rooker.]

I beg to move amendment No. 81, in page 20, line 7, at end insert--

'(9A) Where the parent with care has complied with obligations imposed by section 6 of the 1991 Act, the Secretary of State shall be legally responsible for the confidentiality of information relating to the parent with care.'.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn

Amendments made: No. 49, in page 89, line 39, at end insert--

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (c.18)

A3.--(1) The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 shall be amended as follows.

(2) In section 29 (duration of continuing financial provision orders in favour of children, and age limit on making certain orders in their favour)--

Prisoners' Earnings Act 1996 (c.33)

. In section 1 of the Prisoners' Earnings Act 1996 (power to make deductions and impose levies), in subsection (4), in paragraph (d) of the definition of "net weekly earnings", for "maintenance assessment" there shall be substituted "maintenance calculation".'.-- [Mr. Rooker.]

Brought up, and read the First time.

I beg to move, That the clause be read a Second time.

The new clause is born out of an anxiety that Liberal Democrats share about the adequacy and effectiveness of the state second pension for carers today. Many carers will never benefit from the introduction of the state second pension. The new clause deals with a specific problem that affects carers who undertake caring responsibilities, and tries to ensure that additional money is put in their pockets to improve their lives now.

Approximately 120,000 people are long-term carers, who have been caring for more than five years; 32,000 carers have been caring for more than 10 years. Many of them will not receive any benefit from the state second pension. The new clause would therefore extend the payment of invalid care allowance for eight weeks after the death of the person who is being cared for.

We are considering bereavement and the way in which we acknowledge the sensitivities around bereavement. The system presents a cliff edge for carers. One day they

29 Mar 2000 : Column 426

have a caring responsibility, the next day the state completely withdraws the benefits that they receive for caring.

Carers are among the unsung heroes of British life.

should be properly recognised and properly supported.

keep under review how financial support for carers--including Invalid Care Allowance--can best meet needs--

the system could do more to offer support for carers.

Motion and clause, by leave, withdrawn.

Brought up, and read the First time.

I beg to move, That the clause be read a Second time.

29 Mar 2000 : Column 431

How would it would affect your business if the Government go ahead with plans to pay benefits into bank accounts?

It would close us down.

Some of Whitehall's finest minds are working on the problem, while the Government is also seeking outside help to come up with the new title.

It being Ten o'clock further consideration of the Bill stood adjourned.

Motion made, and Question put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 15 (Exempted business),

That, at this day's sitting, the Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill may be proceeded with, though opposed, until any hour.-- [Mr. Kevin Hughes.]

Question agreed to.

I cannot see how many of these cash points will end up in villages. And it doesn't help with many of the lower-income people in rural areas who don't have a bank account. Post offices with these will need additional security. It may make life worse for them. The Government has failed to get to grips with problems faced by rural communities.

He is absolutely right.

Have your pension paid straight to your account.

Wherever you are you can draw your pension from any branch of your bank, building society or the post office if you have a Girobank or National Savings bank account. You don't have to make special arrangements if you are away from home for a few weeks visiting family or friends . . . And it's easier to get your pension abroad.

The key point is that someone can go to any branch of his bank, building society or the Post Office if he has a Girobank or National Savings bank account.

You can choose where to have your income support paid. We can arrange to pay your money straight into a bank or building society account. Or we can arrange for you to get your money at the post office, either by direct payment into a Girobank or National Savings bank account or by order book. Please read these notes before you decide which option you want to choose.

Payment straight into an account.

You can choose where you want your Retirement Pension to be paid. We can arrange to pay your money straight into a bank or building society account. Or we can arrange for you to get your money at the post office, either by payment straight into a GIRO account or National Savings Bank account, or in cash by order book or Payment Card.

Motion, and clause, by leave withdrawn.

I beg to move amendment No. 26, in page 61, line 6, leave out--

'Part I of the Criminal Justice Act 1991'

Amendment agreed to.

Amendment made: No. 27, in page 61, line 14, at end insert--

Amendment proposed: No. 15, in page 116, line 9, leave out paragraph (b).-- [Angela Eagle.]

We do not agree with the principle of making rates of benefit which distinguish those age 25 or over and those under 25. We consider that the consequences of the proposals could well be that some people dependent on benefits will face a choice between homelessness and living in accommodation of an unacceptably poor standard.

Under these proposals, many young people will suffer the double disadvantage of a cut in their housing benefit, leaving potentially large rent payments to be made up out of an already reduced income support level . . . Again, we share that view. We share the concern that the response of landlords is likely to be to withdraw from providing accommodation for young people.

We believe that the draconian regulations to restrict housing benefit to single people under 25 further constitutes a form of age discrimination within the means-tested benefits system, and is likely to force young people into unsuitable housing and lead to an increase in youth homelessness.--[ Official Report , 5 June 1996; Vol. 278, c. 619-23.]

Amendment agreed to.

Amendments made: No. 13, in page 67, line 16, after "discretionary" insert "housing".

No. 14, in page 67, line 33, leave out from "64" to end of line 34.-- [Angela Eagle.]

Amendment proposed: No. 78, in page 68, line 5, at end insert--

'(2) Section 175 of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 shall be amended in accordance with Schedule ( Housing Benefit (General) Amendment Regulations 1996 ).'.-- [Mr. Burstow.]

Question put, That the amendment be made:--

The House divided: Ayes 34, Noes 260.

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Clive BettsSheffield, AttercliffeLab (minister)no
Liz BlackmanErewashLabno
Hazel BlearsSalfordLabno
Bob BlizzardWaveneyLabno
David BorrowSouth RibbleLabno
Mr Keith BradleyManchester, WithingtonLab (minister)no
Mr Peter BradleyThe WrekinLabno
Russell BrownDumfriesLab (minister)no
Des BrowneKilmarnock and LoudounLabno
Karen BuckRegent's Park and Kensington NorthLabno
Richard BurdenBirmingham, NorthfieldLabno
Colin BurgonElmetLabno
Mrs Christine ButlerCastle PointLabno
Mr Dale Campbell-SavoursWorkingtonLabno
Mr Jamie CannIpswichLabno
Mr Ivor CaplinHoveLabno
Mr Roger CasaleWimbledonLabno
Martin CatonGowerLab (minister)no
Ian CawseyBrigg and GooleLabno
David ChaytorBury NorthLabno
Dr Lynda ClarkEdinburgh PentlandsLab (minister)no
Charles ClarkeNorwich SouthLab (minister)no
Tom ClarkeCoatbridge and ChrystonLabno
Mr Tony ClarkeNorthampton SouthLabno
David ClellandTyne BridgeLab (minister)no
Ann ClwydCynon ValleyLab (minister)no
Vernon CoakerGedlingLabno
Ann CoffeyStockportLabno
Harry CohenLeyton and WansteadLabno
Mr Iain ColemanHammersmith and FulhamLabno
Mr Tony ColmanPutneyLabno
Mr Robin CorbettBirmingham, ErdingtonLab (minister)no
Jeremy CorbynIslington NorthLabno
Ms Jean CorstonBristol EastLabno
Jim CousinsNewcastle upon Tyne CentralLabno
David CrausbyBolton North EastLab (minister)no
Ann CryerKeighleyLabno
John CryerHornchurchLabno
Jim CunninghamCoventry SouthLab (minister)no
Claire Curtis-ThomasCrosbyLabno
Alistair DarlingEdinburgh CentralLab (minister)no
Mr Keith DarvillUpminsterLabno
Mrs Valerie DaveyBristol WestLabno
Mr Denzil DaviesLlanelliLabno
Mr Terry DavisBirmingham, Hodge HillLabno
Mr Hilton DawsonLancaster and WyreLabno
Janet DeanBurtonLabno
Andrew DismoreHendonLabno
Brian H DonohoeCunninghame SouthLabno
Frank DoranAberdeen CentralLabno
Jim DowdLewisham WestLab (minister)tellno
David DrewStroudLab (minister)no
Angela EagleWallaseyLab (minister)no
Maria EagleLiverpool, GarstonLabno
Louise EllmanLiverpool, RiversideLabno
Jeff EnnisBarnsley East and MexboroughLabno
Bill EtheringtonSunderland NorthLabno
Frank FieldBirkenheadLabno
Caroline FlintDon ValleyLabno
Paul FlynnNewport WestLabno
Michael FosterWorcesterLabno
Michael Jabez FosterHastings and RyeLabno
Mr George FoulkesCarrick, Cumnock and Doon ValleyLab (minister)no
Mrs Maria FyfeGlasgow MaryhillLabno
Barry GardinerBrent NorthLab (minister)no
Bruce GeorgeWalsall SouthLabno
Neil GerrardWalthamstowLabno
Ian GibsonNorwich NorthLabno
Linda GilroyPlymouth, SuttonLabno
Dr Norman GodmanGreenock and InverclydeLabno
Roger GodsiffBirmingham, Sparkbrook and Small HeathLabno
Paul GogginsWythenshawe and Sale EastLabno
Mrs Eileen GordonRomfordLabno
Nigel GriffithsEdinburgh SouthLabno
Mr Win GriffithsBridgendLabno
John GroganSelbyLab (minister)no
Mike HallWeaver ValeLab (minister)no
Fabian HamiltonLeeds North EastLab (minister)no
David HansonDelynLab (minister)no
Harriet HarmanCamberwell and PeckhamLab (minister)no
Sylvia HealHalesowen and Rowley Regiswhilst Labno
Mr Ivan HendersonHarwichLabno
John HeppellNottingham EastLabno
Keith HillStreathamLab (minister)no
Mr David HinchliffeWakefieldLabno
Phil HopeCorbyLabno
Kelvin HopkinsLuton NorthLabno
George HowarthKnowsley North and Sefton EastLab (minister)no
Lindsay HoyleChorleyLabno
Beverley HughesStretford and UrmstonLab (minister)no
Mr Kevin HughesDoncaster NorthLab (minister)no
Joan HumbleBlackpool North and FleetwoodLabno
Mr Alan HurstBraintreeLabno
John HuttonBarrow and FurnessLab (minister)no
Brian IddonBolton South EastLabno
Eric IllsleyBarnsley CentralLabno
Glenda JacksonHampstead and HighgateLabno
Mrs Helen JacksonSheffield, HillsboroughLabno
Mr David JamiesonPlymouth, DevonportLab (minister)no
Brian JenkinsTamworthLabno
Alan JohnsonKingston upon Hull West and HessleLab (minister)no
Mr Barry JonesAlyn and DeesideLabno
Helen JonesWarrington NorthLab (minister)no
Lynne JonesBirmingham, Selly OakLabno
Martyn JonesClwyd SouthLabno
Sally KeebleNorthampton NorthLabno
Piara S KhabraEaling, SouthallLabno
Peter KilfoyleLiverpool, WaltonLabno
Mr Andy KingRugby and KenilworthLabno
Stephen LadymanSouth ThanetLabno
Bob LaxtonDerby NorthLabno
David LepperBrighton, PavilionLabno
Chris LeslieShipleyLabno
Tom LevittHigh PeakLabno
Ivan LewisBury SouthLabno
Mr Terry LewisWorsleyLabno
Martin LintonBatterseaLabno
Tony LloydManchester CentralLabno
Andrew LoveEdmontonLab (minister)no
Andrew MacKinlayThurrockLabno
Fiona MactaggartSloughLabno
Mrs Alice MahonHalifaxLabno
Judy MallaberAmber ValleyLabno
Dr Jim MarshallLeicester SouthLabno
Robert Marshall-AndrewsMedwayLabno
Eric MartlewCarlisleLabno
Thomas McAvoyGlasgow RutherglenLab (minister)no
Steve McCabeBirmingham, Hall GreenLab (minister)no
Chris McCaffertyCalder ValleyLabno
Siobhain McDonaghMitcham and MordenLabno
John Martin McDonnellHayes and HarlingtonLabno
Anne McGuireStirlingLab (minister)no
Shona McIsaacCleethorpesLabno
Rosemary McKennaCumbernauld and KilsythLabno
Tony McNultyHarrow EastLab (minister)no
Mr Tony McWalterHemel HempsteadLabno
Mr John McWilliamBlaydonLabno
Alan MealeMansfieldLabno
Andrew MillerEllesmere Port and NestonLabno
Julie MorganCardiff NorthLabno
Mr Rhodri MorganCardiff WestLabno
Elliot MorleyScunthorpeLab (minister)no
Kali MountfordColne ValleyLabno
Chris MullinSunderland SouthLab (minister)no
Denis MurphyWansbeckLabno
Paul MurphyTorfaenLab (minister)no
Doug NaysmithBristol North WestLabno
Dan NorrisWansdykeLabno
Mike O'BrienNorth WarwickshireLab (minister)no
Edward O'HaraKnowsley SouthLabno
Mr Martin O'NeillOchilLab (minister)no
Ian PearsonDudley SouthLabno
Mr Tom PendryStalybridge and HydeLabno
Ms Linda PerhamIlford NorthLabno
Mr Colin PickthallWest LancashireLabno
James PlaskittWarwick and LeamingtonLabno
Mr Kerry PollardSt AlbansLabno
Mr Chris PondGraveshamLabno
Greg PopeHyndburnLab (minister)no
Steve PoundEaling NorthLab (minister)no
Gordon PrenticePendleLabno
John PrescottKingston upon Hull EastLab (minister)no
Dawn PrimaroloBristol SouthLab (minister)no
Gwyn ProsserDoverLabno
Mr Lawrie QuinnScarborough and WhitbyLabno
Mr Giles RadiceNorth DurhamLab (minister)no
Mr Syd RapsonPortsmouth NorthLabno
Nick RaynsfordGreenwich and WoolwichLab (minister)no
Andy ReedLoughboroughLabno
John ReidHamilton North and BellshillLab (minister)no
Mrs Barbara RocheHornsey and Wood GreenLab (minister)no
Mr Jeff RookerBirmingham, Perry BarrLab (minister)no
Terry RooneyBradford NorthLabno
Mr Ernie RossDundee WestLabno
Mr Ted RowlandsMerthyr Tydfil and RhymneyLab (minister)no
Frank RoyMotherwell and WishawLabno
Chris RuaneVale of ClwydLab (minister)no
Joan RuddockLewisham, DeptfordLabno
Joan RyanEnfield NorthLabno
Mohammad SarwarGlasgow GovanLabno
Mr Malcolm SavidgeAberdeen NorthLabno
Mr Phil SawfordKetteringLabno
Mr Brian SedgemoreHackney South and ShoreditchLabno
Jonathan R ShawChatham and AylesfordLabno
Clare ShortBirmingham, LadywoodLab (minister)no
Alan SimpsonNottingham SouthLabno
Marsha SinghBradford WestLabno
Dennis SkinnerBolsoverLab (minister)no
Andrew SmithOxford EastLab (minister)no
Angela SmithBasildonLabno
Geraldine SmithMorecambe and LunesdaleLabno
Jacqui SmithRedditchLab (minister)no
John SmithVale of GlamorganLabno
Mr Llew SmithBlaenau GwentLabno
Mr Peter SnapeWest Bromwich EastLabno
Mr Clive SoleyEaling, Acton and Shepherd's BushLab (minister)no
Helen SouthworthWarrington SouthLabno
John SpellarWarleyLab (minister)no
Rachel SquireDunfermline WestLabno
Phyllis StarkeyMilton Keynes South WestLabno
Mr Gerry SteinbergCity of DurhamLabno
Mr George StevensonStoke-on-Trent SouthLabno
Mr David StewartInverness East, Nairn and LochaberLabno
Ian StewartEcclesLabno
Howard StoateDartfordLabno
Gavin StrangEdinburgh East and MusselburghLabno
Graham StringerManchester, BlackleyLab (minister)no
Gisela StuartBirmingham, EdgbastonLab (minister)no
Gerry SutcliffeBradford SouthLab (minister)no
Mrs Ann TaylorDewsburyLab (minister)no
Dari TaylorStockton SouthLabno
David TaylorNorth West LeicestershireLabno
Mr Peter Temple-MorrisLeominsterwhilst Labno
Mr Gareth ThomasClwyd WestLabno
Paddy TippingSherwoodLab (minister)no
Mark ToddSouth DerbyshireLabno
Don TouhigIslwynLab (minister)no
Jon TrickettHemsworthLabno
Paul TruswellPudseyLabno
Mr Dennis TurnerWolverhampton South EastLab (minister)no
Desmond TurnerBrighton, KemptownLabno
Dr George TurnerNorth West NorfolkLabno
Neil TurnerWiganLabno
Derek TwiggHaltonLabno
Mr Bill TynanHamilton SouthLabno
Rudi VisFinchley and Golders GreenLabno
Joan WalleyStoke-on-Trent NorthLab (minister)no
Robert WareingLiverpool, West DerbyLabno
Dave WattsSt Helens NorthLabno
Mr Brian WhiteNorth East Milton KeynesLabno
Alan WhiteheadSouthampton, TestLabno
Dr Alan WilliamsCarmarthen East and DinefwrLabno
Alan WilliamsSwansea WestLabno
Betty WilliamsConwyLabno
David WinnickWalsall NorthLab (minister)no
Rosie WintertonDoncaster CentralLabno
Mike WoodBatley and SpenLabno
Shaun WoodwardWitneywhilst Labno
Phil WoolasOldham East and SaddleworthLabno
Mr Tony WorthingtonClydebank and MilngavieLabno
Mr Jimmy WrayGlasgow BailliestonLabno
Anthony D WrightGreat YarmouthLabno
Tony WrightCannock ChaseLabno
Mr Richard AllanSheffield, HallamLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Paddy AshdownYeovilLDemaye
Norman BakerLewesLDem (front bench)aye
Mrs Jackie BallardTauntonLDemaye
Alan BeithBerwick-upon-TweedLDem (front bench)aye
Tom BrakeCarshalton and WallingtonLDem (front bench)aye
Dr Peter BrandIsle of WightLDemaye
Malcolm BruceGordonLDemaye
Mr John BurnettTorridge and West DevonLDemaye
Paul BurstowSutton and CheamLDem (front bench)aye
Menzies CampbellNorth East FifeLDem (front bench)aye
Mr David ChidgeyEastleighLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Brian CotterWeston-Super-MareLDem (front bench)aye
Edward DaveyKingston and SurbitonLDem (front bench)aye
Don FosterBathLDem (front bench)tellaye
Andrew GeorgeSt IvesLDem (front bench)tellaye
Evan HarrisOxford West and AbingdonLDemaye
David HeathSomerton and FromeLDem (front bench)aye
Simon HughesNorth Southwark and BermondseyLDem (front bench)aye
Paul KeetchHerefordLDemaye
Charles KennedyRoss, Skye and Inverness WestLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Archy KirkwoodRoxburgh and BerwickshireLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Richard LivseyBrecon and RadnorshireLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Robert MaclennanCaithness, Sutherland and Easter RossLDemaye
Michael MooreTweeddale, Ettrick and LauderdaleLDem (front bench)aye
Lembit ÖpikMontgomeryshireLDemaye
Mr David RendelNewburyLDemaye
Bob RussellColchesterLDem (front bench)aye
Adrian SandersTorbayLDem (front bench)aye
Robert SmithWest Aberdeenshire and KincardineLDem (front bench)aye
Andrew StunellHazel GroveLDem (front bench)aye
Dr Jenny TongeRichmond ParkLDemaye
Mr Paul TylerNorth CornwallLDemaye
Steve WebbNorthavonLDem (front bench)aye
Mr Simon ThomasCeredigionPCaye
Alasdair MorganGalloway and Upper NithsdaleSNPaye
Mr Roy BeggsEast AntrimUUPno

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