Finance (No. 2) Bill — Repeals — 1 Jul 1998

Not amended (in the Committee) and as amended (in the Standing Committee), further considered.

I beg to move amendment No. 48, in page 3, line 43, leave out £0.4499 and insert £0.4358'.

It was noted at the time of the Budget that the Government were using road fuel tax simply as a way of raising extra revenue without any genuine environmental reasons. To do that, they increased the annual escalator, or rate of increase, to at least 6 per cent. above the rate of inflation. By bringing forward the increases by the earlier dates of their Budgets, the Government have further added to the burdens on the motorist. The House of Commons Library has confirmed that at the present rate an extra £9 billion will be extracted from motorists over the life of the Parliament. That is over and above the inherited pattern of increases from the previous Government.

Most disturbing, the Government have singled out diesel for especially high increases. Diesel is the fuel of industry, so increasing the fuel tax in the way proposed is inflationary because the price of all goods is affected. It is also uncompetitive because it will widen the gap with the continent. It is anti-environmental because firms, especially small ones, will be less able to invest in new engines and fuel monitoring systems. After those two increases, which have already taken effect, under this Government, diesel in the United Kingdom is 70 per cent. more expensive than in the European Union on average. That gap is set to widen. The beneficiaries will be foreign haulage firms whose lorries will arrive in this country with cheap fuel in their tanks and take business from British haulage firms and jobs from British truck drivers. Another beneficiary will be the French Treasury, because British lorries travelling to the continent will fill their tanks with cheap French diesel.

The amendment cuts the increase to the rate that applied until the election. We want the Government to revert to the previous increase rate, so that the £9 billion hit on British motorists will disappear. The Government's policy is short-sighted, damaging to employment and bad for business, and we should like them, even at this late stage, to change it.

Mr. Christopher Leslie (Shipley):

I listened with interest to the right hon. Member for Wells(Mr. Heathcoat-Amory). I, too, consulted the Library and was told that the financial implications of his amendment would be £180 million-plus a year, especially for1999-2000--indexed, of course.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn .

I beg to move amendment No. 19, in page 5, leave out lines 35 to 40 and insert--


Amendment agreed to .

Amendments made: No. 1, in page 26, line 25, leave out from 'used' to end of line 26 and insert

'in a designated country or territory either for medical purposes or by an educational establishment in that country or territory.'.

No. 2, in page 27, line 35, leave out 'and'.

No. 3, in page 27, line 37, at end insert


"medical purposes" includes medical research and the promotion of health.'.-- [Dawn Primarolo.]

I beg to move amendment No. 15, in page 35, line 27, leave out 'or securities'.

This is a very simple amendment, the purpose of which is to remove from clause 51 two unnecessary words. Under the clause, employees who receive shares that subsequently convert to shares of another class pay income tax on the value of the new class of shares, less anything that they paid when they first received the shares. The amendment will simply ensure that employees who receive such shares are fairly taxed and closes a potential tax avoidance opportunity.

Convertible securities do not present the same problems and are therefore excluded from the scope of the clause. However, there is a reference to convertible shares or securities in one subsection of the clause. Although the reference to securities does not in any way change the effect of the clause, it might lead to some confusion. We have therefore decided to remove the two unnecessary words.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendments made: No. 4, in page 60, line 12, leave out

'(5) The preceding provisions of this section'

and insert--

'(4A) In paragraph 8(1) of Schedule 28B to that Act (requirement as to capital of the relevant company), for "£10 million" and "£11 million" there shall be substituted, respectively, "£15 million" and "£16 million".

(5) Subsections (1) to (4) above'.

No. 5, in page 60, line 14, at end insert

'; and subsection (4A) above has effect in relation to relevant holdings issued on or after that date.'.-- [Dawn Primarolo.]

Amendments made: No. 20, in page 60, line 40, leave out from beginning to 'there' in line 41 and insert--

'(3) In paragraph (b) of subsection (4) of that section (power to provide for persons to be liable to account for tax wrongly relieved)--

(a) after "Board" there shall be inserted "either--



(b) after "it" there shall be inserted "or

(ii) for an amount determined in accordance with the regulations to be the amount which is to be taken to represent such tax;".

(4) In paragraph (c) of that subsection (adaptation and modification of enactments to secure tax accounted for), in sub-paragraph (iii) after "tax" there shall be inserted "and other amounts".

(5) After that paragraph'.

No. 21, in page 61, line 6, after 'above;' insert--

'(cc) that an investor under a plan or a plan manager is, in prescribed cases where relief has been given to which there was no entitlement, to be liable to a penalty of a prescribed amount, instead of to any obligation to account as mentioned in paragraph (b) or (cb) above;

(cd) that liabilities equivalent to any of those which, by virtue of any of the preceding paragraphs of this subsection, may be imposed in cases where relief has been given to which there was no entitlement are to arise (in place of the liabilities to tax otherwise arising) in other cases where, in relation to any plan--

(i) a prescribed contravention of, or failure to comply with, the regulations, or

(ii) the existence of such other circumstances as may be prescribed,

would have the effect (subject to the provision made by virtue of this paragraph) of excluding or limiting an entitlement to relief;'.

No. 22, in page 61, line 6, at end insert--

'(6) In section 151(2) of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (application of subsections (2) to (5) of section 333 of the Taxes Act 1988 to relief from capital gains tax in respect of investments under plans), for "(2)" there shall be substituted "(1A)".'.-- [Dawn Primarolo.]

Amendments made: No. 23, in page 63, line 9, leave out 'of the provisions of' and insert

'provision made by or under'.

No. 24, in page 63, line 13, at end insert--

'(7A) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by subsection (7) above, the provision that may be made in connection with an exemption from tax conferred by virtue of subsection (1) above shall include provision for section 436 to apply (with any such modifications as may be prescribed) in relation to section 333 business as it applies in relation to pension business.'.-- [Dawn Primarolo.]

Amendments made: No. 9, in page 67, line 7, at end insert--

'(1A) Section 797 (limits on credit: corporation tax) and section 797A (foreign tax on interest brought into account as a non-trading credit) of the Taxes Act 1988 are amended as follows--

(a) in section 797(3B)(b), omit "or in accordance with subsection (3) of that section";

(b) in section 797A(5), at the end of paragraph (a) insert the word "and" and omit paragraph (c) and the word "and" preceding it;

(c) at the end of section 797A(5), insert--

Amendments made: No. 25, in page 67, line 26, leave out

'subsection (3C) of that section'

and insert

'the subsection (3CC) of that section inserted by section (First-year allowances for investment in Northern Ireland) above.'.

No. 26, in page 67, line 38, leave out from beginning to end of line 3 on page 68.-- [Dawn Primarolo.]

I beg to move amendment No. 42, in page 108, line 40, at end insert--

'(4A) The total amount of taper relief which can be claimed in accordance with this section by any one taxpayer in any one tax year shall be limited to £5 million.'.

Question , That the amendment be made, put and negatived .

Amendments made: No. 61, in page 156, line 7, at end insert--

'Section 109 of the Taxes Management Act 1970

5A.--(1) Section 109 of the Taxes Management Act 1970 (corporation tax on close company in connection with loans to participators etc) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (3A) (interest under section 87A on so much of tax under section 419 of Taxes Act 1988 as is referable to amount of loan or advance repaid shall not be payable in respect of any period after repayment made)--

(a) after "If" there shall be inserted "(a)";

(b) after "principal Act," there shall be inserted "or

(b) there is such a release or writing off of the whole or any part of the debt in respect of a loan or advance as is referred to in that subsection,";

(c) after "amount repaid" there shall be inserted ", released or written off"; and

(d) after "the repayment was made" there shall be inserted "or the release or writing off occurred".

(3) This paragraph has effect in relation to the release or writing off of the whole or part of a debt on or after 6th April 1999.'.

No. 62, in page 160, line 13, leave out second 'and'.

No. 63, in page 160, line 16, at end insert


(c) after "the repayment is made" there shall be inserted "or the release or writing off occurs".'.

No. 64, in page 160, line 17, leave out from '(4))' to 'there' in line 18 and insert--

'(a) after "Where" there shall be inserted "(a)";

(b) after "that loan or advance," there shall be inserted "or

(b) the release or writing off of the whole or any part of the debt in respect of a loan or advance occurs on or after the day on which tax by virtue of this section becomes due in relation to that loan or advance,"; and

(c) after "repayment", in the second and third places where it occurs,'.-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

Amendments made: No. 6, in page 216, line 25, leave out '£10 million' and insert '£15 million'.

No. 7, in page 216, line 27, leave out '£11 million' and insert '£16 million'.

No. 8, in page 234, line 5, at end insert--

'() provides a benefit or facility for the individual;'.-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

No. 18, in page 259, line 32, leave out

'paragraph 5(3) above is satisfied'

and insert

'sub-paragraph (3) of paragraph 5 above either--

(i) is satisfied, or

(ii) were any such exemption as is mentioned in paragraph (b) of that sub-paragraph to be disregarded, would be satisfied.'.-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

Amendments made: No. 29, in page 297, leave out lines 23 to 49 and insert--

'Claims that cannot be made without a return

9.--(1) No claim to which this paragraph applies may be made by a company before it delivers a company tax return for the period to which the claim relates.

(2) This paragraph applies to a claim by a company for any repayment of income tax called for by virtue of--

(a) section 6(2) of the Taxes Act 1988 (exclusion of income tax charge in case of UK resident company or income within chargeable profits for corporation tax), or

(b) exemptions from income tax conferred by the Corporation Tax Acts.

(3) This paragraph applies to a claim by a company for payment of a tax credit, unless--

(a) the company is wholly exempt from corporation tax or is only not so exempt in respect of trading income, and

(b) the tax credit is not one in respect of which a payment on account may be claimed by the company under Schedule 19AB to the Taxes Act 1988 (pension business).

Other claims and elections to be included in return

10.--(1) In Part VII of this Schedule (general provisions as to claims and elections) paragraphs 57 to 57B contain provisions as to the circumstances in which a claim or election may or must be made, or is to be treated as having been made, in a company tax return.

(2) A claim to which Part VIII or IX of this Schedule applies (claims for group relief or capital allowances) can only be made by being included in a company tax return (see paragraphs 64 and 76).'.

No. 30, in page 314, leave out lines 34 to 37, and insert--

'Claims or elections affecting a single accounting period

57.--(1) This paragraph applies to a claim or election for tax purposes which affects only one accounting period ("the relevant accounting period").

(2) If notice has been given under paragraph 3 requiring a company to deliver a company tax return for the relevant accounting period, a claim or election by the company which can be made by being included in the return (as originally made or by amendment) must be so made.

(3) If a company has delivered a company tax return for the relevant accounting period, a claim or election made by the company which could be made by amending the return is treated as an amendment of the return.

The provisions of paragraph 15 (amendment of return by company) apply.

(4) Schedule 1A to the Taxes Management Act 1970 (claims and elections not included in returns) applies to a claim or election made by a company which cannot be included in a company tax return for the relevant accounting period.

No. 34, in page 324, line 2, at end insert--

'Conclusiveness of amounts stated in return

84A.--(1) This paragraph applies to an amount stated in a company tax return for an accounting period which is required to be included in the return and which affects or may affect--

(a) the tax payable by the company making the return for another accounting period, or

(b) the tax liability of another company for any accounting period.

(2) If such an amount can no longer be altered it is taken to be conclusively determined for the purposes of the Corporation Tax Acts in relation to that other period or other company.

Sub-paragraphs (3) to (5) explain what is meant by "can no longer be altered".

(3) An amount is regarded as one that can no longer be altered if--

(a) the period specified in paragraph 15(4) (general period for amendment by company) has ended,

(b) any enquiry into the return has been completed and the period specified in paragraph 34(1) (period for amendment by company after enquiry) has ended,

(c) if the Inland Revenue amend the return under paragraph 34(2), the period within which an appeal may be brought against that amendment has ended, and

(d) if an appeal is brought, the appeal has been finally determined.

(4) If the return is amended by the company under a provision that allows an amendment after the end of the period specified in paragraph 15(4), an amount affected by the amendment ceases to be regarded as one that can no longer be altered until after whichever is the last of the following--

(a) the end of the period within which notice of enquiry into the return may be given in consequence of the amendment;

(b) if such a notice is given, the end of the period specified in paragraph 34(1);

(c) if the Inland Revenue amend the return under paragraph 34(2), the end of the period within which an appeal against that amendment may be brought;

(d) if an appeal is brought, the date on which the appeal is finally determined.

(5) If the return is amended by the Inland Revenue under paragraph 80(3) (consequential amendment of return where amount available by way of capital allowances is reduced), an amount affected by the amendment ceases to be regarded as one that can no longer be altered until after--

(a) the end of the period within which an appeal against that amendment may be brought, or

(b) if an appeal is brought, the date on which the appeal is finally determined.

(6) For the purposes of this paragraph an amount carried forward from a period for which a return was made under section 11 of the Taxes Management Act 1970 is not regarded as one required to be included in a company tax return for a later period.

(7) Nothing in this paragraph affects any power to make an assessment other than a self-assessment or the power to make a discovery determination.'.-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

No. 36, in page 335, line 40, at end insert--

'(4) After subsection (4A) insert--

"(4B) Schedule 1A to the Taxes Management Act 1970 (claims and elections not included in return) applies to a claim for relief under subsection (4) above unless--

(a) the claim is included (by amendment or otherwise) in the return for the period in which the loan or advance was made, and

(b) the relief may be given at the time the claim is made.".'.

No. 37, in page 336, line 36, leave out from 'Paragraphs' to 'do' in line 38 and insert

'57 to 57C of Schedule 18 to the Finance Act 1998 (general provisions as to procedure on claims and elections)'.

No. 38, in page 336, line 40, leave out '9(1)' and insert '9(2)'.

No. 39, in page 337, line 24, leave out '9(1)' and insert '9(2)'.-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

Amendments made: No. 41, in page 385, line 27, column 3, leave out '589(9A)' and insert '589A(9A)'.

No. 14, in page 392, line 12, in column 3 at the beginning insert--

'In section 797(3B)(b), the words "or in accordance with subsection (3) of that section".

In section 797A(5), paragraph (c) and the word "and" preceding it.'.

No. 27, in page 392, line 20, at end insert--

'1990 c. 1. The Capital Allowances Act 1990. Section 76(3).'.

No. 28, in page 392, line 23, leave out 'This repeal' and insert--

'1. The repeal of section 76(3) of the Capital Allowances Act 1990 has effect in relation to every chargeable period ending on or after 12th May 1998.

2. The repeal of section 42(6) and (7) of the Finance (No. 2) Act 1997'.

No. 40, in page 398, line 30, column 3, at end insert--

'In section 419(4), the words "by discharge or repayment".'.

-- [Mr. Geoffrey Robinson.]

Order for Third Reading read.

I beg to move, That the Bill be now read the Third time.

This is the second Finance Bill of the Parliament. It continues the process, which the Labour Government started on their election in 1997, of modernising the British economy, with the objective of raising the sustainable rate of long-term growth and ensuring that everyone has a share in rising prosperity. The Bill implements the second Budget of my right hon. Friend

1 Jul 1998 : Column 385

the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The aim of the Budget is to turn ambition into achievement, encourage work, promote enterprise and support families.

Question put , That the Bill be now read the Third time:-

The House divided: Ayes 308, Noes 171.

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James PaiceSouth East CambridgeshireCon (front bench)no
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Mr David PriorNorth NorfolkConno
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Laurence RobertsonTewkesburyCon (front bench)no
Mrs Marion RoeBroxbourneConno
Mr Andrew RoweFaversham and Mid KentConno
David RuffleyBury St EdmundsCon (front bench)no
Mrs Gillian ShephardSouth West NorfolkCon (front bench)no
Richard ShepherdAldridge-BrownhillsCon (front bench)no
Keith SimpsonMid NorfolkCon (front bench)no
Nicholas SoamesMid SussexConno
Caroline SpelmanMeridenCon (front bench)no
Michael SpicerWest WorcestershireCon (front bench)no
Mr Nick St AubynGuildfordConno
John StanleyTonbridge and MallingCon (front bench)no
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Desmond SwayneNew Forest WestCon (front bench)no
Robert SymsPooleCon (front bench)no
Peter TapsellLouth and HorncastleConno
Mr John TaylorSolihullConno
Mr Teddy TaylorRochford and Southend EastConno
Mr John TownendEast YorkshireConno
Mr Michael TrendWindsorConno
Andrew TyrieChichesterCon (front bench)no
Robert WalterNorth DorsetCon (front bench)no
Charles WardleBexhill and Battlewhilst Conno
Nigel WatersonEastbourneContellno
Mr Bowen WellsHertford and StortfordConno
John WhittingdaleMaldon and East ChelmsfordCon (front bench)no
Mr John WilkinsonRuislip - NorthwoodConno
David WillettsHavantCon (front bench)no
David WilshireSpelthorneConno
Ann WintertonCongletonConno
Nicholas WintertonMacclesfieldConno
Shaun WoodwardWitneywhilst Con (front bench)no
Tim YeoSouth SuffolkCon (front bench)no
Peter AinsworthEast SurreyConabsent
Tony BaldryBanburyCon (front bench)absent
Crispin BluntReigateConabsent
Mrs Virginia BottomleySouth West SurreyCon (front bench)absent
John ButterfillBournemouth WestConabsent
Bill CashStoneCon (front bench)absent
Christopher ChopeChristchurchCon (front bench)absent
Dr Michael ClarkRayleighConabsent
Kenneth ClarkeRushcliffeConabsent
Mr Michael ColvinRomseyConabsent
Patrick CormackSouth StaffordshireCon (front bench)absent
David CurrySkipton and RiponConabsent
Quentin DaviesGrantham and StamfordCon (front bench)absent
Alan DuncanRutland and MeltonCon (front bench)absent
Sir Peter EmeryEast DevonConabsent
Michael FabricantLichfieldCon (front bench)absent
Mr Norman FowlerSutton ColdfieldCon (front bench)absent
Roger GaleNorth ThanetCon (front bench)absent
Dame Cheryl GillanChesham and AmershamCon (front bench)absent
Mr Alastair GoodladEddisburyCon (front bench)absent
John GummerSuffolk CoastalConabsent
William HagueRichmond (Yorks)Con (front bench)absent
Philip HammondRunnymede and WeybridgeCon (front bench)absent
Mr Edward HeathOld Bexley and SidcupConabsent
Mr Michael HeseltineHenleyConabsent
Michael HowardFolkestone and HytheCon (front bench)absent
Gerald HowarthAldershotCon (front bench)absent
Mr Tom KingBridgwaterCon (front bench)absent
Peter LilleyHitchin and HarpendenCon (front bench)absent
Sir Nicholas LyellNorth East BedfordshireCon (front bench)absent
Mr John MajorHuntingdonConabsent
Michael MatesEast HampshireConabsent
Anne McIntoshVale of YorkConabsent
Mr Jonathan SayeedMid BedfordshireConabsent
Richard SpringWest SuffolkConabsent
Anthony SteenTotnesConabsent
Ian TaylorEsher and WaltonConabsent
David TredinnickBosworthCon (front bench)absent
Peter ViggersGosportConabsent
Sir Ray WhitneyWycombeConabsent
Ann WiddecombeMaidstone and The WealdConabsent
George YoungNorth West HampshireCon (front bench)absent
Alan HaselhurstSaffron WaldenDeputy Speaker (front bench)absent
Michael LordCentral Suffolk and North IpswichDeputy Speaker (front bench)absent
Michael MartinGlasgow Springburnwhilst Deputy Speaker (front bench)absent
Ian PaisleyNorth AntrimDUP (front bench)absent
Peter RobinsonBelfast EastDUPabsent
Mr Martin BellTattonIndependentabsent
Mrs Irene AdamsPaisley NorthLab (minister)aye
Nick AingerCarmarthen West and South PembrokeshireLabaye
Bob AinsworthCoventry North EastLab (minister)aye
Douglas AlexanderPaisley SouthLabaye
Graham AllenNottingham NorthLab (minister)aye
Mr Donald AndersonSwansea EastLab (minister)aye
Janet AndersonRossendale and DarwenLab (minister)aye
Hilary ArmstrongNorth West DurhamLab (minister)aye
Mr Joe AshtonBassetlawLabaye
Charlotte AtkinsStaffordshire MoorlandsLabaye
John AustinErith and ThamesmeadLabaye
Mr Tony BanksWest HamLab (minister)aye
John BattleLeeds WestLab (minister)aye
Hugh BayleyCity of YorkLab (minister)aye
Mr Nigel BeardBexleyheath and CrayfordLabaye
Margaret BeckettDerby SouthLab (minister)aye
Mr Tony BennChesterfieldLabaye
Mr Andrew BennettDenton and ReddishLabaye
Mr Gerry BerminghamSt Helens SouthLabaye
Roger BerryKingswoodLabaye
Clive BettsSheffield, AttercliffeLab (minister)aye
Liz BlackmanErewashLabaye
Hazel BlearsSalfordLabaye
Bob BlizzardWaveneyLabaye
David BlunkettSheffield, BrightsideLab (minister)aye
Mr Paul BoatengBrent SouthLab (minister)aye
David BorrowSouth RibbleLabaye
Mr Keith BradleyManchester, WithingtonLab (minister)aye
Mr Peter BradleyThe WrekinLabaye
Nick BrownNewcastle upon Tyne East and WallsendLab (minister)aye
Russell BrownDumfriesLab (minister)aye
Des BrowneKilmarnock and LoudounLab (minister)aye
Karen BuckRegent's Park and Kensington NorthLab (minister)aye
Richard BurdenBirmingham, NorthfieldLabaye
Colin BurgonElmetLabaye
Stephen ByersNorth TynesideLab (minister)aye
Alan CampbellTynemouthLab (minister)aye
Mrs Anne CampbellCambridgeLabaye
Dennis CanavanFalkirk Westwhilst Labaye
Mr Jamie CannIpswichLabaye
Ian CawseyBrigg and GooleLabaye
Ben ChapmanWirral SouthLabaye
David ChaytorBury NorthLabaye
Malcolm ChisholmEdinburgh North and LeithLabaye
Ms Judith ChurchDagenhamLabaye
Michael ClaphamBarnsley West and PenistoneLabaye
Dr David ClarkSouth ShieldsLab (minister)aye
Ms Helen ClarkPeterboroughLabaye
Dr Lynda ClarkEdinburgh PentlandsLab (minister)aye
Paul ClarkGillinghamLabaye
Charles ClarkeNorwich SouthLabaye
Mr Tony ClarkeNorthampton SouthLabaye
David ClellandTyne BridgeLab (minister)aye
Ann ClwydCynon ValleyLab (minister)aye
Ann CoffeyStockportLabaye
Harry CohenLeyton and WansteadLabaye
Mr Iain ColemanHammersmith and FulhamLabaye
Mr Tony ColmanPutneyLabaye
Michael ConnartyFalkirk EastLabaye
Frank CookStockton NorthLabaye
Jeremy CorbynIslington NorthLabaye
Ms Jean CorstonBristol EastLabaye
Jim CousinsNewcastle upon Tyne CentralLabaye
Professor Ross CranstonDudley NorthLabaye
David CrausbyBolton North EastLab (minister)aye
John CummingsEasingtonLabaye
Jim CunninghamCoventry SouthLab (minister)aye
Mr Tam DalyellLinlithgowLabaye
Alistair DarlingEdinburgh CentralLab (minister)aye
Mr Keith DarvillUpminsterLabaye
Mrs Valerie DaveyBristol WestLabaye
Ian DavidsonGlasgow PollokLab (minister)aye
Mr Denzil DaviesLlanelliLabaye
Mr Ron DaviesCaerphillyLab (minister)aye
Mr Terry DavisBirmingham, Hodge HillLabaye
Mr Hilton DawsonLancaster and WyreLabaye
Janet DeanBurtonLabaye
John DenhamSouthampton, ItchenLab (minister)aye
Donald DewarGlasgow AnnieslandLab (minister)aye
Jim DobbinHeywood and MiddletonLabaye
Frank DobsonHolborn and St PancrasLab (minister)aye
Brian H DonohoeCunninghame SouthLab (minister)aye
Frank DoranAberdeen CentralLabaye
Jim DowdLewisham WestLab (minister)aye
David DrewStroudLab (minister)aye
Mr Huw EdwardsMonmouthLabaye
Louise EllmanLiverpool, RiversideLab (minister)aye
Jeff EnnisBarnsley East and MexboroughLabaye
Bill EtheringtonSunderland NorthLabaye
Frank FieldBirkenheadLab (minister)aye
Mark FisherStoke-on-Trent CentralLab (minister)aye
Caroline FlintDon ValleyLab (minister)aye
Paul FlynnNewport WestLabaye
Barbara FollettStevenageLabaye
Mr Derek FosterBishop AucklandLab (minister)aye
Michael FosterWorcesterLabaye
Michael Jabez FosterHastings and RyeLabaye
Sam GalbraithStrathkelvin and BearsdenLab (minister)aye
George GallowayGlasgow KelvinLabaye
Barry GardinerBrent NorthLab (minister)aye
Bruce GeorgeWalsall SouthLabaye
Ian GibsonNorwich NorthLabaye
Linda GilroyPlymouth, SuttonLabaye
Dr Norman GodmanGreenock and InverclydeLabaye
Paul GogginsWythenshawe and Sale EastLabaye
Mrs Llin GoldingNewcastle-under-LymeLab (minister)aye
Mrs Eileen GordonRomfordLabaye
Ms Jane GriffithsReading EastLabaye
Nigel GriffithsEdinburgh SouthLab (minister)aye
Mr Win GriffithsBridgendLab (minister)aye
Mr Bruce GrocottTelfordLabaye
John GroganSelbyLab (minister)aye
Mr John GunnellMorley and RothwellLabaye
Peter HainNeathLab (minister)aye
Mike HallWeaver ValeLabaye
Patrick HallBedfordLabaye
Fabian HamiltonLeeds North EastLab (minister)aye
David HansonDelynLabaye
Harriet HarmanCamberwell and PeckhamLab (minister)aye
Sylvia HealHalesowen and Rowley Regiswhilst Labaye
Doug HendersonNewcastle upon Tyne NorthLab (minister)aye
John HeppellNottingham EastLabaye
Patricia HewittLeicester WestLabaye
Keith HillStreathamLabaye
Mr David HinchliffeWakefieldLabaye
Margaret HodgeBarkingLab (minister)aye
Kate HoeyVauxhallLabaye
John Home RobertsonEast LothianLabaye
Geoff HoonAshfieldLab (minister)aye
Phil HopeCorbyLabaye
Mr Alan HowarthNewport EastLab (minister)aye
George HowarthKnowsley North and Sefton EastLab (minister)aye
Lindsay HoyleChorleyLab (minister)aye
Beverley HughesStretford and UrmstonLab (minister)aye
Mr Kevin HughesDoncaster NorthLab (minister)aye
Joan HumbleBlackpool North and FleetwoodLabaye
John HuttonBarrow and FurnessLabaye
Brian IddonBolton South EastLabaye
Eric IllsleyBarnsley CentralLabaye
Glenda JacksonHampstead and HighgateLab (minister)aye
Mrs Helen JacksonSheffield, HillsboroughLabaye
Mr David JamiesonPlymouth, DevonportLab (minister)aye
Brian JenkinsTamworthLabaye
Miss Melanie JohnsonWelwyn HatfieldLabaye
Fiona JonesNewarkLabaye
Helen JonesWarrington NorthLab (minister)aye
Mr Jon Owen JonesCardiff CentralLab (minister)aye
Lynne JonesBirmingham, Selly OakLabaye
Martyn JonesClwyd SouthLabaye
Tessa JowellDulwich and West NorwoodLab (minister)aye
Gerald KaufmanManchester, GortonLab (minister)aye
Sally KeebleNorthampton NorthLabaye
Alan KeenFeltham and HestonLabaye
Ann KeenBrentford and IsleworthLabaye
Jane KennedyLiverpool, WavertreeLab (minister)aye
Piara S KhabraEaling, SouthallLabaye
David KidneyStaffordLabaye
Peter KilfoyleLiverpool, WaltonLab (minister)aye
Mr Andy KingRugby and KenilworthLabaye
Ms Oona KingBethnal Green and BowLab (minister)aye
Stephen LadymanSouth ThanetLabaye
Mrs Jackie LawrencePreseli PembrokeshireLabaye
Bob LaxtonDerby NorthLabaye
David LepperBrighton, PavilionLabaye
Chris LeslieShipleyLab (minister)aye
Mr Terry LewisWorsleyLabaye
Mrs Helen LiddellAirdrie and ShottsLab (minister)aye
Martin LintonBatterseaLabaye
Ken LivingstoneBrent Eastwhilst Labaye
Tony LloydManchester CentralLab (minister)aye
Mr David LockWyre ForestLabaye
Andrew LoveEdmontonLab (minister)aye
Mr Calum MacDonaldNa h-Eileanan an IarLab (minister)aye
Andrew MacKinlayThurrockLabaye
Denis MacShaneRotherhamLabaye
Fiona MactaggartSloughLabaye
Mrs Alice MahonHalifaxLabaye
Judy MallaberAmber ValleyLabaye
Mr Peter MandelsonHartlepoolLab (minister)aye
Gordon MarsdenBlackpool SouthLab (minister)aye
Mr Paul MarsdenShrewsbury and AtchamLabaye
David MarshallGlasgow ShettlestonLabaye
Robert Marshall-AndrewsMedwayLabaye
Eric MartlewCarlisleLabaye
John McAllionDundee EastLabaye
Thomas McAvoyGlasgow RutherglenLab (minister)aye
Steve McCabeBirmingham, Hall GreenLab (minister)aye
Chris McCaffertyCalder ValleyLabaye
Ian McCartneyMakerfieldLab (minister)aye
Siobhain McDonaghMitcham and MordenLabaye
John Martin McDonnellHayes and HarlingtonLabaye
John McFallDumbartonLab (minister)tellaye
Anne McGuireStirlingLabaye
Shona McIsaacCleethorpesLabaye
Rosemary McKennaCumbernauld and KilsythLabaye
Henry McLeishCentral FifeLab (minister)aye
Tony McNultyHarrow EastLabaye
Alan MealeMansfieldLabaye
Gillian MerronLincolnLabaye
Alun MichaelCardiff South and PenarthLab (minister)aye
Alan MilburnDarlingtonLab (minister)aye
Andrew MillerEllesmere Port and NestonLabaye
Austin MitchellGreat GrimsbyLab (minister)aye
Laura MoffattCrawleyLabaye
Margaret MoranLuton SouthLabaye
Julie MorganCardiff NorthLabaye
Mr Rhodri MorganCardiff WestLabaye
Ms Estelle MorrisBirmingham, YardleyLab (minister)aye
Sir John MorrisAberavonLab (minister)aye
Dr Mo MowlamRedcarLab (minister)aye
George MudieLeeds EastLab (minister)aye
Chris MullinSunderland SouthLabaye
Jim MurphyEast RenfrewshireLabaye
Doug NaysmithBristol North WestLabaye
Mr Bill O'BrienNormantonLabaye
Mike O'BrienNorth WarwickshireLab (minister)aye
Mr Martin O'NeillOchilLab (minister)aye
Bill OlnerNuneatonLabaye
Mrs Diana OrganForest of DeanLabaye
Sandra OsborneAyrLab (minister)aye
Nick PalmerBroxtoweLabaye
Ian PearsonDudley SouthLabaye
Mr Tom PendryStalybridge and HydeLabaye
Mr Colin PickthallWest LancashireLabaye
Mr Peter PikeBurnleyLabaye
James PlaskittWarwick and LeamingtonLabaye
Mr Kerry PollardSt AlbansLabaye
Greg PopeHyndburnLab (minister)tellaye
Mr Raymond PowellOgmoreLabaye
Bridget PrenticeLewisham EastLab (minister)aye
Gordon PrenticePendleLabaye
Dawn PrimaroloBristol SouthLab (minister)aye
Gwyn ProsserDoverLabaye
Ken PurchaseWolverhampton North EastLabaye
Ms Joyce QuinGateshead East and Washington WestLab (minister)aye
Mr Lawrie QuinnScarborough and WhitbyLabaye
Mr Giles RadiceNorth DurhamLab (minister)aye
Bill RammellHarlowLabaye
Mr Syd RapsonPortsmouth NorthLabaye
Andy ReedLoughboroughLabaye
John ReidHamilton North and BellshillLab (minister)aye
Mr George RobertsonHamilton SouthLab (minister)aye
Geoffrey RobinsonCoventry North WestLab (minister)aye
Mrs Barbara RocheHornsey and Wood GreenLab (minister)aye
Terry RooneyBradford NorthLabaye
Mr Ernie RossDundee WestLabaye
Mr Ted RowlandsMerthyr Tydfil and RhymneyLab (minister)aye
Frank RoyMotherwell and WishawLab (minister)aye
Joan RuddockLewisham, DeptfordLab (minister)aye
Christine RussellCity of ChesterLabaye
Joan RyanEnfield NorthLabaye
Martin SalterReading WestLabaye
Mr Malcolm SavidgeAberdeen NorthLabaye
Mr Phil SawfordKetteringLabaye
Mr Brian SedgemoreHackney South and ShoreditchLabaye
Jonathan R ShawChatham and AylesfordLabaye
Barry SheermanHuddersfieldLabaye
Mr Robert SheldonAshton-under-LyneLab (minister)aye
Clare ShortBirmingham, LadywoodLab (minister)aye
Alan SimpsonNottingham SouthLabaye
Marsha SinghBradford WestLabaye
Dennis SkinnerBolsoverLabaye
Andrew SmithOxford EastLab (minister)aye
Angela SmithBasildonLabaye
Geraldine SmithMorecambe and LunesdaleLabaye
Mr Llew SmithBlaenau GwentLabaye
Helen SouthworthWarrington SouthLabaye
John SpellarWarleyLab (minister)aye
Rachel SquireDunfermline WestLabaye
Mr George StevensonStoke-on-Trent SouthLabaye
Ian StewartEcclesLabaye
Mr Paul StinchcombeWellingboroughLabaye
Howard StoateDartfordLabaye
Mr Roger StottWiganLabaye
Gavin StrangEdinburgh East and MusselburghLab (minister)aye
Jack StrawBlackburnLab (minister)aye
Graham StringerManchester, BlackleyLab (minister)aye
Gisela StuartBirmingham, EdgbastonLab (minister)aye
Gerry SutcliffeBradford SouthLabaye
Mrs Ann TaylorDewsburyLab (minister)aye
Dari TaylorStockton SouthLabaye
David TaylorNorth West LeicestershireLabaye
Gareth ThomasHarrow WestLab (minister)aye
Stephen TimmsEast HamLabaye
Paddy TippingSherwoodLabaye
Mark ToddSouth DerbyshireLabaye
Don TouhigIslwynLabaye
Jon TrickettHemsworthLabaye
Paul TruswellPudseyLabaye
Mr Dennis TurnerWolverhampton South EastLab (minister)aye
Desmond TurnerBrighton, KemptownLabaye
Dr George TurnerNorth West NorfolkLabaye
Derek TwiggHaltonLabaye
Rudi VisFinchley and Golders GreenLabaye
Joan WalleyStoke-on-Trent NorthLab (minister)aye
Claire WardWatfordLabaye
Robert WareingLiverpool, West DerbyLabaye
Dave WattsSt Helens NorthLab (minister)aye
Mr Brian WhiteNorth East Milton KeynesLabaye
Alan WhiteheadSouthampton, TestLab (minister)aye
Malcolm WicksCroydon NorthLabaye
Dr Alan WilliamsCarmarthen East and DinefwrLabaye
Alan WilliamsSwansea WestLabaye
Michael WillsNorth SwindonLabaye
Mr Brian WilsonCunninghame NorthLab (minister)aye
Rosie WintertonDoncaster CentralLabaye
Mike WoodBatley and SpenLabaye
Mr Tony WorthingtonClydebank and MilngavieLab (minister)aye
Anthony D WrightGreat YarmouthLabaye
Derek WyattSittingbourne and SheppeyLabaye
Diane AbbottHackney North and Stoke NewingtonLab (minister)absent
Ms Candy AthertonFalmouth and CamborneLababsent
Mr Harry BarnesNorth East DerbyshireLababsent
Kevin BarronRother ValleyLab (minister)absent
Anne BeggAberdeen SouthLab (minister)absent
Stuart BellMiddlesbroughLab (minister)absent
Joe BentonBootleLab (minister)absent
Mr Harold BestLeeds North WestLababsent
Tony BlairSedgefieldLab (minister)absent
Ben BradshawExeterLab (minister)absent
Gordon BrownDunfermline EastLab (minister)absent
Mrs Christine ButlerCastle PointLababsent
Richard CabornSheffield CentralLab (minister)absent
Ronnie CampbellBlyth ValleyLab (minister)absent
Mr Dale Campbell-SavoursWorkingtonLab (minister)absent
Mr Ivor CaplinHoveLababsent
Mr Roger CasaleWimbledonLababsent
Martin CatonGowerLab (minister)absent
Mr Eric ClarkeMidlothianLababsent
Tom ClarkeCoatbridge and ChrystonLab (minister)absent
Vernon CoakerGedlingLababsent
Robin CookLivingstonLab (minister)absent
Yvette CooperPontefract and CastlefordLab (minister)absent
Mr Robin CorbettBirmingham, ErdingtonLab (minister)absent
Mr Tom CoxTootingLababsent
Ann CryerKeighleyLababsent
John CryerHornchurchLab (minister)absent
Mr Lawrence CunliffeLeighLababsent
Dr Jack CunninghamCopelandLab (minister)absent
Claire Curtis-ThomasCrosbyLababsent
Geraint DaviesCroydon CentralLab (minister)absent
Andrew DismoreHendonLababsent
Ms Julia DrownSouth SwindonLababsent
Gwyneth DunwoodyCrewe and NantwichLababsent
Angela EagleWallaseyLab (minister)absent
Maria EagleLiverpool, GarstonLab (minister)absent
Clive EffordElthamLab (minister)absent
Mr Derek FatchettLeeds CentralLab (minister)absent
Jim FitzpatrickPoplar and Canning TownLababsent
Ms Lorna FitzsimonsRochdaleLababsent
Mr George FoulkesCarrick, Cumnock and Doon ValleyLab (minister)absent
Mrs Maria FyfeGlasgow MaryhillLababsent
Mike GapesIlford SouthLababsent
Neil GerrardWalthamstowLababsent
Roger GodsiffBirmingham, Sparkbrook and Small HeathLababsent
Tommy GrahamWest Renfrewshirewhilst Lababsent
Mr Bernie GrantTottenhamLababsent
John HealeyWentworthLab (minister)absent
Mr Ivan HendersonHarwichLababsent
Stephen HepburnJarrowLab (minister)absent
Stephen HesfordWirral WestLababsent
Jimmy HoodClydesdaleLab (minister)absent
Kelvin HopkinsLuton NorthLababsent
Kim HowellsPontypriddLab (minister)absent
Mr Alan HurstBraintreeLababsent
Adam IngramEast KilbrideLab (minister)absent
Alan JohnsonKingston upon Hull West and HessleLababsent
Mr Barry JonesAlyn and DeesideLababsent
Ms Jenny JonesWolverhampton South WestLababsent
Ruth KellyBolton WestLababsent
Fraser KempHoughton and Washington EastLababsent
Ms Tess KinghamGloucesterLababsent
Ashok KumarMiddlesbrough South and East ClevelandLababsent
Tom LevittHigh PeakLababsent
Ivan LewisBury SouthLab (minister)absent
Dr John MarekWrexhamLababsent
Dr Jim MarshallLeicester SouthLababsent
Mr John MaxtonGlasgow CathcartLab (minister)absent
Mr Kevin McNamaraKingston upon Hull NorthLababsent
Mr Tony McWalterHemel HempsteadLababsent
Mr John McWilliamBlaydonLababsent
Michael MeacherOldham West and RoytonLab (minister)absent
Mr Bill MichieSheffield, HeeleyLababsent
Dr Lewis MoonieKirkcaldyLab (minister)absent
Elliot MorleyScunthorpeLab (minister)absent
Kali MountfordColne ValleyLababsent
Denis MurphyWansbeckLababsent
Paul MurphyTorfaenLab (minister)absent
Dan NorrisWansdykeLababsent
Edward O'HaraKnowsley SouthLababsent
Ms Linda PerhamIlford NorthLababsent
Mr Chris PondGraveshamLababsent
Steve PoundEaling NorthLab (minister)absent
John PrescottKingston upon Hull EastLab (minister)absent
Nick RaynsfordGreenwich and WoolwichLab (minister)absent
Mr Allan RogersRhonddaLababsent
Mr Jeff RookerBirmingham, Perry BarrLab (minister)absent
Chris RuaneVale of ClwydLababsent
Mohammad SarwarGlasgow GovanLababsent
Ms Debra ShipleyStourbridgeLababsent
Mr Chris SmithIslington South and FinsburyLab (minister)absent
Jacqui SmithRedditchLababsent
John SmithVale of GlamorganLababsent
Mr Peter SnapeWest Bromwich EastLababsent
Mr Clive SoleyEaling, Acton and Shepherd's BushLab (minister)absent
Phyllis StarkeyMilton Keynes South WestLababsent
Mr Gerry SteinbergCity of DurhamLababsent
Mr David StewartInverness East, Nairn and LochaberLababsent
Mr Peter Temple-MorrisLeominsterwhilst Lababsent
Mr Gareth ThomasClwyd WestLababsent
Stephen TwiggEnfield, SouthgateLab (minister)absent
Keith VazLeicester EastLababsent
Betty WilliamsConwyLababsent
David WinnickWalsall NorthLab (minister)absent
Ms Audrey WisePrestonLababsent
Phil WoolasOldham East and SaddleworthLababsent
Mr Jimmy WrayGlasgow BailliestonLababsent
Tony WrightCannock ChaseLababsent
Mr Richard AllanSheffield, HallamLDem (front bench)no
Mr Paddy AshdownYeovilLDem (front bench)no
Norman BakerLewesLDem (front bench)no
Mrs Jackie BallardTauntonLDemno
Tom BrakeCarshalton and WallingtonLDem (front bench)no
Dr Peter BrandIsle of WightLDemno
Malcolm BruceGordonLDem (front bench)no
Mr John BurnettTorridge and West DevonLDemno
Paul BurstowSutton and CheamLDem (front bench)no
Menzies CampbellNorth East FifeLDem (front bench)no
Mr Brian CotterWeston-Super-MareLDem (front bench)no
Edward DaveyKingston and SurbitonLDem (front bench)no
Mr Ronnie FearnSouthportLDem (front bench)no
Don FosterBathLDem (front bench)no
Andrew GeorgeSt IvesLDem (front bench)no
Donald GorrieEdinburgh WestLDemno
Mike HancockPortsmouth SouthLDem (front bench)no
Evan HarrisOxford West and AbingdonLDemno
Nick HarveyNorth DevonLDemno
David HeathSomerton and FromeLDem (front bench)no
Simon HughesNorth Southwark and BermondseyLDem (front bench)no
Mr Nigel JonesCheltenhamLDem (front bench)no
Paul KeetchHerefordLDemno
Charles KennedyRoss, Skye and Inverness WestLDem (front bench)no
Mr Archy KirkwoodRoxburgh and BerwickshireLDem (front bench)no
Mr Richard LivseyBrecon and RadnorshireLDem (front bench)no
Mr Robert MaclennanCaithness, Sutherland and Easter RossLDem (front bench)no
Mrs Ray MichieArgyll and ButeLDemno
Michael MooreTweeddale, Ettrick and LauderdaleLDem (front bench)no
Mark OatenWinchesterLDemno
Lembit ÖpikMontgomeryshireLDemno
Mr David RendelNewburyLDemno
Bob RussellColchesterLDem (front bench)no
Adrian SandersTorbayLDem (front bench)no
Robert SmithWest Aberdeenshire and KincardineLDemno
Andrew StunellHazel GroveLDem (front bench)no
Matthew TaylorTruro and St AustellLDem (front bench)no
Dr Jenny TongeRichmond ParkLDem (front bench)no
Mr Paul TylerNorth CornwallLDem (front bench)no
Jim WallaceOrkney and ShetlandLDemno
Steve WebbNorthavonLDem (front bench)no
Phil WillisHarrogate and KnaresboroughLDem (front bench)no
Alan BeithBerwick-upon-TweedLDem (front bench)absent
Colin BreedSouth East CornwallLDemabsent
Vincent CableTwickenhamLDem (front bench)absent
Mr David ChidgeyEastleighLDem (front bench)absent
Mr Cynog DafisCeredigionPCno
Mr Ieuan Wyn JonesYnys MônPCno
Elfyn LlwydMeirionnydd Nant ConwyPC (front bench)no
Mr Dafydd WigleyCaernarfonPC (front bench)absent
Mr John HumeFoyleSDLPabsent
Mr Seamus MallonNewry and ArmaghSDLPabsent
Eddie McGradySouth DownSDLPabsent
Gerry AdamsBelfast WestSFabsent
Martin McGuinnessMid UlsterSFabsent
Margaret EwingMoraySNPno
Alasdair MorganGalloway and Upper NithsdaleSNPno
Alex SalmondBanff and BuchanSNP (front bench)no
Andrew WelshAngusSNPno
Roseanna CunninghamPerthSNPabsent
John SwinneyNorth TaysideSNPabsent
Miss Betty BoothroydWest Bromwich WestSpeaker (front bench)absent
Robert McCartneyNorth DownUKUPabsent
Mr Roy BeggsEast AntrimUUPno
Jeffrey M. DonaldsonLagan ValleyUUP (front bench)no
Mr William RossEast LondonderryUUPno
Mr William ThompsonWest TyroneUUPno
Mr Clifford ForsytheSouth AntrimUUPabsent
Mr Ken MaginnisFermanagh and South TyroneUUPabsent
Martin SmythBelfast SouthUUPabsent
John TaylorStrangfordUUPabsent
Rt Hon David TrimbleUpper BannUUP (front bench)absent
Mr Cecil WalkerBelfast NorthUUPabsent

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