— Current members

Members of both Houses of the UK Parliament are listed below. Refer to this explanation of the "rebellion" and "attendance" rates, as they may not mean what you think they do.

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Lord Aberdare (Lords)Crossbench27.6%
Lord Addington (Lords)LDem0.6%
Lord Adebowale (Lords)Crossbench28.0%
Lord Adonis (Lords)Lab1.0%
Baroness Afshar (Lords)Crossbench45.3%
Lord Ahmed (Lords)Non-affiliated2.8%
Lord Alderdice (Lords)LDem0.7%
Lord Alli (Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Alliance (Lords)LDem3.9%
Baroness Altmann (Lords)Con17.6%
Baroness Amos (Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Baroness Andrews (Lords)Lab0.4%
Viscount Astor (Lords)Con2.1%
Earl Attlee (Lords)Con1.6%
Lord Bach (Lords)Lab0.4%
Baroness Bakewell (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Balfe (Lords)Con6.5%
Lord Bamford (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Barker (Lords)LDem0.7%
Baroness Barran (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Bates (Lords)Con0.6%
Lord Beecham (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Beith (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Bell (Lords)Con0.6%
Baroness Benjamin (Lords)LDem2.2%
Lord Berkeley (Lords)Lab3.3%
Baroness Berridge (Lords)Con1.9%
Baroness Bertin (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Best (Lords)Crossbench11.8%
Lord Bethell (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Bew (Lords)Crossbench45.0%
Lord Bhatia (Lords)Non-affiliated3.9%
Lord Bhattacharyya (Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Bichard (Lords)Crossbench13.5%
Lord Bilimoria (Lords)Crossbench20.7%
Baroness Billingham (Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Bird (Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Birt (Lords)Crossbench29.1%
Baroness Blackstone (Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Blackwell (Lords)Con3.3%
Lord Blencathra (Lords)Con1.2%
Baroness Blood (Lords)Lab3.3%
Lord Blunkett (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Boateng (Lords)Lab0.9%
Baroness Boothroyd (Lords)Crossbench30.4%
Lord Borwick (Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Bowness (Lords)Con8.2%
Lord Boyce (Lords)Crossbench22.6%
Baroness Boycott (Lords)Crossbench4.5%
Lord Bradley (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Bradshaw (Lords)LDem2.1%
Baroness Brady (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Bragg (Lords)Lab3.1%
Lord Brennan (Lords)Lab5.0%
Viscount Bridgeman (Lords)Con0.4%
Lord Bridges (Lords)Crossbench16.4%
Baroness Brinton (Lords)LDem1.9%
Lord Broers (Lords)Crossbench26.7%
Viscount Brookeborough (Lords)Crossbench30.5%
Lord Brookman (Lords)Lab1.5%
Lord Brougham and Vaux (Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Browning (Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Bull (Lords)Crossbench4.1%
Lord Burnett (Lords)LDem3.9%
Lord Burns (Lords)Crossbench37.1%
Baroness Buscombe (Lords)Con1.1%
Baroness Butler-Sloss (Lords)Crossbench19.5%
Baroness Byford (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Caine (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Callanan (Lords)Con1.6%
Lord Campbell-Savours (Lords)Lab1.9%
Lord Carrington (Lords)Crossbench53.8%
Lord Carswell (Lords)Crossbench27.0%
Lord Cashman (Lords)Lab1.2%
Earl Cathcart (Lords)Con1.0%
Lord Chadlington (Lords)Con0.3%
Baroness Chakrabarti (Lords)Lab0.0%
Viscount Chandos (Lords)Lab1.3%
Lord Chartres (Lords)Crossbench55.9%
Lord Chidgey (Lords)LDem1.3%
Lord Christopher (Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Clement-Jones (Lords)LDem1.8%
Lord Clinton-Davis (Lords)Lab1.8%
Lord Coe (Lords)Con0.5%
Lord Colgrain (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Colwyn (Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Condon (Lords)Crossbench22.9%
Lord Cormack (Lords)Con14.4%
Baroness Corston (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Cotter (Lords)LDem3.5%
Baroness Coussins (Lords)Crossbench14.6%
Baroness Couttie (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Cox (Lords)Crossbench33.5%
Viscount Craigavon (Lords)Crossbench30.3%
Lord Crathorne (Lords)Con0.7%
Baroness Crawley (Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Crickhowell (Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Crisp (Lords)Crossbench19.7%
Lord Cromwell (Lords)Crossbench25.8%
Baroness Cumberlege (Lords)Con2.2%
Baroness D'Souza (Lords)Non-affiliated7.1%
Lord Dannatt (Lords)Crossbench53.1%
Lord de Mauley (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Dear (Lords)Crossbench31.4%
Lord Deben (Lords)Con16.8%
Baroness Deech (Lords)Crossbench40.5%
Lord Deighton (Lords)Con0.4%
Lord Denham (Lords)Con1.9%
Lord Desai (Lords)Lab2.4%
Lord Dholakia (Lords)LDem1.1%
Lord Dixon-Smith (Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Dobbs (Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Donaghy (Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Donoughue (Lords)Lab5.5%
Baroness Doocey (Lords)LDem5.7%
Baroness Drake (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Drayson (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Dubs (Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Dunlop (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Dykes (Lords)LDem5.8%
Lord Eames (Lords)Crossbench30.5%
Baroness Eaton (Lords)Con2.1%
Lord Eatwell (Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Viscount Eccles (Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Elder (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Elis-Thomas (Lords)PC0.0%
Lord Elton (Lords)Con1.7%
Lord Elystan-Morgan (Lords)Crossbench35.9%
Baroness Emerton (Lords)Crossbench15.0%
Lord Empey (Lords)UUP0.0%
Baroness Fairhead (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Falkender (Lords)Lab3.5%
Viscount Falkland (Lords)Crossbench28.4%
Baroness Fall (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Farmer (Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Faulks (Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Fearn (Lords)LDem3.6%
Baroness Featherstone (Lords)LDem0.5%
Lord Feldman (Lords)Con0.4%
Lord Fellowes (Lords)Crossbench30.0%
Lord Filkin (Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Lord Fink (Lords)Con0.2%
Lord Finkelstein (Lords)Con7.4%
Baroness Finn (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Flather (Lords)Crossbench63.6%
Lord Flight (Lords)Con2.8%
Baroness Fookes (Lords)Con2.1%
Baroness Ford (Lords)Non-affiliated5.3%
Lord Fowler (Lords)Con1.8%
Lord Fox (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Framlingham (Lords)Con2.6%
Lord Freeman (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Freud (Lords)Con1.1%
Lord Freyberg (Lords)Crossbench21.8%
Baroness Fritchie (Lords)Crossbench14.1%
Lord Gadhia (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Gale (Lords)Lab1.0%
Lord Garel-Jones (Lords)Con6.2%
Lord Garnier (Lords)Con5.1%
Lord Geddes (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Geidt (Lords)Crossbench58.3%
Lord German (Lords)LDem0.6%
Lord Giddens (Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Glasman (Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Glenarthur (Lords)Con3.2%
Lord Glendonbrook (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Glentoran (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Gold (Lords)Con0.3%
Baroness Goldie (Lords)Con0.4%
Baroness Golding (Lords)Lab1.4%
Lord Goldsmith (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Goodlad (Lords)Con0.5%
Viscount Goschen (Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Goudie (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Grabiner (Lords)Lab3.5%
Lord Grantchester (Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Greaves (Lords)LDem4.9%
Baroness Greenfield (Lords)Crossbench33.3%
Baroness Greengross (Lords)Crossbench32.5%
Lord Greenway (Lords)Crossbench34.8%
Baroness Grender (Lords)LDem0.3%
Baroness Grey-Thompson (Lords)Crossbench18.2%
Lord Grocott (Lords)Lab0.4%
Viscount Hailsham (Lords)Con24.7%
Lord Hain (Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Hameed (Lords)Crossbench35.7%
Baroness Hamwee (Lords)LDem1.7%
Baroness Hanham (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Hanningfield (Lords)Non-affiliated100.0%
Viscount Hanworth (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Hardie (Lords)Judge8.0%
Lord Harrison (Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Haselhurst (Lords)Con10.3%
Lord Haskel (Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Haskins (Lords)Crossbench33.0%
Lord Hattersley (Lords)Lab6.3%
Lord Haughey (Lords)Lab1.7%
Lord Haworth (Lords)Lab0.8%
Baroness Hayman (Lords)Crossbench19.9%
Lord Hayward (Lords)Con2.9%
Baroness Helic (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Henig (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Henley (Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Heseltine (Lords)Con42.7%
Baroness Heyhoe Flint (Lords)Con0.6%
Lord Higgins (Lords)Con2.1%
Lord Hoffmann (Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Hogan-Howe (Lords)Crossbench79.2%
Baroness Hogg (Lords)Crossbench28.6%
Lord Hollick (Lords)Lab2.4%
Baroness Hollins (Lords)Crossbench20.4%
Baroness Hooper (Lords)Con2.2%
Lord Horam (Lords)Con4.1%
Earl Howe (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Hoyle (Lords)Lab1.3%
Baroness Humphreys (Lords)LDem0.5%
Lord Hussain (Lords)LDem0.0%
Baroness Hussein-Ece (Lords)LDem2.2%
Lord Hutton (Lords)Crossbench8.3%
Lord Hylton (Lords)Crossbench22.9%
Lord Imbert (Lords)Crossbench37.2%
Lord Inge (Lords)Crossbench26.7%
Lord Inglewood (Lords)Con8.1%
Baroness Janke (Lords)LDem0.8%
Lord Janvrin (Lords)Crossbench24.7%
Baroness Jolly (Lords)LDem0.5%
Lord Jones (Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Jopling (Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Jordan (Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Judd (Lords)Lab3.7%
Lord Judge (Lords)Judge4.5%
Lord Kakkar (Lords)Crossbench40.8%
Lord Kalms (Lords)Non-affiliated70.1%
Lord Kerslake (Lords)Crossbench20.0%
Lord Kestenbaum (Lords)Lab0.0%
Baroness Kidron (Lords)Crossbench19.1%
Lord Kilclooney (Lords)Crossbench42.7%
Baroness Kingsmill (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Kinnock (Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Kirkham (Lords)Con0.1%
Lord Kirkhill (Lords)Lab2.3%
Baroness Kramer (Lords)LDem0.8%
Lord Krebs (Lords)Crossbench17.7%
Lord Laird (Lords)Non-affiliated13.0%
Lord Laming (Lords)Crossbench30.9%
Lord Lansley (Lords)Con4.7%
Lord Layard (Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Leitch (Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Lennie (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Levy (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Lexden (Lords)Con1.1%
Lord Liddle (Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Lilley (Lords)Con2.9%
Lord Lingfield (Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Lipsey (Lords)Lab1.5%
Lord Lisvane (Lords)Crossbench5.9%
Lord Livermore (Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Lloyd-Webber (Lords)Con19.0%
Baroness Lockwood (Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Loomba (Lords)LDem8.2%
Lord Lucas (Lords)Con4.0%
Lord Luce (Lords)Crossbench34.5%
Baroness Ludford (Lords)LDem0.9%
Lord Lupton (Lords)Con0.5%
Lord Lyell (Lords)Con1.4%
Baroness Maddock (Lords)LDem0.7%
Lord Mair (Lords)Crossbench12.5%
Baroness Mallalieu (Lords)Lab12.2%
Lord Malloch-Brown (Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Mance (Lords)Judge0.0%
Lord Mancroft (Lords)Con1.6%
Lord Mandelson (Lords)Lab0.4%
Baroness Manningham-Buller (Lords)Crossbench31.4%
Baroness Manzoor (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Marland (Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Marlesford (Lords)Con2.5%
Lord Mawhinney (Lords)Con1.9%
Lord Mawson (Lords)Crossbench35.6%
Lord Maxton (Lords)Lab1.0%
Lord McAvoy (Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord McCluskey (Lords)Crossbench33.3%
Baroness McDonagh (Lords)Lab0.7%
Baroness McGregor-Smith (Lords)Con1.8%
Lord McNally (Lords)LDem1.5%
Baroness Meacher (Lords)Crossbench25.7%
Lord Mendelsohn (Lords)Lab0.0%
Baroness Meyer (Lords)Con4.8%
Lord Millett (Lords)Crossbenchn/a
Lord Mitchell (Lords)Lab1.4%
Baroness Mobarik (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Mogg (Lords)Crossbench6.7%
Baroness Mone (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Monks (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Moonie (Lords)Lab2.4%
Lord Morgan (Lords)Lab3.9%
Lord Morrow (Lords)DUP0.4%
Lord Mountevans (Lords)Crossbench44.4%
Lord Moynihan (Lords)Con2.5%
Baroness Murphy (Lords)Crossbench29.2%
Lord Myners (Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Lord Naseby (Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Nash (Lords)Con1.0%
Baroness Neuberger (Lords)Crossbench10.5%
Baroness Neville-Jones (Lords)Con3.0%
Baroness Neville-Rolfe (Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Newby (Lords)LDem1.0%
Baroness Newlove (Lords)Con1.0%
Baroness Nicol (Lords)Lab0.6%
Baroness Noakes (Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Northbourne (Lords)Crossbench24.2%
Lord Northbrook (Lords)Con5.4%
Baroness Northover (Lords)LDem1.1%
Baroness Nye (Lords)Lab0.2%
Baroness O'Cathain (Lords)Con1.9%
Lord O'Donnell (Lords)Crossbench4.6%
Baroness O'Loan (Lords)Crossbench23.1%
Lord O'Shaughnessy (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Oates (Lords)LDem0.0%
Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes (Lords)Con1.2%
Baroness Osamor (Lords)Lab1.6%
Lord Ouseley (Lords)Crossbench39.9%
Lord Owen (Lords)Independent Social Democratn/a
Lord Oxburgh (Lords)Crossbench20.0%
Lord Paddick (Lords)LDem0.5%
Lord Palmer (Lords)Crossbench22.3%
Lord Palumbo (Lords)Con1.1%
Lord Pannick (Lords)Crossbench22.2%
Lord Parekh (Lords)Lab2.8%
Baroness Parminter (Lords)LDem0.5%
Lord Patel (Lords)Crossbench30.0%
Lord Patten (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Paul (Lords)Non-affiliated8.3%
Earl Peel (Lords)Crossbenchn/a
Lord Pendry (Lords)Lab3.1%
Lord Peston (Lords)Lab3.1%
Lord Pickles (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Pidding (Lords)Con0.4%
Baroness Pinnock (Lords)LDem0.0%
Baroness Pitkeathley (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Plumb (Lords)Con1.0%
Lord Polak (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Popat (Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Prashar (Lords)Crossbench19.9%
Lord Prescott (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Price (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Primarolo (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Prior (Lords)Con9.0%
Baroness Prosser (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Puttnam (Lords)Lab2.0%
Baroness Quin (Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Quirk (Lords)Crossbench16.8%
Lord Radice (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Ramsbotham (Lords)Crossbench14.9%
Lord Rana (Lords)Crossbench65.0%
Baroness Randerson (Lords)LDem1.9%
Lord Ravensdale (Lords)Crossbench60.0%
Baroness Rawlings (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Razzall (Lords)LDem0.3%
Lord Rea (Lords)Lab4.0%
Lord Reay (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Rebuck (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Redesdale (Lords)LDem1.5%
Baroness Redfern (Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Rennard (Lords)LDem1.4%
Lord Ribeiro (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Richard (Lords)Lab1.6%
Lord Ricketts (Lords)Crossbench4.1%
Viscount Ridley (Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Risby (Lords)Con0.4%
Lord Rix (Lords)Crossbench16.4%
Lord Robathan (Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Rock (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Rogan (Lords)UUP0.0%
Lord Rooker (Lords)Lab1.6%
Lord Rosser (Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Rotherwick (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Rowe-Beddoe (Lords)Crossbench26.9%
Lord Rowlands (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Saatchi (Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Sacks (Lords)Crossbenchn/a
Lord Sassoon (Lords)Con0.6%
Baroness Sater (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Sawyer (Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Scriven (Lords)LDem0.5%
Baroness Seccombe (Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Selsdon (Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Sharkey (Lords)LDem2.3%
Baroness Sharples (Lords)Con1.3%
Baroness Sheehan (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Sheikh (Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Sherlock (Lords)Lab0.5%
Baroness Shields (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Shinkwin (Lords)Con2.1%
Lord Shipley (Lords)LDem2.7%
Viscount Simon (Lords)Lab2.2%
Lord Skelmersdale (Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Skidelsky (Lords)Crossbench32.0%
Viscount Slim (Lords)Crossbench24.7%
Lord Snape (Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Soley (Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Spicer (Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Stedman-Scott (Lords)Con0.1%
Lord Stephen (Lords)LDem0.7%
Baroness Stern (Lords)Crossbench22.0%
Lord Steyn (Lords)Crossbench20.0%
Lord Stirrup (Lords)Crossbench42.2%
Lord Storey (Lords)LDem1.7%
Lord Strasburger (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Strathclyde (Lords)Con1.4%
Baroness Stroud (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Stunell (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Sugar (Lords)Non-affiliated100.0%
Baroness Sugg (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Suri (Lords)Con0.7%
Baroness Suttie (Lords)LDem0.3%
Lord Swinfen (Lords)Con2.8%
Lord Tanlaw (Lords)Crossbench28.3%
Lord Taverne (Lords)LDem3.1%
Lord Tebbit (Lords)Con1.9%
Lord Temple-Morris (Lords)Lab1.3%
Lord Teverson (Lords)LDem1.2%
Baroness Thornhill (Lords)LDem0.0%
Baroness Thornton (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Thurlow (Lords)Crossbench55.2%
Viscount Thurso (Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Tomlinson (Lords)Lab0.6%
Baroness Tonge (Lords)Independent Liberal Democratn/a
Lord Tope (Lords)LDem1.8%
Lord Tordoff (Lords)LDem2.1%
Lord Touhig (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Trees (Lords)Crossbench21.1%
Lord Trefgarne (Lords)Con1.6%
Viscount Trenchard (Lords)Con2.9%
Lord Trevethin and Oaksey (Lords)Crossbench50.0%
Lord Triesman (Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Trimble (Lords)Con1.1%
Lord True (Lords)Con1.7%
Baroness Trumpington (Lords)Con1.5%
Lord Truscott (Lords)Non-affiliated8.3%
Lord Tugendhat (Lords)Con6.6%
Lord Tunnicliffe (Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Turnberg (Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Turnbull (Lords)Crossbench32.1%
Lord Tyler (Lords)LDem1.9%
Lord Tyrie (Lords)Non-affiliated20.0%
Baroness Uddin (Lords)Non-affiliated3.2%
Viscount Ullswater (Lords)Con1.3%
Baroness Vadera (Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Baroness Valentine (Lords)Crossbench16.4%
Lord Verjee (Lords)LDem0.0%
Baroness Verma (Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Vinson (Lords)Con6.0%
Lord Wakeham (Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Walmsley (Lords)LDem0.9%
Lord Walpole (Lords)Crossbench19.9%
Lord Warner (Lords)Lab1.3%
Baroness Warsi (Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Wasserman (Lords)Con5.2%
Lord Watts (Lords)Lab0.0%
Viscount Waverley (Lords)Crossbench39.6%
Lord Wei (Lords)Con0.2%
Baroness Wheatcroft (Lords)Con10.8%
Baroness Wheeler (Lords)Lab0.0%
Baroness Whitaker (Lords)Lab1.0%
Lord Whitby (Lords)Con0.4%
Lord Whitty (Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Wigley (Lords)PC0.0%
Baroness Wilcox (Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Willetts (Lords)Con16.4%
Lord Willoughby de Broke (Lords)UKIP0.0%
Lord Wills (Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Winston (Lords)Lab3.1%
Lord Woolf (Lords)Crossbench15.7%
Baroness Worthington (Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Wrigglesworth (Lords)LDem0.4%
Baroness Wyld (Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury(Lords)Judge33.3%
Lord Morris of Aberavon(Lords)Lab1.8%
Lord Davies of Abersoch(Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth(Lords)Con0.5%
Baroness Hodgson of Abinger(Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Steel of Aikwood(Lords)LDem3.7%
Lord McFall of Alcluith(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Walker of Aldringham(Lords)Crossbench27.3%
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe(Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Wood of Anfield(Lords)Lab0.8%
The Earl of Arran(Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Scotland of Asthal(Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts(Lords)Con2.4%
Lord Boswell of Aynho(Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Lord Williams of Baglan(Lords)Crossbench55.3%
Lord Hay of Ballyore(Lords)DUP0.0%
Lord Stevenson of Balmacara(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Carter of Barnes(Lords)Lab3.8%
Lord Patten of Barnes(Lords)Con22.4%
Baroness Smith of Basildon(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Foster of Bath(Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Barker of Battle(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Powell of Bayswater(Lords)Crossbench43.9%
Baroness Stowell of Beeston(Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia(Lords)Con1.7%
Lord Browne of Belmont(Lords)DUP0.2%
Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve(Lords)Crossbench17.4%
Lord Bruce of Bennachie(Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Cope of Berkeley(Lords)Con1.1%
Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted(Lords)LDem0.0%
Lord Carlile of Berriew(Lords)Crossbench8.6%
Earl Baldwin of Bewdley(Lords)Crossbench36.4%
Lord Hall of Birkenhead(Lords)Crossbench27.8%
Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
The Bishop of Birmingham(Lords)Bishop4.0%
Lord Jones of Birmingham(Lords)Crossbench43.1%
Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Lawson of Blaby(Lords)Con3.2%
Lord Patel of Blackburn(Lords)Lab1.9%
Lord Taylor of Blackburn(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord James of Blackheath(Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Stone of Blackheath(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Neill of Bladen(Lords)Crossbench13.8%
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord St John of Bletso(Lords)Crossbench25.7%
Baroness Morris of Bolton(Lords)Con0.7%
Baroness Taylor of Bolton(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Blair of Boughton(Lords)Crossbench22.5%
Baroness King of Bow(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Sanderson of Bowden(Lords)Con0.6%
Baroness Evans of Bowes Park(Lords)Con0.6%
Lord Patel of Bradford(Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Prior of Brampton(Lords)Con3.6%
Baroness Howarth of Breckland(Lords)Crossbench31.6%
Lord Stern of Brentford(Lords)Crossbench15.3%
Lord Black of Brentwood(Lords)Con1.0%
Lord King of Bridgwater(Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Bassam of Brighton(Lords)Lab0.3%
The Bishop of Bristol(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Butler of Brockwell(Lords)Crossbench25.5%
Lord Griffiths of Burry Port(Lords)Lab1.0%
Baroness Lister of Burtersett(Lords)Lab0.4%
Baroness Scott of Bybrook(Lords)Con0.0%
The Earl of Caithness(Lords)Con1.1%
Baroness Richardson of Calow(Lords)Crossbench38.5%
Baroness Clark of Calton(Lords)Judge0.0%
Baroness Brown of Cambridge(Lords)Crossbench11.1%
Baroness Turner of Camden(Lords)Lab3.1%
Lord Fairfax of Cameron(Lords)Con1.6%
The Archbishop of Canterbury(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Reid of Cardowan(Lords)Lab1.7%
The Bishop of Carlisle(Lords)Bishop5.6%
Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Magan of Castletown(Lords)Con1.1%
The Bishop of Chelmsford(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Jones of Cheltenham(Lords)LDem0.6%
The Bishop of Chester(Lords)Bishop6.0%
Lord Hunt of Chesterton(Lords)Lab1.2%
The Bishop of Chichester(Lords)Bishopn/a
Lord Goff of Chieveley(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Palmer of Childs Hill(Lords)LDem0.9%
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer(Lords)LDem2.7%
Lord Hart of Chilton(Lords)Lab0.1%
Lord Hannay of Chiswick(Lords)Crossbench20.7%
The Marquess of Cholmondeley(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Lord Wade of Chorlton(Lords)Con1.2%
Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan(Lords)Lab0.4%
The Earl of Clancarty(Lords)Crossbench29.8%
Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon(Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Mackay of Clashfern(Lords)Con3.8%
Lord Carey of Clifton(Lords)Crossbench27.1%
Lord Renwick of Clifton(Lords)Crossbench33.3%
Lord Smith of Clifton(Lords)LDem2.0%
Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Stevenson of Coddenham(Lords)Crossbench5.6%
Lord Davies of Coity(Lords)Lab2.5%
Lord Carter of Coles(Lords)Lab0.4%
Baroness Knight of Collingtree(Lords)Con1.3%
Lord Young of Cookham(Lords)Con0.4%
The Earl of Cork and Orrery(Lords)Con50.9%
Lord Fraser of Corriegarth(Lords)Con0.8%
The Earl of Courtown(Lords)Con0.8%
The Bishop of Coventry(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Baroness Kennedy of Cradley(Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Hope of Craighead(Lords)Judge2.6%
Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank(Lords)Crossbench38.7%
Baroness Adams of Craigielea(Lords)Lab0.5%
The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres(Lords)Con2.6%
Lord Lea of Crondall(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Black of Crossharbour(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Lord MacKenzie of Culkein(Lords)Lab0.7%
Viscount Colville of Culross(Lords)Crossbench22.0%
Lord Foulkes of Cumnock(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd(Lords)Judge25.0%
Lord Low of Dalston(Lords)Crossbench26.7%
Baroness Massey of Darwen(Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Green of Deddington(Lords)Crossbench72.6%
Lord Darzi of Denham(Lords)Lab0.8%
The Bishop of Derby(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Walton of Detchant(Lords)Crossbench14.1%
The Earl of Devon(Lords)Crossbench6.9%
Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury(Lords)Con1.0%
Lord Cameron of Dillington(Lords)Crossbench26.8%
Lord Wilson of Dinton(Lords)Crossbench10.0%
Lord Baker of Dorking(Lords)Con2.7%
Lord Selkirk of Douglas(Lords)Con0.7%
Baroness Morgan of Drefelin(Lords)Crossbench17.9%
Lord Stoneham of Droxford(Lords)LDem1.5%
Lord Mackay of Drumadoon(Lords)Judge0.0%
Lord Maginnis of Drumglass(Lords)Independent Ulster Unionistn/a
Lord Forsyth of Drumlean(Lords)Con3.8%
Lord McColl of Dulwich(Lords)Con1.4%
Baroness Wolf of Dulwich(Lords)Crossbench31.3%
Lord Boyd of Duncansby(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
The Earl of Dundee(Lords)Con1.8%
The Bishop of Durham(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Macpherson of Earl's Court(Lords)Crossbench12.2%
Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood(Lords)Judge4.8%
Lord Turner of Ecchinswell(Lords)Crossbench18.5%
Lord Graham of Edmonton(Lords)Lab1.7%
Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom(Lords)Con15.3%
Baroness Hilton of Eggardon(Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Keen of Elie(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Feldman of Elstree(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Williams of Elvel(Lords)Lab2.4%
The Bishop of Ely(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Baroness Morgan of Ely(Lords)Lab0.4%
Baroness Tyler of Enfield(Lords)LDem1.0%
Lord Hamilton of Epsom(Lords)Con2.5%
The Earl of Erroll(Lords)Crossbench30.3%
Lord Jay of Ewelme(Lords)Crossbench30.2%
Lord Leach of Fairford(Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Cunningham of Felling(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach(Lords)Con1.5%
Lord Smith of Finsbury(Lords)Non-affiliated8.9%
Lord Scott of Foscote(Lords)Crossbench21.9%
Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate(Lords)Non-affiliated0.9%
Baroness Garden of Frognal(Lords)LDem1.3%
Lord Carrington of Fulham(Lords)Con1.5%
Lord Cavendish of Furness(Lords)Con0.5%
Lord Hutton of Furness(Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord O'Neill of Gatley(Lords)Con1.2%
Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe(Lords)Judge18.9%
Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill(Lords)Lab0.3%
The Earl of Glasgow(Lords)LDem2.5%
Lord Davidson of Glen Clova(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale(Lords)Lab0.3%
The Bishop of Gloucester(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Taylor of Goss Moor(Lords)LDem3.6%
Lord Young of Graffham(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Shutt of Greetland(Lords)LDem0.8%
Lord Thomas of Gresford(Lords)LDem2.0%
Lord Howell of Guildford(Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Sharp of Guildford(Lords)LDem1.0%
Lord Allan of Hallam(Lords)LDem1.4%
Lord Clarke of Hampstead(Lords)Lab2.7%
Lord Morris of Handsworth(Lords)Lab0.7%
Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville(Lords)LDem0.6%
Lord Harris of Haringey(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate(Lords)Con23.5%
Lord Vaux of Harrowden(Lords)Crossbench19.4%
Lord Bridges of Headley(Lords)Con0.4%
Baroness Hollis of Heigham(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames(Lords)LDem2.9%
Lord Lester of Herne Hill(Lords)LDem2.6%
Lord Richards of Herstmonceux(Lords)Crossbench66.7%
Lord Astor of Hever(Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Collins of Highbury(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Simon of Highbury(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Lord Plant of Highfield(Lords)Lab2.8%
Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Smith of Hindhead(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Taylor of Holbeach(Lords)Con1.0%
Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead(Lords)Lab0.0%
The Earl of Home(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Young of Hornsey(Lords)Crossbench24.4%
Lord Maude of Horsham(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Sutherland of Houndwood(Lords)Crossbench31.1%
Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall(Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Leigh of Hurley(Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint(Lords)Con8.5%
Baroness Morgan of Huyton(Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Ashton of Hyde(Lords)Con0.4%
Baroness Howe of Idlicote(Lords)Crossbench14.9%
Lord Armstrong of Ilminster(Lords)Crossbench29.3%
Baroness Masham of Ilton(Lords)Crossbench20.6%
Lord Watson of Invergowrie(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Anderson of Ipswich(Lords)Crossbench6.0%
Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn(Lords)Con1.5%
Lord Smith of Kelvin(Lords)Crossbench37.5%
Baroness Jenkin of Kennington(Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Allen of Kensington(Lords)Lab0.0%
Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord McInnes of Kilwinning(Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Gardiner of Kimble(Lords)Con0.7%
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard(Lords)Crossbench26.7%
The Earl of Kinnoull(Lords)Crossbench40.1%
Lord Curry of Kirkharle(Lords)Crossbench38.6%
Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope(Lords)LDem2.5%
Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington(Lords)Crossbench35.9%
Lord Willis of Knaresborough(Lords)LDem2.7%
Lord MacLaurin of Knebworth(Lords)Con0.9%
Lord Berkeley of Knighton(Lords)Crossbench14.1%
Lord Browne of Ladyton(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Irvine of Lairg(Lords)Lab1.2%
Viscount Younger of Leckie(Lords)Con0.7%
The Bishop of Leeds(Lords)Bishop4.3%
Lord Woolmer of Leeds(Lords)Lab0.4%
Lord Smith of Leigh(Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Lamont of Lerwick(Lords)Con1.9%
The Bishop of Lincoln(Lords)Bishop0.0%
The Earl of Lindsay(Lords)Con0.5%
The Earl of Listowel(Lords)Crossbench17.2%
Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice(Lords)Con29.3%
The Earl of Liverpool(Lords)Con2.2%
Lord Alton of Liverpool(Lords)Crossbench31.5%
Lord Russell of Liverpool(Lords)Crossbench6.1%
Baroness Finlay of Llandaff(Lords)Crossbench21.2%
Lord Roberts of Llandudno(Lords)LDem2.3%
Lord Cameron of Lochbroom(Lords)Crossbench24.3%
The Bishop of London(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord King of Lothbury(Lords)Crossbench100.0%
The Marquess of Lothian(Lords)Con1.8%
Baroness Campbell of Loughborough(Lords)Crossbench40.0%
Lord Norton of Louth(Lords)Con4.4%
Lord Moore of Lower Marsh(Lords)Con1.1%
Lord Stevens of Ludgate(Lords)UKIP0.0%
Lord Rees of Ludlow(Lords)Crossbench29.4%
Lord McKenzie of Luton(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Howard of Lympne(Lords)Con0.7%
The Earl of Lytton(Lords)Crossbench23.1%
Lord Thomas of Macclesfield(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Lord Browne of Madingley(Lords)Crossbench18.2%
Lord McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown(Lords)DUP0.0%
Lord Burnett of Maldon(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Collins of Mapesbury(Lords)Judge0.0%
The Countess of Mar(Lords)Crossbench19.5%
The Earl of Mar and Kellie(Lords)LDem1.1%
Baroness Falkner of Margravine(Lords)LDem3.5%
Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen(Lords)Lab1.0%
Lord Currie of Marylebone(Lords)Crossbench46.4%
Lord Rose of Monewden(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Lang of Monkton(Lords)Con0.4%
The Duke of Montrose(Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb(Lords)Green0.0%
Baroness Eccles of Moulton(Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Renton of Mount Harry(Lords)Con5.2%
Baroness Scott of Needham Market(Lords)LDem0.4%
Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone(Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Wall of New Barnet(Lords)Lab0.4%
The Bishop of Newcastle(Lords)Bishop33.3%
Lord Saville of Newdigate(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Baroness Smith of Newnham(Lords)LDem1.0%
Lord Howarth of Newport(Lords)Lab1.3%
Baroness Vere of Norbiton(Lords)Con0.0%
The Duke of Norfolk(Lords)Non-affiliatedn/a
Lord Waldegrave of North Hill(Lords)Con2.3%
Baroness Blackwood of North Oxford(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Shephard of Northwold(Lords)Con0.3%
Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon(Lords)LDem0.9%
The Bishop of Norwich(Lords)Bishop5.9%
Lord Young of Norwood Green(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield(Lords)Crossbench16.4%
Lord Hill of Oareford(Lords)Con0.8%
Baroness Young of Old Scone(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Davies of Oldham(Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Agnew of Oulton(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen(Lords)Con0.3%
The Bishop of Oxford(Lords)Bishop11.1%
Lord May of Oxford(Lords)Crossbench33.1%
The Earl of Oxford and Asquith(Lords)LDem2.2%
Lord Williams of Oystermouth(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Baroness Jay of Paddington(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Gilbert of Panteg(Lords)Con0.9%
Baroness Gardner of Parkes(Lords)Con1.9%
Lord Livingston of Parkhead(Lords)Con6.6%
Baroness Bryan of Partick(Lords)Lab1.6%
Lord Harris of Peckham(Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Harries of Pentregarth(Lords)Crossbench21.4%
The Bishop of Peterborough(Lords)Bishop3.2%
Baroness McIntosh of Pickering(Lords)Con8.1%
Baroness Cohen of Pimlico(Lords)Lab2.5%
Lord Campbell of Pittenweem(Lords)LDem1.0%
Lord Sterling of Plaistow(Lords)Con0.8%
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen(Lords)Lab1.0%
The Bishop of Portsmouth(Lords)Bishop9.1%
Lord Levene of Portsoken(Lords)Crossbench22.7%
Baroness Gould of Potternewton(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover(Lords)Con3.0%
Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market(Lords)Con1.4%
Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank(Lords)LDem2.0%
Lord Craig of Radley(Lords)Crossbench27.2%
Lord Pearson of Rannoch(Lords)UKIP0.0%
Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Hague of Richmond(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Hale of Richmond(Lords)Judge0.0%
Baroness Harris of Richmond(Lords)LDem2.4%
Lord Holmes of Richmond(Lords)Con1.6%
Lord Houghton of Richmond(Lords)Crossbench16.7%
Lord Watson of Richmond(Lords)LDem1.6%
Lord Wright of Richmond(Lords)Crossbench19.7%
Lord Howard of Rising(Lords)Con2.9%
Lord Macdonald of River Glaven(Lords)LDem6.8%
Lord Rogers of Riverside(Lords)Lab2.4%
The Bishop of Rochester(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Maclennan of Rogart(Lords)LDem4.6%
The Earl of Rosslyn(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Darling of Roulanish(Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Blyth of Rowington(Lords)Con0.0%
The Bishop of Salisbury(Lords)Bishop0.0%
The Marquess of Salisbury(Lords)Conn/a
Lord Wallace of Saltaire(Lords)LDem1.2%
The Earl of Sandwich(Lords)Crossbench19.9%
Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick(Lords)Crossbench26.4%
Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay(Lords)Non-affiliated8.8%
The Earl of Selborne(Lords)Con1.8%
The Earl of Shrewsbury(Lords)Con0.6%
Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede(Lords)Lab1.4%
The Earl of Snowdon(Lords)Crossbenchn/a
Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho(Lords)Crossbench15.4%
Baroness Burt of Solihull(Lords)LDem0.0%
The Duke of Somerset(Lords)Crossbench20.4%
The Bishop of Southwark(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Kennedy of Southwark(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Palumbo of Southwark(Lords)LDem8.3%
Baroness Perry of Southwark(Lords)Con1.5%
Lord Porter of Spalding(Lords)Con0.4%
Lord West of Spithead(Lords)Lab0.9%
Lord Duncan of Springbank(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Martin of Springburn(Lords)Crossbench30.2%
The Bishop of St Albans(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Baroness Howells of St Davids(Lords)Lab0.9%
Baroness Paisley of St George's(Lords)DUP0.0%
Baroness Anelay of St Johns(Lords)Con0.5%
The Earl of Stair(Lords)Crossbench22.0%
Lord Davies of Stamford(Lords)Lab1.0%
Lord Llewellyn of Steep(Lords)Conn/a
Lord Goddard of Stockport(Lords)LDem0.8%
Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony(Lords)Judge0.0%
Lord Gordon of Strathblane(Lords)Lab2.9%
Baroness Hughes of Stretford(Lords)Lab0.3%
Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Campbell of Surbiton(Lords)Crossbench21.1%
Lord Anderson of Swansea(Lords)Lab1.2%
Lord Stoddart of Swindon(Lords)Independent Labourn/a
Lord Thomas of Swynnerton(Lords)Crossbench32.9%
Lord Wallace of Tankerness(Lords)LDem2.0%
Lord Brabazon of Tara(Lords)Con0.6%
Baroness Watkins of Tavistock(Lords)Crossbench15.8%
Lord Evans of Temple Guiting(Lords)Lab1.1%
Lord Barber of Tewkesbury(Lords)Crossbench12.5%
Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws(Lords)Lab17.4%
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde(Lords)Lab0.6%
Lord Falconer of Thoroton(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn(Lords)Crossbench29.7%
Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore(Lords)Judgen/a
Lord Murphy of Torfaen(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Macdonald of Tradeston(Lords)Lab0.5%
Lord Lee of Trafford(Lords)LDem1.5%
Baroness Williams of Trafford(Lords)Con0.5%
Lord Howie of Troon(Lords)Lab4.2%
The Bishop of Truro(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Vallance of Tummel(Lords)LDem1.2%
Lord Sainsbury of Turville(Lords)Lab0.0%
Lord Purvis of Tweed(Lords)LDem0.6%
Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe(Lords)Lab1.0%
Baroness Ashton of Upholland(Lords)Non-affiliated0.0%
Lord Randall of Uxbridge(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean(Lords)Lab0.6%
Baroness Chalker of Wallasey(Lords)Con1.2%
Baroness Thomas of Walliswood(Lords)LDem1.5%
Lord Taylor of Warwick(Lords)Non-affiliated46.9%
Lord Evans of Watford(Lords)Lab0.2%
Lord Evans of Weardale(Lords)Crossbench38.9%
The Duke of Wellington(Lords)Con25.4%
Lord Ryder of Wensum(Lords)Con0.8%
Lord McNicol of West Kilbride(Lords)Lab1.4%
Lord Fellowes of West Stafford(Lords)Con0.0%
Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare(Lords)Non-affiliated100.0%
Lord Hurd of Westwell(Lords)Con5.0%
Lord Knight of Weymouth(Lords)Lab0.6%
Baroness Jones of Whitchurch(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Cullen of Whitekirk(Lords)Crossbench0.0%
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon(Lords)Con0.6%
Lord Singh of Wimbledon(Lords)Crossbench22.3%
The Bishop of Winchester(Lords)Bishop10.0%
Baroness Thomas of Winchester(Lords)LDem1.7%
Lord Clark of Windermere(Lords)Lab0.8%
Lord Cooper of Windrush(Lords)Con20.2%
Baroness Harding of Winscombe(Lords)Con0.0%
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne(Lords)LDem32.8%
Lord Hunt of Wirral(Lords)Con1.1%
Lord Hughes of Woodside(Lords)Lab0.7%
The Bishop of Worcester(Lords)Bishop0.0%
Lord Faulkner of Worcester(Lords)Lab1.5%
Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers(Lords)Judge3.1%
Baroness Morris of Yardley(Lords)Lab0.7%
Lord Grade of Yarmouth(Lords)Con1.4%
Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury(Lords)LDem0.0%
The Archbishop of York(Lords)Bishop1.7%
Stephen KinnockAberavonLab0.6%
Guto BebbAberconwywhilst Independentn/a
Kevin StewartAberdeen CentralSNPn/a
Mark McDonaldAberdeen Donsidewhilst Independentn/a
Kirsty BlackmanAberdeen NorthSNP0.0%
Ross ThomsonAberdeen SouthCon3.1%
Maureen WattAberdeen South and North KincardineSNPn/a
Gillian MartinAberdeenshire EastSNPn/a
Alexander BurnettAberdeenshire WestConn/a
Neil GrayAirdrie and ShottsSNP0.0%
Alex NeilAirdrie and ShottsSNPn/a
Leo DochertyAldershotCon0.0%
Wendy MortonAldridge-BrownhillsCon0.7%
Angela ConstanceAlmond ValleySNPn/a
Graham BradyAltrincham and Sale WestCon2.1%
Mark TamiAlyn and DeesideLab0.3%
Nigel MillsAmber ValleyCon3.6%
Kirstene HairAngusCon1.0%
Mairi GougeonAngus North and MearnsSNPn/a
Graeme DeyAngus SouthSNPn/a
Hywel WilliamsArfonPC0.0%
Brendan O'HaraArgyll and ButeSNP0.0%
Michael RussellArgyll and ButeSNPn/a
Nick HerbertArundel and South DownsCon3.2%
Gloria De PieroAshfieldLab0.0%
Damian GreenAshfordCon3.2%
Angela RaynerAshton-under-LyneLab0.0%
David LidingtonAylesburyCon1.6%
John ScottAyrConn/a
Bill GrantAyr, Carrick and CumnockCon1.9%
Victoria PrentisBanburyCon2.3%
David DuguidBanff and BuchanCon2.4%
Stewart StevensonBanffshire and Buchan CoastSNPn/a
Margaret HodgeBarkingLab0.4%
Dan JarvisBarnsley CentralLab0.6%
Stephanie PeacockBarnsley EastLab0.8%
John WoodcockBarrow and Furnesswhilst Independentn/a
John BaronBasildon and BillericayCon2.5%
Maria MillerBasingstokeCon1.0%
John MannBassetlawLab14.3%
Wera HobhouseBathLDem0.0%
Tracy BrabinBatley and SpenLab0.0%
Marsha de CordovaBatterseaLab0.8%
Dominic GrieveBeaconsfieldwhilst Independentn/a
Bob StewartBeckenhamCon3.1%
Mohammad YasinBedfordLab0.3%
Gavin RobinsonBelfast EastDUP0.0%
Nigel DoddsBelfast NorthDUP0.8%
Emma Little PengellyBelfast SouthDUP0.3%
Paul MaskeyBelfast WestSFn/a
Neil CoyleBermondsey and Old SouthwarkLab0.3%
Anne-Marie TrevelyanBerwick-upon-TweedCon2.2%
John LamontBerwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkCon1.5%
Rushanara AliBethnal Green and BowLab0.3%
Graham StuartBeverley and HoldernessCon0.0%
Huw MerrimanBexhill and BattleCon1.7%
David EvennettBexleyheath and CrayfordCon1.0%
Frank FieldBirkenheadwhilst Independentn/a
Preet Kaur GillBirmingham, EdgbastonLab0.3%
Jack DromeyBirmingham, ErdingtonLab0.0%
Roger GodsiffBirmingham, Hall GreenLab4.2%
Liam ByrneBirmingham, Hodge HillLab0.3%
Shabana MahmoodBirmingham, LadywoodLab0.0%
Richard BurdenBirmingham, NorthfieldLab0.0%
Khalid MahmoodBirmingham, Perry BarrLab0.0%
Steve McCabeBirmingham, Selly OakLab0.6%
Jess PhillipsBirmingham, YardleyLab0.0%
Helen GoodmanBishop AucklandLab0.8%
Kate HollernBlackburnLab0.6%
Graham StringerBlackley and BroughtonLab30.0%
Paul MaynardBlackpool North and CleveleysCon0.2%
Gordon MarsdenBlackpool SouthLab0.6%
Nick SmithBlaenau GwentLab0.6%
Liz TwistBlaydonLab0.0%
Ronnie CampbellBlyth ValleyLab14.7%
Nick GibbBognor Regis and LittlehamptonCon1.2%
Dennis SkinnerBolsoverLab6.4%
David CrausbyBolton North EastLab0.0%
Yasmin QureshiBolton South EastLab0.3%
Chris GreenBolton WestCon2.8%
Peter DowdBootleLab0.5%
Matt WarmanBoston and SkegnessCon0.7%
David TredinnickBosworthCon2.4%
Tobias EllwoodBournemouth EastCon0.8%
Conor BurnsBournemouth WestCon2.5%
Phillip LeeBracknellwhilst LDem0.0%
Imran HussainBradford EastLab0.3%
Judith CumminsBradford SouthLab0.0%
Naseem ShahBradford WestLab0.0%
James CleverlyBraintreeCon0.2%
Jane DoddsBrecon and RadnorshireLDem0.0%
Dawn ButlerBrent CentralLab0.6%
Barry GardinerBrent NorthLab0.6%
Ruth CadburyBrentford and IsleworthLab0.6%
Alex BurghartBrentwood and OngarCon0.0%
Madeleine MoonBridgendLab0.3%
Ian Liddell-GraingerBridgwater and West SomersetCon2.9%
Andrew PercyBrigg and GooleCon3.1%
Lloyd Russell-MoyleBrighton, KemptownLab0.3%
Caroline LucasBrighton, PavilionGreen0.0%
Kerry McCarthyBristol EastLab0.3%
Darren JonesBristol North WestLab0.3%
Karin SmythBristol SouthLab0.0%
Thangam DebbonaireBristol WestLab0.3%
Keith SimpsonBroadlandCon1.7%
Bob NeillBromley and ChislehurstCon5.7%
Sajid JavidBromsgroveCon0.5%
Charles WalkerBroxbourneCon1.3%
Anna SoubryBroxtowewhilst Independentn/a
John BercowBuckinghamSpeakern/a
Julie CooperBurnleyLab0.3%
Andrew GriffithsBurtonCon2.3%
James FrithBury NorthLab0.3%
Ivan LewisBury Southwhilst Independentn/a
Jo ChurchillBury St EdmundsCon1.4%
Wayne DavidCaerphillyLab0.0%
Jamie StoneCaithness, Sutherland and Easter RossLDem0.0%
Gail RossCaithness, Sutherland and RossSNPn/a
Craig WhittakerCalder ValleyCon0.7%
Harriet HarmanCamberwell and PeckhamLab0.0%
George EusticeCamborne and RedruthCon2.0%
Daniel ZeichnerCambridgeLab1.3%
Amanda MillingCannock ChaseCon0.2%
Rosie DuffieldCanterburyLab0.5%
Jo StevensCardiff CentralLab0.8%
Anna McMorrinCardiff NorthLab1.4%
Stephen DoughtyCardiff South and PenarthLab0.5%
Kevin BrennanCardiff WestLab0.0%
John StevensonCarlisleCon3.5%
Jonathan EdwardsCarmarthen East and DinefwrPC0.0%
Simon HartCarmarthen West and South PembrokeshireCon1.2%
Jeane FreemanCarrick, Cumnock and Doon ValleySNPn/a
Tom BrakeCarshalton and WallingtonLDem0.3%
Rebecca HarrisCastle PointCon0.2%
Philippa WhitfordCentral AyrshireSNP0.0%
Mel StrideCentral DevonCon0.7%
Mark GriffinCentral ScotlandLabn/a
Alison HarrisCentral ScotlandConn/a
Monica LennonCentral ScotlandLabn/a
Richard LeonardCentral ScotlandLabn/a
Margaret MitchellCentral ScotlandConn/a
Graham SimpsonCentral ScotlandConn/a
Elaine SmithCentral ScotlandLabn/a
Daniel PoulterCentral Suffolk and North IpswichCon2.8%
Ben LakeCeredigionPC0.0%
Edward ArgarCharnwoodCon0.5%
Tracey CrouchChatham and AylesfordCon2.2%
Mary RobinsonCheadleCon1.2%
Vicky FordChelmsfordCon2.5%
Greg HandsChelsea and FulhamCon1.5%
Alex ChalkCheltenhamCon1.9%
Dame Cheryl GillanChesham and AmershamCon3.7%
Toby PerkinsChesterfieldLab0.8%
Gillian KeeganChichesterCon1.4%
Iain Duncan SmithChingford and Woodford GreenCon2.5%
Michelle DonelanChippenhamCon1.2%
Theresa VilliersChipping BarnetCon2.9%
Lindsay HoyleChorleyLabn/a
Christopher ChopeChristchurchCon5.6%
Mark FieldCities of London and WestminsterCon2.0%
Chris MathesonCity of ChesterLab0.3%
Roberta Blackman-WoodsCity of DurhamLab0.0%
Keith BrownClackmannanshire and DunblaneSNPn/a
Giles WatlingClactonCon2.5%
Martin VickersCleethorpesCon3.8%
Susan Elan JonesClwyd SouthLab0.0%
David JonesClwyd WestCon3.9%
Gil PatersonClydebank and MilngavieSNPn/a
Aileen CampbellClydesdaleSNPn/a
Fulton MacGregorCoatbridge and ChrystonSNPn/a
Hugh GaffneyCoatbridge, Chryston and BellshillLab0.0%
Will QuinceColchesterCon1.6%
Thelma WalkerColne ValleyLab0.5%
Fiona BruceCongletonCon2.6%
Trudy HarrisonCopelandCon0.7%
Tom PursgloveCorbyCon2.6%
Colleen FletcherCoventry North EastLab0.0%
Geoffrey RobinsonCoventry North WestLab1.3%
Jim CunninghamCoventry SouthLab1.3%
Annabelle EwingCowdenbeathSNPn/a
Henry SmithCrawleyCon3.8%
Laura SmithCrewe and NantwichLab2.5%
Sarah JonesCroydon CentralLab0.3%
Steve ReedCroydon NorthLab0.3%
Chris PhilpCroydon SouthCon0.2%
Jamie HepburnCumbernauld and KilsythSNPn/a
Stuart McDonaldCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch EastSNP0.0%
Kenneth GibsonCunninghame NorthSNPn/a
Ruth MaguireCunninghame SouthSNPn/a
Ann ClwydCynon ValleyLab2.2%
Jon CruddasDagenham and RainhamLab1.4%
Jenny ChapmanDarlingtonLab0.0%
Gareth JohnsonDartfordCon2.2%
Chris Heaton-HarrisDaventryCon1.2%
David HansonDelynLab0.0%
Andrew GwynneDenton and ReddishLab0.0%
Chris WilliamsonDerby Northwhilst Independentn/a
Margaret BeckettDerby SouthLab0.9%
Patrick McLoughlinDerbyshire DalesCon1.3%
Claire PerryDevizesCon0.6%
Paula SherriffDewsburyLab0.0%
Caroline FlintDon ValleyLab7.7%
Rosie WintertonDoncaster CentralLabn/a
Ed MilibandDoncaster NorthLab0.3%
Charlie ElphickeDoverwhilst Independentn/a
Ian AustinDudley Northwhilst Independentn/a
Mike WoodDudley SouthCon0.5%
Helen HayesDulwich and West NorwoodLab0.3%
Jackie BaillieDumbartonLabn/a
Alister JackDumfries and GallowayCon0.7%
Oliver MundellDumfriesshireConn/a
David MundellDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and TweeddaleCon1.1%
Shona RobisonDundee City EastSNPn/a
Joe FitzPatrickDundee City WestSNPn/a
Stewart HosieDundee EastSNP0.0%
Chris LawDundee WestSNP0.0%
Shirley-Anne SomervilleDunfermlineSNPn/a
Douglas ChapmanDunfermline and West FifeSNP0.0%
Liz Saville-RobertsDwyfor MeirionnyddPC0.0%
Rupa HuqEaling Central and ActonLab0.3%
Steve PoundEaling NorthLab0.9%
Virendra SharmaEaling, SouthallLab0.0%
Grahame MorrisEasingtonLab2.2%
Sammy WilsonEast AntrimDUP0.6%
Hugo SwireEast DevonCon1.8%
Jo SwinsonEast DunbartonshireLDem0.0%
Stephen TimmsEast HamLab0.3%
Damian HindsEast HampshireCon0.5%
Linda FabianiEast KilbrideSNPn/a
Lisa CameronEast Kilbride, Strathaven and LesmahagowSNP0.3%
Gregory CampbellEast LondonderryDUP0.3%
Iain GrayEast LothianLabn/a
Martin WhitfieldEast LothianLab0.6%
Paul MastertonEast RenfrewshireCon5.7%
Sam GyimahEast Surreywhilst Independentn/a
Tim LoughtonEast Worthing and ShorehamCon3.5%
Greg KnightEast YorkshireCon2.0%
Stephen LloydEastbournewhilst Independentn/a
Mims DaviesEastleighCon1.2%
Jackson CarlawEastwoodConn/a
Antoinette SandbachEddisburywhilst Independentn/a
Ruth DavidsonEdinburgh CentralConn/a
Tommy SheppardEdinburgh EastSNP0.0%
Ash DenhamEdinburgh EasternSNPn/a
Deidre BrockEdinburgh North and LeithSNP0.0%
Ben MacphersonEdinburgh Northern and LeithSNPn/a
Gordon MacDonaldEdinburgh PentlandsSNPn/a
Ian MurrayEdinburgh SouthLab0.8%
Joanna CherryEdinburgh South WestSNP0.0%
Daniel JohnsonEdinburgh SouthernLabn/a
Christine JardineEdinburgh WestLDem0.0%
Alex Cole-HamiltonEdinburgh WesternLDemn/a
Kate OsamorEdmontonLab0.6%
Justin MaddersEllesmere Port and NestonLab0.8%
Alec ShelbrookeElmet and RothwellCon0.8%
Clive EffordElthamLab0.3%
Joan RyanEnfield Northwhilst Independentn/a
Bambos CharalambousEnfield, SouthgateLab0.0%
Eleanor LaingEpping ForestConn/a
Chris GraylingEpsom and EwellCon1.1%
Maggie ThroupErewashCon0.5%
Teresa PearceErith and ThamesmeadLab0.3%
Dominic RaabEsher and WaltonCon2.3%
Rachael HamiltonEttrick, Roxburgh and BerwickshireConn/a
Ben BradshawExeterLab0.6%
John McNallyFalkirkSNP0.0%
Angus MacDonaldFalkirk EastSNPn/a
Michael MathesonFalkirk WestSNPn/a
Suella BravermanFarehamCon3.3%
Helen WhatelyFaversham and Mid KentCon0.5%
Seema MalhotraFeltham and HestonLab0.0%
Michelle GildernewFermanagh and South TyroneSFn/a
Jack LoprestiFilton and Bradley StokeCon0.2%
Mike FreerFinchley and Golders GreenCon2.7%
Damian CollinsFolkestone and HytheCon3.7%
Mark HarperForest of DeanCon3.3%
Elisha McCallionFoyleSFn/a
Mark MenziesFyldeCon0.8%
Edward LeighGainsboroughCon1.9%
Finlay CarsonGalloway and West DumfriesConn/a
Maria EagleGarston and HalewoodLab0.0%
Ian MearnsGatesheadLab0.3%
Vernon CoakerGedlingLab0.0%
Rehman ChishtiGillingham and RainhamCon2.5%
Patrick HarvieGlasgowGreenn/a
James KellyGlasgowLabn/a
Johann LamontGlasgowLabn/a
Pauline McNeillGlasgowLabn/a
Anas SarwarGlasgowLabn/a
Adam TomkinsGlasgowConn/a
Annie WellsGlasgowConn/a
Bill KiddGlasgow AnnieslandSNPn/a
James DornanGlasgow CathcartSNPn/a
Alison ThewlissGlasgow CentralSNP0.0%
David LindenGlasgow EastSNP0.3%
Sandra WhiteGlasgow KelvinSNPn/a
Bob DorisGlasgow Maryhill and SpringburnSNPn/a
Patrick GradyGlasgow NorthSNP0.0%
Paul SweeneyGlasgow North EastLab0.8%
Carol MonaghanGlasgow North WestSNP0.0%
Humza YousafGlasgow PollokSNPn/a
Ivan McKeeGlasgow ProvanSNPn/a
John MasonGlasgow ShettlestonSNPn/a
Stewart McDonaldGlasgow SouthSNP0.0%
Chris StephensGlasgow South WestSNP0.0%
Nicola SturgeonGlasgow SouthsideSNPn/a
Peter GrantGlenrothesSNP0.3%
Richard GrahamGloucesterCon1.7%
Colin ClarkGordonCon0.5%
Caroline DinenageGosportCon1.0%
Tonia AntoniazziGowerLab0.5%
Nicholas BolesGrantham and Stamfordwhilst Independentn/a
Adam HollowayGraveshamCon4.1%
Melanie OnnGreat GrimsbyLab0.8%
Brandon LewisGreat YarmouthCon0.8%
Stuart McMillanGreenock and InverclydeSNPn/a
Matthew PennycookGreenwich and WoolwichLab0.3%
Anne MiltonGuildfordwhilst Independentn/a
Diane AbbottHackney North and Stoke NewingtonLab0.3%
Meg HillierHackney South and ShoreditchLab0.0%
James MorrisHalesowen and Rowley RegisCon0.5%
Holly LynchHalifaxLab0.0%
David DavisHaltemprice and HowdenCon3.8%
Derek TwiggHaltonLab3.1%
Christina McKelvieHamilton, Larkhall and StonehouseSNPn/a
Andrew SlaughterHammersmithLab0.3%
Tulip SiddiqHampstead and KilburnLab0.3%
Neil O'BrienHarboroughCon0.3%
Robert HalfonHarlowCon2.5%
Andrew JonesHarrogate and KnaresboroughCon0.7%
Bob BlackmanHarrow EastCon4.0%
Gareth ThomasHarrow WestLab0.0%
Mike HillHartlepoolLab1.1%
Bernard JenkinHarwich and North EssexCon3.0%
Amber RuddHastings and RyeCon1.5%
Alan MakHavantCon0.7%
John Martin McDonnellHayes and HarlingtonLab0.6%
William WraggHazel GroveCon3.6%
Mike PenningHemel HempsteadCon3.0%
Jon TrickettHemsworthLab0.0%
Matthew OffordHendonCon1.5%
John HowellHenleyCon1.3%
Jesse NormanHereford and South HerefordshireCon0.5%
Mark PriskHertford and StortfordCon1.5%
Oliver DowdenHertsmereCon0.7%
Guy OppermanHexhamCon1.2%
Liz McInnesHeywood and MiddletonLab0.3%
Ruth GeorgeHigh PeakLab0.3%
Donald CameronHighlands and IslandsConn/a
John FinnieHighlands and IslandsGreenn/a
Rhoda GrantHighlands and IslandsLabn/a
Jamie Halcro JohnstonHighlands and IslandsConn/a
Edward MountainHighlands and IslandsConn/a
David StewartHighlands and IslandsLabn/a
Maree ToddHighlands and IslandsSNPn/a
Bim AfolamiHitchin and HarpendenCon1.5%
Keir StarmerHolborn and St PancrasLab0.3%
Julia LopezHornchurch and UpminsterCon2.9%
Catherine WestHornsey and Wood GreenLab0.3%
Jeremy QuinHorshamCon0.9%
Bridget PhillipsonHoughton and Sunderland SouthLab0.3%
Peter KyleHoveLab0.3%
Barry SheermanHuddersfieldLab0.3%
Jonathan DjanoglyHuntingdonCon10.1%
Graham JonesHyndburnLab0.0%
Wes StreetingIlford NorthLab0.5%
Mike GapesIlford Southwhilst Independentn/a
Ronnie CowanInverclydeSNP0.0%
Fergus EwingInverness and NairnSNPn/a
Drew HendryInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeySNP0.0%
Sandy MartinIpswichLab0.3%
Bob SeelyIsle of WightCon1.5%
Jeremy CorbynIslington NorthLab0.3%
Emily ThornberryIslington South and FinsburyLab0.3%
Chris EvansIslwynLab0.3%
Stephen HepburnJarrowLab9.5%
John GroganKeighleyLab1.1%
Jeremy WrightKenilworth and SouthamCon0.8%
Emma Dent CoadKensingtonLab0.6%
Philip HolloboneKetteringCon8.4%
Willie CoffeyKilmarnock and Irvine ValleySNPn/a
Alan BrownKilmarnock and LoudounSNP0.0%
Edward DaveyKingston and SurbitonLDem0.3%
Karl TurnerKingston upon Hull EastLab0.3%
Diana R. JohnsonKingston upon Hull NorthLab0.0%
Emma HardyKingston upon Hull West and HessleLab0.3%
Chris SkidmoreKingswoodCon1.7%
David TorranceKirkcaldySNPn/a
Lesley LairdKirkcaldy and CowdenbeathLab0.3%
George HowarthKnowsleyLab0.9%
Jeffrey M. DonaldsonLagan ValleyDUP0.3%
Angela CrawleyLanark and Hamilton EastSNP0.0%
Cat SmithLancaster and FleetwoodLab0.0%
Hilary BennLeeds CentralLab0.3%
Richard BurgonLeeds EastLab0.3%
Fabian HamiltonLeeds North EastLab0.3%
Alex SobelLeeds North WestLab0.3%
Rachel ReevesLeeds WestLab0.0%
Keith VazLeicester EastLab0.0%
Jon AshworthLeicester SouthLab0.0%
Liz KendallLeicester WestLab0.6%
Jo PlattLeighLab0.0%
Maria CaulfieldLewesCon2.4%
Janet DabyLewisham EastLab0.5%
Ellie ReevesLewisham West and PengeLab0.3%
Vicky FoxcroftLewisham, DeptfordLab0.3%
John CryerLeyton and WansteadLab0.6%
Michael FabricantLichfieldCon2.9%
Karen LeeLincolnLab0.6%
Fiona HyslopLinlithgowSNPn/a
Martyn DayLinlithgow and East FalkirkSNP0.0%
Louise EllmanLiverpool, RiversideLab0.6%
Dan CardenLiverpool, WaltonLab0.3%
Luciana BergerLiverpool, Wavertreewhilst Independentn/a
Stephen TwiggLiverpool, West DerbyLab0.0%
Hannah BardellLivingstonSNP0.0%
Nia GriffithLlanelliLab0.5%
Jeremy BalfourLothianConn/a
Sarah BoyackLothianLabn/a
Miles BriggsLothianConn/a
Neil FindlayLothianLabn/a
Alison JohnstoneLothianGreenn/a
Gordon LindhurstLothianConn/a
Andy WightmanLothianGreenn/a
Nicky MorganLoughboroughCon7.3%
Victoria AtkinsLouth and HorncastleCon1.4%
Philip DunneLudlowCon1.0%
Kelvin HopkinsLuton Northwhilst Independentn/a
Gavin ShukerLuton Southwhilst Independentn/a
David RutleyMacclesfieldCon0.2%
Theresa MayMaidenheadCon0.9%
Helen GrantMaidstone and The WealdCon0.7%
Yvonne FovargueMakerfieldLab1.5%
John WhittingdaleMaldonCon2.8%
Lucy PowellManchester CentralLab0.0%
Afzal KhanManchester, GortonLab0.0%
Jeff SmithManchester, WithingtonLab0.0%
Ben BradleyMansfieldCon2.2%
George HollingberyMeon ValleyCon0.8%
Caroline SpelmanMeridenCon6.9%
Gerald JonesMerthyr Tydfil and RhymneyLab0.0%
Nadine DorriesMid BedfordshireCon1.3%
Pauline LathamMid DerbyshireCon2.8%
Michael TomlinsonMid Dorset and North PooleCon3.3%
Jenny GilruthMid Fife and GlenrothesSNPn/a
George FreemanMid NorfolkCon5.9%
Claire BakerMid Scotland and FifeLabn/a
Murdo FraserMid Scotland and FifeConn/a
Dean LockhartMid Scotland and FifeConn/a
Alex RowleyMid Scotland and FifeLabn/a
Mr Mark RuskellMid Scotland and FifeGreenn/a
Elizabeth SmithMid Scotland and FifeConn/a
Alexander StewartMid Scotland and FifeConn/a
Nicholas SoamesMid Sussexwhilst Independentn/a
Francie MolloyMid UlsterSFn/a
Nigel HuddlestonMid WorcestershireCon0.7%
Andy McDonaldMiddlesbroughLab0.3%
Simon ClarkeMiddlesbrough South and East ClevelandCon3.1%
Danielle RowleyMidlothianLab0.3%
Colin BeattieMidlothian North and MusselburghSNPn/a
Christine GrahameMidlothian South, Tweeddale and LauderdaleSNPn/a
Mark LancasterMilton Keynes NorthCon0.3%
Iain StewartMilton Keynes SouthCon0.2%
Siobhain McDonaghMitcham and MordenLab1.7%
Paul BeresfordMole ValleyCon1.5%
David DaviesMonmouthCon1.0%
Glyn DaviesMontgomeryshireCon0.5%
Richard LochheadMoraySNPn/a
Douglas RossMorayCon2.0%
David MorrisMorecambe and LunesdaleCon1.3%
Andrea JenkynsMorley and OutwoodCon3.0%
Clare AdamsonMotherwell and WishawSNPn/a
Marion FellowsMotherwell and WishawSNP0.0%
Alasdair AllanNa h-Eileanan an IarSNPn/a
Angus MacNeilNa h-Eileanan an IarSNP0.0%
Christina ReesNeathLab0.0%
Julian LewisNew Forest EastCon3.1%
Desmond SwayneNew Forest WestCon3.0%
Robert JenrickNewarkCon0.7%
Richard BenyonNewburywhilst Independentn/a
Chi OnwurahNewcastle upon Tyne CentralLab0.0%
Nick BrownNewcastle upon Tyne EastLab0.3%
Catherine McKinnellNewcastle upon Tyne NorthLab0.3%
Paul FarrellyNewcastle-under-LymeLab0.6%
Jessica MordenNewport EastLab0.0%
Ruth JonesNewport WestLab0.0%
Mickey BradyNewry and ArmaghSFn/a
Anne Marie MorrisNewton AbbotCon4.5%
Yvette CooperNormanton, Pontefract and CastlefordLab0.0%
Ian Paisley JnrNorth AntrimDUP0.9%
Patricia GibsonNorth Ayrshire and ArranSNP0.0%
Scott MannNorth CornwallCon2.6%
Peter Heaton-JonesNorth DevonCon1.4%
Simon HoareNorth DorsetCon2.5%
Sylvia HermonNorth DownIndependentn/a
Kevan JonesNorth DurhamLab1.8%
Alistair BurtNorth East Bedfordshirewhilst Independentn/a
Stephen BarclayNorth East CambridgeshireCon0.0%
Lee RowleyNorth East DerbyshireCon2.9%
Stephen GethinsNorth East FifeSNP0.0%
Willie RennieNorth East FifeLDemn/a
Ranil JayawardenaNorth East HampshireCon3.3%
Oliver HealdNorth East HertfordshireCon2.5%
Bill BowmanNorth East ScotlandConn/a
Peter ChapmanNorth East ScotlandConn/a
Liam KerrNorth East ScotlandConn/a
Lewis MacdonaldNorth East ScotlandLabn/a
Jenny MarraNorth East ScotlandLabn/a
Tom MasonNorth East ScotlandConn/a
Mike RumblesNorth East ScotlandLDemn/a
Jacob Rees-MoggNorth East SomersetCon3.6%
Bill WigginNorth HerefordshireCon3.0%
Norman LambNorth NorfolkLDem0.7%
Owen PatersonNorth ShropshireCon4.0%
Liam FoxNorth SomersetCon0.3%
Justin TomlinsonNorth SwindonCon1.4%
Roger GaleNorth ThanetCon2.0%
Mary GlindonNorth TynesideLab1.1%
Craig TraceyNorth WarwickshireCon2.9%
Shailesh VaraNorth West CambridgeshireCon2.4%
Laura PidcockNorth West DurhamLab0.3%
Kit MalthouseNorth West HampshireCon0.2%
Andrew BridgenNorth West LeicestershireCon3.7%
Henry BellinghamNorth West NorfolkCon0.2%
James GrayNorth WiltshireCon3.3%
Michael EllisNorthampton NorthCon0.7%
Andrew LewerNorthampton SouthCon2.9%
Chloe SmithNorwich NorthCon1.0%
Clive LewisNorwich SouthLab0.6%
Chris LeslieNottingham Eastwhilst Independentn/a
Alex NorrisNottingham NorthLab0.3%
Lilian GreenwoodNottingham SouthLab0.3%
Marcus JonesNuneatonCon0.5%
Luke GrahamOchil and South PerthshireCon2.4%
Chris ElmoreOgmoreLab0.0%
James BrokenshireOld Bexley and SidcupCon0.6%
Debbie AbrahamsOldham East and SaddleworthLab0.3%
Jim McMahonOldham West and RoytonLab0.0%
Alistair CarmichaelOrkney and ShetlandLDem0.3%
Liam McArthurOrkney IslandsLDemn/a
Jo JohnsonOrpingtonCon4.1%
Anneliese DoddsOxford EastLab0.6%
Layla MoranOxford West and AbingdonLDem0.6%
George AdamPaisleySNPn/a
Gavin NewlandsPaisley and Renfrewshire NorthSNP0.3%
Mhairi BlackPaisley and Renfrewshire SouthSNP0.4%
Andrew StephensonPendleCon1.0%
Angela SmithPenistone and Stocksbridgewhilst Independentn/a
Rory StewartPenrith and The Borderwhilst Independentn/a
Pete WishartPerth and North PerthshireSNP0.0%
John SwinneyPerthshire NorthSNPn/a
Roseanna CunninghamPerthshire South and Kinross-shireSNPn/a
Lisa ForbesPeterboroughLab0.0%
Johnny MercerPlymouth, Moor ViewCon1.6%
Luke PollardPlymouth, Sutton and DevonportLab0.0%
Owen SmithPontypriddLab0.9%
Robert SymsPooleCon2.6%
Jim FitzpatrickPoplar and LimehouseLab4.5%
Penny MordauntPortsmouth NorthCon0.8%
Stephen MorganPortsmouth SouthLab0.5%
Stephen CrabbPreseli PembrokeshireCon2.6%
Mark HendrickPrestonLab0.7%
Stuart AndrewPudseyCon1.0%
Justine GreeningPutneywhilst Independentn/a
Mark FrancoisRayleigh and WickfordCon3.4%
Matt RoddaReading EastLab0.3%
Alok SharmaReading WestCon1.0%
Anna TurleyRedcarLab0.0%
Rachel MacleanRedditchCon0.5%
Crispin BluntReigateCon4.0%
Derek MackayRenfrewshire North and WestSNPn/a
Tom ArthurRenfrewshire SouthSNPn/a
Chris BryantRhonddaLab0.3%
Nigel EvansRibble ValleyCon2.1%
Rishi SunakRichmond (Yorks)Con0.0%
Zac GoldsmithRichmond ParkCon2.3%
Tony LloydRochdaleLab0.3%
Kelly TolhurstRochester and StroodCon0.5%
James DuddridgeRochford and Southend EastCon3.6%
Andrew RosindellRomfordCon4.3%
Caroline NokesRomsey and Southampton Northwhilst Independentn/a
Ian BlackfordRoss, Skye and LochaberSNP0.0%
Jake BerryRossendale and DarwenCon0.5%
Kevin BarronRother ValleyLab9.9%
Sarah ChampionRotherhamLab2.1%
Mark PawseyRugbyCon4.1%
Nick HurdRuislip, Northwood and PinnerCon1.0%
Philip HammondRunnymede and Weybridgewhilst Independentn/a
Kenneth ClarkeRushcliffewhilst Independentn/a
Clare HaugheyRutherglenSNPn/a
Ged KillenRutherglen and Hamilton WestLab0.6%
Alan DuncanRutland and MeltonCon1.6%
Kemi BadenochSaffron WaldenCon0.2%
Rebecca Long-BaileySalford and EcclesLab0.0%
John GlenSalisburyCon0.5%
Robert GoodwillScarborough and WhitbyCon1.5%
Nicholas DakinScunthorpeLab0.0%
Phil WilsonSedgefieldLab0.3%
Bill EstersonSefton CentralLab0.0%
Nigel AdamsSelby and AinstyCon0.5%
Michael FallonSevenoaksCon1.7%
Paul BlomfieldSheffield CentralLab0.5%
Clive BettsSheffield South EastLab0.0%
Gill FurnissSheffield, Brightside and HillsboroughLab0.0%
Jared O'MaraSheffield, Hallamwhilst Independentn/a
Louise HaighSheffield, HeeleyLab0.0%
Mark SpencerSherwoodCon0.2%
Beatrice WishartShetland IslandsLDemn/a
Philip DaviesShipleyCon6.9%
Daniel KawczynskiShrewsbury and AtchamCon2.4%
Gordon HendersonSittingbourne and SheppeyCon2.4%
Julian SmithSkipton and RiponCon0.0%
Kate ForbesSkye, Lochaber and BadenochSNPn/a
Dr Caroline JohnsonSleaford and North HykehamCon0.5%
Tanmanjeet Singh DhesiSloughLab0.6%
Julian KnightSolihullCon0.2%
David WarburtonSomerton and FromeCon0.5%
Paul GirvanSouth AntrimDUP0.0%
Stephen MetcalfeSouth Basildon and East ThurrockCon2.5%
Heidi AllenSouth Cambridgeshirewhilst Independentn/a
Heather WheelerSouth DerbyshireCon0.3%
Richard DraxSouth DorsetCon3.0%
Christopher HazzardSouth DownSFn/a
Lucy FrazerSouth East CambridgeshireCon0.5%
Sheryll MurraySouth East CornwallCon2.4%
John HayesSouth Holland and The DeepingsCon2.0%
Alberto CostaSouth LeicestershireCon2.3%
Richard BaconSouth NorfolkCon3.5%
Andrea LeadsomSouth NorthamptonshireCon1.0%
Seema KennedySouth RibbleCon0.7%
Michelle BallantyneSouth ScotlandConn/a
Claudia BeamishSouth ScotlandLabn/a
Emma HarperSouth ScotlandSNPn/a
Joan McAlpineSouth ScotlandSNPn/a
Colin SmythSouth ScotlandLabn/a
Paul WheelhouseSouth ScotlandSNPn/a
Brian WhittleSouth ScotlandConn/a
Emma Lewell-BuckSouth ShieldsLab1.8%
Gavin WilliamsonSouth StaffordshireCon0.5%
James CartlidgeSouth SuffolkCon1.9%
Robert BucklandSouth SwindonCon1.2%
Craig MackinlaySouth ThanetCon3.3%
Andrew SelousSouth West BedfordshireCon0.2%
Gary StreeterSouth West DevonCon2.5%
David GaukeSouth West Hertfordshirewhilst Independentn/a
Elizabeth TrussSouth West NorfolkCon0.3%
Jeremy HuntSouth West SurreyCon0.3%
Andrew MurrisonSouth West WiltshireCon0.5%
Royston SmithSouthampton, ItchenCon2.2%
Alan WhiteheadSouthampton, TestLab0.3%
Sir David AmessSouthend WestCon3.6%
Damien MooreSouthportCon1.7%
Kwasi KwartengSpelthorneCon0.7%
Anne MainSt AlbansCon1.6%
Steve DoubleSt Austell and NewquayCon2.9%
Conor McGinnSt Helens NorthLab0.0%
Marie RimmerSt Helens South and WhistonLab0.3%
Derek ThomasSt IvesCon2.0%
Jeremy LefroyStaffordCon7.1%
Karen BradleyStaffordshire MoorlandsCon0.5%
Jonathan ReynoldsStalybridge and HydeLab0.3%
Stephen McPartlandStevenageCon1.6%
Bruce CrawfordStirlingSNPn/a
Stephen KerrStirlingCon2.2%
Ann CoffeyStockportwhilst Independentn/a
Alex CunninghamStockton NorthLab0.0%
Paul WilliamsStockton SouthLab3.3%
Gareth SnellStoke-on-Trent CentralLab4.6%
Ruth SmeethStoke-on-Trent NorthLab2.0%
Jack BreretonStoke-on-Trent SouthCon0.3%
Bill CashStoneCon4.7%
Margot JamesStourbridgewhilst Independentn/a
Jim ShannonStrangfordDUP0.2%
Nadhim ZahawiStratford-on-AvonCon0.3%
Rona MackayStrathkelvin and BearsdenSNPn/a
Chuka UmunnaStreathamwhilst LDem0.0%
Kate GreenStretford and UrmstonLab0.0%
David DrewStroudLab0.3%
Therese CoffeySuffolk CoastalCon0.5%
Julie ElliottSunderland CentralLab0.0%
Michael GoveSurrey HeathCon0.5%
Paul ScullySutton and CheamCon0.5%
Andrew MitchellSutton ColdfieldCon3.3%
Carolyn HarrisSwansea EastLab0.0%
Geraint DaviesSwansea WestLab0.9%
Christopher PincherTamworthCon0.2%
Esther McVeyTattonCon3.0%
Rebecca PowTaunton DeaneCon1.9%
Lucy AllanTelfordCon1.0%
Laurence RobertsonTewkesburyCon3.4%
Geoffrey Clifton-BrownThe CotswoldsCon2.5%
Mark PritchardThe WrekinCon3.4%
Kevin HollinrakeThirsk and MaltonCon2.4%
Luke HallThornbury and YateCon1.2%
Jackie Doyle-PriceThurrockCon0.7%
Neil ParishTiverton and HonitonCon1.5%
Thomas TugendhatTonbridge and MallingCon1.8%
Rosena Allin-KhanTootingLab0.6%
Kevin FosterTorbayCon1.6%
Nick Thomas-SymondsTorfaenLab0.0%
Geoffrey CoxTorridge and West DevonCon0.5%
Sarah WollastonTotneswhilst LDem16.7%
David LammyTottenhamLab0.0%
Sarah NewtonTruro and FalmouthCon3.6%
Greg ClarkTunbridge Wellswhilst Independentn/a
Vincent CableTwickenhamLDem0.9%
Alan CampbellTynemouthLab1.1%
Richard LyleUddingston and BellshillSNPn/a
David SimpsonUpper BannDUP0.0%
Boris JohnsonUxbridge and South RuislipCon2.0%
Chris RuaneVale of ClwydLab0.3%
Alun CairnsVale of GlamorganCon0.3%
Kate HoeyVauxhallLab45.9%
Mary CreaghWakefieldLab0.6%
Angela EagleWallaseyLab0.0%
Eddie HughesWalsall NorthCon3.1%
Valerie VazWalsall SouthLab0.3%
Stella CreasyWalthamstowLab0.3%
Ian LaveryWansbeckLab0.3%
Ed VaizeyWantagewhilst Independentn/a
John SpellarWarleyLab2.7%
Helen JonesWarrington NorthLab2.7%
Faisal RashidWarrington SouthLab0.0%
Matt WesternWarwick and LeamingtonLab0.3%
Sharon HodgsonWashington and Sunderland WestLab0.0%
Richard HarringtonWatfordwhilst Independentn/a
Peter AldousWaveneyCon1.7%
Nusrat GhaniWealdenCon1.0%
Mike AmesburyWeaver ValeLab0.3%
Peter BoneWellingboroughCon6.3%
James HeappeyWellsCon0.5%
Grant ShappsWelwyn HatfieldCon0.8%
John HealeyWentworth and DearneLab0.0%
Andrew BowieWest Aberdeenshire and KincardineCon1.4%
Tom WatsonWest Bromwich EastLab0.4%
Adrian BaileyWest Bromwich WestLab0.6%
Oliver LetwinWest Dorsetwhilst Independentn/a
Martin DochertyWest DunbartonshireSNP0.0%
Lyn BrownWest HamLab0.3%
Rosie CooperWest LancashireLab6.8%
Neil BibbyWest ScotlandLabn/a
Maurice CorryWest ScotlandConn/a
Mary FeeWest ScotlandLabn/a
Maurice GoldenWest ScotlandConn/a
Jamie GreeneWest ScotlandConn/a
Ross GreerWest ScotlandGreenn/a
Kenneth MacintoshWest ScotlandLabn/a
Matthew HancockWest SuffolkCon1.0%
Órfhlaith BegleyWest TyroneSFn/a
Harriett BaldwinWest WorcestershireCon0.3%
Karen BuckWestminster NorthLab0.3%
Tim FarronWestmorland and LonsdaleLDem1.0%
John PenroseWeston-Super-MareCon1.5%
Lisa NandyWiganLab0.3%
Stephen HammondWimbledonwhilst Independentn/a
Steve BrineWinchesterwhilst Independentn/a
Adam AfriyieWindsorCon3.2%
Alison McGovernWirral SouthLab0.0%
Margaret GreenwoodWirral WestLab0.3%
Priti PatelWithamCon3.0%
Robert CourtsWitneyCon2.2%
Jonathan LordWokingCon2.3%
John RedwoodWokinghamCon3.7%
Emma ReynoldsWolverhampton North EastLab0.4%
Pat McFaddenWolverhampton South EastLab0.0%
Eleanor SmithWolverhampton South WestLab0.0%
Robin WalkerWorcesterCon1.7%
Sue HaymanWorkingtonLab0.3%
Barbara KeeleyWorsley and Eccles SouthLab0.3%
Peter BottomleyWorthing WestCon1.5%
Ian LucasWrexhamLab0.9%
Steven BakerWycombeCon3.6%
Ben WallaceWyre and Preston NorthCon0.8%
Mark GarnierWyre ForestCon1.5%
Mike KaneWythenshawe and Sale EastLab0.6%
Marcus FyshYeovilCon3.7%
Albert OwenYnys MônLab0.3%
Rachael MaskellYork CentralLab2.1%
Julian SturdyYork OuterCon1.7%

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